Happy Yule! Merry Christmas!

And an all encompassing Happy Holidays to everyone else...

And an all encompassing Happy Holidays to everyone else…

Sorry to put it that way but my memory is lousy before breakfast.

It is Christmas Eve here in the western side Northern Hemisphere, though I’m sure Santa is just about ready to start his run, if not just beginning it, way in the east.  

And the cat has been helping

And the cat has been helping

I have been a bad, neglectful blogger this month and you have my apologies.  I have been baking up a storm.  I am, as usual, the typical starving artist so I thought I would do baking instead.  The Boyfriend has helped but I have to tell you, baking Gluten Free can be far more expensive than ‘regular’ baking.  I’m going to have to find a more cost effective way to buy the flour.  I think we ended up buying – in total from the first cookie to the apple pie for Christmas dinner – ten bags of flour.  That’s 10 bags at an average cost of  $4.50 CAD a bag (500g bags I think).    That’s a lot of money in flour.  


But I think it was worth it.  GK has tried almost everything and she got completely addicted to one of the cookies.

I have been thinking about 2014 and what it will bring for me and for you, my followers and readers.  I think it will bring the publication of Lizendale, my first NaNo book; the completion of my website (since I’m doing half the work now and my brother has weekends off, I”m hoping end of Feb for the launch); the publication of HW2; the completion of both HW3 and Bodhisattva Warrior – which means a BUTT LOAD of editing (whatever a buttload is 😉 ) – and a NaNo book about the TLC show Four Weddings and a… really being a front for a human trafficking cartel.  

2014 will also see me in Scotland.  And hopefully in a house that is safe and easier on my body than the stairs of this walk up apartment.  Everyone keeps telling me that stairs are good for you but when the tendons in your knees and hips are screaming at you with every step and continue screaming at you for hours after I’m hard pressed to agree.  

I need to go begin the preparations for my family dinner.  I just want to show you one last thing:

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar

This is Edgar.  He’s a Canadian Goose.  GK and I met him one day when she had a doctor’s appointment.  There’s a small river fed lake in a conservation area in the middle of the small city I hope to move to (doctor, school & pharmacy are all there) and there were a lot of water fowl hanging out there.

Including this adorable couple

Including this adorable couple

The moment GK got out of the car every single duck, and Edgar, got up and started waddling towards her.  We were unprepared to feed them so she fetched a granola bar out of her lunch and tore it to tiny bits.   Edgar was by no means satisfied and started following her around.  We stopped in our walk towards the lake (where I wanted to take pictures of the landscape but ended up only taking ones of the ducks and Edgar) and let him get ahead of us.   He did and led us to the bridge.  

It was really quite cute though poor Edgar had a golf ball sized lump of ice on one wing.  We felt really bad about leaving him like that but there’s no way to get close enough to do anything without getting bitten.  

And now the cat is letting me know that I am past my deadline for getting off my ass.  All he wants is treats.  

Greedy thing.

Have a wonderful holiday and may 2014 bring you all you wish for.



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