hehehe Found this on Facebook, totally true. ;)

hehehe Found this on Facebook, totally true. 😉

So there I am brushing my teeth and watching the end of TLC’s Four Weddings when a story idea popped out of my froth-filled mouth.  “You know what would be awesome?” I queried the man sitting on the love seat.

The man in question, The Boyfriend, looked up from his computer and said, “What?”  I do believe he looked a little suspicious. 

“If Four Weddings was a front for a human slavery cartel!”  I waved my toothbrush around, totally elated with this idea.

His response?   “What?”

“Imagine if Four Weddings was a front for human slavery!  It doesn’t really matter what the grades from the other brides are; it’s the ones this shadowy cartel in the background decide would sell best who win the honeymoon!”  I rinsed out my mouth and popped out of the bathroom, continuing to wave my hands excitedly as I spoke. 

 His reaction was pretty typical:  Wide eyes, a groan and, if I remember correctly (I’d already taken my night meds so my memory is a little hazy, kind of like that cartel 😉 ), a tolerant, loving kind of head shake.  “Only you,” he said.

I can totally hear you now:  “What is TLC and what is  Four Weddings?”  [Those of you from outside North America.  Those from this continent are probably reacting with “OMG!  That would be horrible!  …Can I read that???”  Peter says he’s stuck in “OMG That would be horrible!  Period!”]

TLC is a cable channel in North America called The Learning Channel.  They have a lot of reality shows from Bringing Home Baby (about the last couple weeks of pregnancy, the birth and the first couple weeks at home of a chosen family) to What Not to Wear (a make over show) to Breaking the Faith (a show about Amish people) to other ridiculous shows.  

Every Friday they do a Bride Night with shows about picking wedding dresses, wedding make overs and the show Four Weddings, which is about four brides from the same city (a different set of 4 every week) who take turns attending and grading each other’s weddings.  The bride with the highest score wins an exotic honeymoon to places like Cabo, Taiwan, Barbados and last night’s “the coast of South America!”  

I think it was the location that sparked the idea.  I thought “What a great idea for next year’s NaNo!”  but that means hanging on to this idea for ELEVEN months.  Riiiiiight.  I should get a journal for story ideas, I suppose.  They do happen semi-frequently.  If I wrote them down, I wouldn’t forget them.  *laughs*

While The Boyfriend is familiar with these flights of fancy my brain takes every now and then I take him by surprise.  

*giggles*  He just got up.  I told him about the picture here and the blog and he says, “Oh you are… you are… I don’t know what you are!”  By the time he sat down beside me he’d figured it out:  “You are terrible.

*evil cackle*   Sometimes… I am.


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