Great Scot! An Adventure!

*grins*  So, if you follow my Facebook you will already know this:


I am going to Scotland!


Yeah baby!  That’s right, my lifelong dream is coming true!  Flight is booked.  Accommodation is booked.  And, because I’m me, lists are being made and research is being done.  Two weeks in the country I’ve been waiting to go to since I was five years old.  Even at 5 I knew that Scotland was somewhere I was going to be.  Somewhere I had to be.


I am not going alone.  I will have the company of bestie Val.  There are people I wish I could take too, like Momma, but that will have to be another time.  

I am so excited that I can hardly sit still.  

There are so many things to consider, so many things to work on.  

For instance, trying to get everything I want to see into two weeks.  (Val says she’s along for the ride.  *laughs*  Going to be the best ride ever!)  I want to do Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness and the Isle of Skye.  I also need to make time to go to Troon to see a wee friend of mine – that is, provided his Gran allows it.  

Sadly, things will need to be eliminated from our visit bucket list, for two reasons.  One, I don’t have the stamina to run around and see everything.  Part of every day will have to be set aside to rest so that I can enjoy the trip to the fullest.  Two, 15 days – 13 if you consider the fact that two are for flying – just isn’t enough to see everything and enjoy it.

I have family and friends in the UK and I hope to get to see as many of them as possible, though some will have to come to me I think.  

To prepare for the trip, because I live with so much chronic pain, I need to pretty much train myself to be a tourist, like an athlete trains for a competition.  That involves aerobic exercise like we talked about in the mitochondria post and stamina training.  It means adjusting my meds as necessary and changing my diet (again, like discussed in the mitochondria post) in order to maximize my health.

Oh yeah, this is serious motivation. 

It has also been partly responsible for getting my brain back in gear.  This winter has been so fierce and such a downer that I haven’t been able to focus.  I’ve also had a major stressor that has crushed me.  I’ve resolved the issue and the stress is now considerably less.  I worry about the consequences but not as much as I did.  And definitely not as much as I worried about what would happen if I did nothing.

I feel lighter, brighter and considerably happier.   And that means I can get back to writing.  I am weeks behind my Shades of Pink deadline.  I’ve resolved the issue I had with that story so it will flow more easily.  

I’m excited about life.  I haven’t been in a while now and I’m pleased to get it back.

This is the song resonating with me this morning (before 7 am!) so I’m going to share it with you.  And then I’m going to feed my cat before he chews on my ankles.

Have a GREAT day!  




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