NaNoWriMo….aka Haley’s Magic

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Hello my fine people!

Tomorrow is Halloween and that means NaNo starts on Friday.   I have been working my ass off to get ready and I think I’m almost there.  I had a food reaction this week and I’ve lost almost two days of work.  *le sigh*  I hate it when big companies decide to change their recipes.

Anyway, I thought I would share my characters with you and maybe a little more about the story. 

Introducing… *drum roll*….my protagonist  Haley Galbraith.  At 8 years old she is currently the last in a long line of born Irish witches, who moved to Canada four generations ago.  She is smart, curious, powerful.  Her mother and grandmother run the Coven, as their mothers did before them. She has a habit of spying on Coven rituals.  

Haley is about 52″ (4’3″) tall, green eyes, willowy and she has strawberry blonde hair – a precursor to her mother’s flaming red hair, though her father’s blond will temper that a little.  She has a small scar on her forehead from a fall when she was four years old.  She’s funny, curious, determined to learn more, faster.  She is fiercely protective of her little brother and her best friend.  The three of them are almost never apart.

She owns a cafè au lait coloured French Bulldog named Bijou, loves to read and listen to music and her favourite colour is orange.  She’s a good girl, except for the spying when she’s supposed to be sleeping.  She is smart as a whip and her mother is hard pressed to keep her in the same class level as the other Coven children.  She is the 13th witch since the Coven began and she is already more powerful than most of the girls who have hit puberty and come into their full power.  Her mother is teaching  her restraint but at the same time trying not to hold her back.  Haley is chafing a little at the rules but is respectful enough to (mostly) stick to them.

Liam Galbraith is Haley’s 7 year old brother.  He is also a witch but nowhere near as powerful as his sister.  he is also an anomaly in the family tree.  His ancestors, females who had brief affairs in order to get pregnant, always had one daughter and that’s all.  It seemed to Moira (Haley and Liam’s mother) and her mother than she needed another child immediately.  That this second child would have as great an impact on the world as the first.  And so here stands Liam.

He is a man’s man at 7 years old.  He is rough and tough but loves the same things his sister does – reading, music, magic and her best friend, Kessie.  He also loves to draw.  Liam is intensely devoted to all the women in his life from his grandmother right on down to Kessie.   He’s determined to  learn everything he can right alongside Haley.  He  knows he’ll never lead the Coven, that’s his sister’s destiny, but he will protect her for as long as he lives.

Kessie Vanhouven is Haley’s best friend and, by association, Liam’s.  They are inseparable.  She’s more into movies than books but the three friends do compromise regularly and share a lot of both.  She is shorter than Haley but just as willowy; she looks like a delicate, blonde, green-eyed doll as a result.  

Kessie cannot do any magic though she is fascinated and further involved with the Coven business than any other outsider for two reasons – her grandmother, who is raising the orphaned girl, is best friends with Haley’s grandmother, the Coven Matriarch.  Haley’s grandmother isn’t in as deeply as the girl is, Kessie is privileged to be a part of it.  Two, Moira, Haley and Liam’s mother, has foreseen Kessie’s involvement in her children’s lives and has seen that she is necessary.  

My antagonist is Thomas Whitney.  This poor boy lost his mother at birth and was raised by a father who was a sociopath as a child and a series of whores.  There was only one woman in his life who cared for him, one of two servants who stayed in the house – the wet nurse who was brought in when he was born.  Her husband served as his father’s manservant.  Thomas’s father was a wealthy sheep farmer who lost almost all of it because of his sociopathic tendencies when dealing with others.  

When Thomas was about 7 years old one woman of disrepute, someone who practiced the Dark Arts, convinced Thomas’s father that a spell and a sacrifice would earn them great riches.  That sacrifice was Thomas.  They killed him with a dagger that once belonged to a demon and inadvertently bound the three of them together.  They drained his blood and used him to cast the spell.  They ended up summoning a demon who took one look at their sacrifice and ripped them to shreds for it.  

Because Thomas was bound to them by the power of the dagger the demon couldn’t send the adults to Hell and so all three went to Purgatory.  They have been there ever since, gone on 300 years now.  Time passes differently in Purgatory and no one has gotten around to attempting to break the binding.  But it’s been long enough and Thomas has been tortured along with his father long enough (though with slightly less intensity) that he is a very angry boy.

Thomas enters our Haley’s life when she attempts to do a scrying spell to see what the children will be getting for Yule.  She does this on November 2nd, the Veil is not yet closed.  Thomas feels the pull of her power and it is strong enough to allow him to slip through a crack just before the Veil closes.  

Together the four children will make things right, though it’ll be a rough go of it at first.

I hope my beta readers like the story but I’m writing it for the real Haley and Liam and I hope they love it.

I’m also writing it a little bit for GK, so she can finally read something I’ve written.



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