News, News, Huzzah!, News and Oh Em Gee It’s a NaNo Book

Yeah, okay, it’s a lengthy title.

News 1:

I just completed my tax information for Kindle Publishing.  What a headache!  Tax stuff is confusing as hell.  Befuddled my brain enough that it took me three tries to spell ‘publishing’.  It’s done now, though, and that’s a Good Thing.  I hope to be making money soon (within the next 5 years) and not having to worry about that is most excellent.

News 2:

Yesterday, Dad informed me that he should have a hundred more books for me by the end of the week. 😀 Then we’ll just have to figure out how to get them from him.  It’d be nice to see my parents.  We’ll have to figure something out.  Peter will be back from Bancroft sometime next week (between Sunday and Wednesday) because we have Jeff Dunham tickets (squee!) for Thursday.  


This morning I got this email from a friend of mine, someone to whom I gave a book because I knew she’d share it:

Hey, I shared your book with a few girls from work and they want to know.
1) Is there a series prior to this book
2) where can she buy your books
3) when is the next book in this series gonna be out

they really like it.
Talk soon!

I fixed her singular spelling error because I couldn’t post her here with it there. 😀 I couldn’t stand it. *laughs*

Other than that, the email is as it was.  How awesome is that?  *washing machine happy dance*  I encourage people to share my first book with everyone for this very reason.  And this leads me to…

News 3:

I will be publishing Lizendale very, very soon.  

Beautiful, slick, dark cover.

Beautiful, slick, dark cover.

Lizendale is a land home to a species of human genetically different, dare I say superior?, named Talos. They are magic.  They have the ability to shape shift, heal and communicate telepathically.  They have more focused abilities as well, such as an affinity with plants.  They are creatures of Light with the capacity for great Darkness.   Each Talos is born with but half a soul and must find the other half; if they do not, they tumble into the Dark.  

Magni Tenoch is one such man.  He is an Enforcer, one who hunts the Talos that turn to the Dark, and he is about 225 years old.  As soon as he sees Alexi his soul knows her.  He resolves to wait until he can claim her.  

Alexi Brandt is half human, half Talos, living as a human with her mother.  She is a creature of prophesy, one the Dark has been waiting for.  She is thirteen when Magni first finds her.  When she turns eighteen, Magni’s family steps forward to introduce themselves.  Little did they know that someone was hunting Magni and all of the Tenoch family.  Hours after Alexi and Magni are mated she is kidnapped by that someone. He wants her life force for their own. 

The story is, as the cover says, a tale of love, terror and loss.  It’s also a story of triumph and great passion.  It’s my first NaNo book and I love it.  I am publishing the second edition.  It’s a second edition because it had extensive editing and is brought closer to my current writing skill and style.   It reads better than I can talk about it though.  *laughs*


The cover for the NaNo site.  Gorgeous, isn't it?

The cover for the NaNo site. Gorgeous, isn’t it?   The background photo is courtesy of a google search, no artist was attached to it.


As you may guess, this year’s NaNo book is (tentatively) called Haley’s Magic.

Haley is a 7 year old girl who happens to be a witch.  She is the thirteenth in a long line of witches.  With a grandmother who is Coven matron and mother who is the Coven’s maiden (second-in-command), Haley is privy to a lot of things the Coven does.  One of those things is scrying to see the future.  Haley, her little brother Liam and best friend Kessie decide that they want to see what they’re going to get for Yule gifts and give the scrying ritual a shot.

What they get is not what they wanted.  

I still haven’t decided what kind of entity they call with their childish attempts to speak the words the adults speak.  It will, however, be a nuisance, gain energy until it becomes a true danger and the children will have trouble trying to solve the problem on their own.

This will be a category I haven’t tried yet – Young Adult.  I want to be able to read it to the real Liam and Haley (for whom the characters are named, though not based on) when I see them in Scotland.  So there will be no sex, restrained violence and g-rated language.  

This will be fun for me.  *laughs*  

Have a great rest of your day, folks!



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