NaNo is almost done!

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I have had a really rough go of it this time around.   Computer developed problems, had several appointments, back went out and this NaNo has been incredibly difficult to write.  

Haley’s Magic decided that it was done at just under 18k.  That was it, story ended, nothing left to write.  I was left looking like this:

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“Whaaat?”  image courtesy of Google

To say I wasn’t happy was an understatement.  I took almost a day to try to figure out what I was going to do and settled on a trio of short stories.    Haley’s Magic, Liam’s History High King.  

Haley’s Magic  is what I said it would be:  Three children, 8 and 7 years old, who dabble with magic they shouldn’t and wind up creating something that has a massive impact on the rest of their lives.  

Liam’s History is a coming of age story for Liam and is centered solely around him.  About six weeks before his eighteenth birthday Liam discovers he must travel to Romania and spend his birthday there or lose all his power.

High King is the final story.  Haley and Thomas go to Ireland for their honeymoon and find out not only is there a second branch of the Galbraith family tree but that Thomas is the first High King in 800 years.

Getting that that last story there written is like pulling teeth.  I honestly have no frickin clue what’s going on.  I have 5, 813 words left.  Let’s hope I figure it out.  *laughs*



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