Good morning, my people!  

Hmm… that is kind of pretentious, calling you my people but hey, I’m in a possessive (but not pretentious) mood.  I spent Thursday night (through dawn on Friday) in a violent and messy food reaction which means that today I am in a lot of pain.  Surprisingly, my esophagus is still torn up enough that my voice is a hoarse whisper.  Annoying.   Usually that clears up by the following day.  Apparently, a gluten reaction is by far the worst for doing actual damage.  Hopefully this won’t go on too much longer.  

“You’re gluten intolerant!  Why the HELL would you eat something with gluten in it??”

Didn’t.  What I ate was a treat I shared with my daughter that we’ve had before.  Apparently they’ve changed their processing or something because there was most definitely gluten ON it.  Probably dusted the conveyor belt with flour.  She was at the grocery store for me and she’s really good about reading labels on NEW things; neither of us thought to read the label on this thing.  Should’ve listened to that bad vibe shimmer I had when I took the first bite.  

Anyway, I have some – shocker – WINTER pics to share with you.  I took a bunch of them.  I hate the cold because of the way it makes me ache but I love the way winter changes the face of my tiny corner of the planet.  I took a couple dozen pictures but there are only a very few that ended up coming out the way I wanted them too.  I think for pictures like these I’m going to have to adjust the ISO and white balance myself.  

I played a lot with black & white this time.  Not just in “revert to greyscale” but by turning the Saturation all the way down to -100%, or close to it.    I also played with the Curves option and the Brightness/Colour option to get the best out of the contrasts.  My pictures are almost entirely about light and shadow this week.  I have nine of them loaded into my media library.  Let’s see if they all make it in, shall we?

(Yeah, Okay.  I see it.  Leetle bit of pretentiousness in the ‘shall we?’. 😉 )

Let’s start with the macro and work our way out.  

This first one was hard for me to decide on.  I have a hard time distinguishing the details with my glasses on or off and yet, I still like the picture.  I like the blurred light and shadow in the background and the frostiness of the icy snow on the twig.  Still, it messes with my eyes.  *laughs*

Macro shot, -100% hue, little tweaking with the contrast

Macro shot, -100% hue, little tweaking with the contrast


Heavily laden with that heavy, icy snow, our large snowball bush was bowed towards the ground.  I thought it was kind of ironic that the bush that displays such lavish, snowy flowers in the late spring should wear such large snowballs now.  I have a twisted sense of irony, I know.  

-100% saturation, played with light levels in Curves

-100% saturation, played with light levels in Curves

I did eventually take a big stick to it to knock most of the snow off.  I love the bush and didn’t want to see it breaking.

I was walking along the deck, watching my footing (icicles drip from the gutters and create sheets and hillocks of ice) when I noticed these holes in the snow, in a relatively straight line too.  The house wasn’t dripping there.  It didn’t seem like there was a source of the water.  Until I looked up, that is.  There’s a power line that runs overhead and it was dripping.  

Heightened contrast (done carefully so as not to obliterate the center)

Heightened contrast (done carefully so as not to obliterate the center)


Meet my gender ambiguous snowperson!  Val said “Make me a snowman with a leaf for a hat!”  She’s not usually so demanding…. no, wait, yes she is!  But I did it anyway.  I made it with big boobs, intending it to be a woman, however she sees a fat man so we’ll stick with the label of “gender ambiguous”.  Or neutral.  Whatever floats your boat. 🙂

Made this by request.

Cute, no?

This next picture was intended to be of the leaf, all alone amidst all the branches of the trees that line the walkway to the beach stairs.  However, it shows the ice and snow on the water better than any of the other pictures I took did.  And now the ice and snow is about as far as the eye can see. If you look out the window at the lake you see snow then horizon.  That’s it.    

I do like the lonely leaf though.  Poor thing.

Toyed with the contrast some and sharpened it but mostly left it as is

Toyed with the contrast some and sharpened it but mostly left it as is.

Last, but definitely not least, my two favourite pictures.  They were both taken within a minute of each other.  Just one didn’t have the flash on (second one taken, first one shown) and the other did.  I had forgotten the flash was on when I took the picture and was quite surprised by the result.  I didn’t do anything to these pictures except my (to me) prerequisite Auto-contrast.   After that, nothing was needed.  (I need to figure out how to take a picture that doesn’t need the auto-contrast!)  The light was dim and it amazes me how much difference the flash makes sometimes.  Without it, the camera took all the light that was available and made it look like 10 am, rather than 7 or so.  With the flash, it looks like the middle of the night.

Actually, I didn't do anything to this.  I like it as is.

Actually, I didn’t do anything to this. I like it as is.

Morning snow

Lovely, isn’t it?

I’m out, folks.  Have a wonderful weekend!   I will be doing more work on the website.  Almost done the covers and blurbs and THEN I can get back to writing and editing.  


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