Check it out!

A few weeks ago we went to visit the GrandBaby and while we were driving there we noticed a little version of our favourite bookstore.  So, of course, we went in.

It was there that I met Ms. Dayla.  Lovely woman to talk to.  We had an exuberant conversation about books (that made me realize I am woefully under read right now) and it led to my books.  Of course.  

She suggested doing an author interview on her website, Confessions of a Book Addict.   She reviews a ton of books and reads more than that.  She also does interviews, recommendations and …well, check her out.  This is a busy woman.  

Here is my interview!

Now, I know I’ve been lax in my blog.  Writing is difficult this NaNo.  Still not sure why and now I am a day or two behind.  Today is catch up day.  And then I will post a picture blog, though it may not happen until tomorrow.  I still owe you guys a collection of beach finds.  

Have a good day!



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