Shades of Pink 14

Hi there!

Long time no see!  

Yes, I know.  *hangs head*  It’s my fault.  

Between having my head stuck in learning HTML, finishing all but the last two pages of the website (one of which I need CSS and/or Joomla for, not quite sure which) and being sick – thank you, Girlkid! – my blog has been neglected.  I am so sorry.

Here I am, though!  And I have news.

I am going to do Shades of Pink 14.  I think I may have mentioned this before but I have begun work on it.  I had a hell of an idea based on a conversation with a friend of mine.  Well, Kevin being Kevin inspired it.

Kevin is a Gorean male.  Slave-less, girl-less, but a Master nonetheless and a very good friend of mine.  He is one of my Guardians and I love Him dearly.  We were talking one day and it suddenly occurred to me that an American Master should meet a Canadian girl.  

I got to thinking about it…  Long distance relationship online – Skype, IRC, Facebook – all briefly touched upon; like we’re walking into the middle of the relationship.  The story would come in after they’ve made plans to get together, on the day they’re going to meet face to face.   She would arrive in Pennsylvania, go directly to a sister slave’s house to be prepared for her meeting with him.  

The meeting would take place in a fetish club.  She would be cleansed and dressed and then put in stocks.  From there he’d come in and… well, that’s where I ran into trouble with putting it into Shades of Pink.  I think there is an acceptable level of ‘graphic’ and I think that would cross the line. I’m not sure the public is ready for Gorean sensibilities. 

So, I’m going to put Marcus and Michelle from Highland Wolves into their own  short story.  One where they fall in love… or rather, acknowledge their love for each other.  It will be a BDSM laden story stronger than that shady story but still skirting the edge of socially acceptable.  I may colour outside the lines because, really, social acceptability is pushed all the time.

Here are my notes for the story so far:


–          Marcus & Michelle are hunting Bernhard because he’s a trouble maker and a runaway. 

–          Bernhard is hidden  a dive pub named The Dragon

–          The two Wolves are doused in perfume to hide their Wolf scent (iffy proposition, bear sense of smell is insanely good)

–          Get trapped in dingy hallway, kiss and end up wrapped up in each other, further polluting the air with scent of lust

–          Bernhard heads out to the alley to deal with ?

–          Followed by Marcus, Michelle heads out front

–          Deal with Bernhard – subdue, chain, drive him to neutral ground to hand off to clan

–          Following day Marcus confronts Michelle about her response to his touch

–          Tells her to meet him at the hotel.  If she does she will be submitting to him from the moment she crosses the threshold until he releases her.

Opening:  It smells like urinals, stale smoke, unwashed old men and beer stains in carpet.  Overlaying it all is the stench of some kind of boiled meat.  Michelle, bathed in perfume of her own, wrinkled her nose and prayed the smells would help keep the Bear from figuring out she and Marcus were Wolves.

I like the first two sentences.  They came from a complaint from a friend of Peter’s; she was at a meat auction.  My version is less run-on 😉

Have a good night, folks!