Mitochondria… Mightimportant

“The Force is strong with this one.”  

Or not, as the case may be.  There’s a part in STar Wars where Obi-Wan talks about midi-chlorians and how they are microscopic life forms living within our cells.  The Jedi (and the Dark side) are able to talk to these midi-chlorians and therefore do amazing things.  


Mitochondria are a tiny organism living within our cells, (and, by the way, have their own independent DNA),  that produce vast amounts of energy.  Cells and mitochondria have a symbiotic relationship.  Once upon a time, cells used to eat mitochondria and then cells learned that mitochondria are more useful alive.  Each cell has thousands to hundreds of thousands of mitochondria working industriously inside the cells to produce energy, get rid of waste and …Okay, I forgot so I looked it up.  

In addition to supplying cellular energy, mitochondria are involved in other tasks such as signaling, cellular differentiation, cell death, as well as the control of the cell cycle and cell growth.

          ~ McBride HM, Neuspiel M, Wasiak S (2006). “Mitochondria: more than just a powerhouse”. Curr. Biol. 16 (14): R551–60

These little things do a LOT for the body.

Apparently, I don’t have enough of them.

This is a similar diagram to the one we were given at my appointment.  (Go ahead, laugh)

This is a similar diagram to the one we were given at my appointment. (Go ahead, laugh)

I FINALLY got my appointment at Women’s College Environmental Health Studies. We went last Monday.  I won’t talk about how toxic the whole experience was but we did have a lovely lunch with my parents and a good dinner at Casey’s Grill Bar.   Then on Monday we went to talk to Dr. John Molot, a pioneer in environmental health.  

Nice guy.  

He talked a lot about what Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is and how our bodies process things (or don’t process things).  He said that because I’m fat (he was nicer about it! *laughs*) I have more chemicals in my body than The Boyfriend does because fat cells are evil.  

We all knew that, eh?  They look ugly on us and make everything worse – risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, pain in the joints and back.

What we didn’t know was that fat cells (the kind that make fat people fat) don’t just sit there holding stored energy.  They store chemicals.  AND they send out messages to the immune system that create an inflammatory response.  They act like they’re under a pathogenic attack and therefore create disease.  

See?  Evil.  

So, at this appointment we not only got two bio-chem lessons but I also got an official diagnosis of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities  – and fibro and obesity and…blah blah blah –  all of which we knew.  It’s nice that I can go to my doc and to the disability people and say “See? It’s TRUE and it’s REAL.  Suck it.”

It’s also nice that I have a treatment plan.  It wasn’t one we expected – in fact, the entire appointment didn’t go as expected – but it’s there.

I have to promote mitochondrial bio-genesis.  That is how these tiny beings reproduce: they divide themselves.  But they can’t do it without oxygen.  Movement creates oxygen (hey, so does breathing properly).  So I have to get my heart rate up, to around 108 in my case.   That number is …Actually, I don’t remember how he got that number but I’m sure someone out there does.  I was so toxed and out of it by that point even the doc noticed that my eyes were glazing over and I was pretty much nodding like someone had their hand stuck up my neck.  

And!  Dr. Molot is sending my doc a letter that is basically a long lecture on the changes he wants made in my meds as well as some tests he wants done.

I like him.  

And now I can move on.  The waiting is done, the diagnosis is officially confirmed and treatment plans have been started.  

How are you all doing?  I’ve been away for a while and I’m sorry.  Between the nasty weather and the photosensitivity I haven’t been able to concentrate on my writing.  And apparently I’m not the only writer out there unable to write;  some of my favourites have been stuck for months.   

Today it’s below freezing again and windy as hell.  This doesn’t make me happy.  BUT  We can see the water of the lake now.  The ice is nearly all gone.  

Have a wonderful day, my people.  



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