Spring Three – Macros!

Good day, peeps!   I am in a spectacularly good mood.   It is a beautifully, painfully sunny morning, I have good music in my ears, I’m researching my trip and I am setting up a self-bondage tie for a pita friend of mine.  And I am being evil.  I should make him get a magic wand/hitachi.  Hmmm…   *asks if he has one*

This is the (rather badly drawn) tie I'm having him do.  I have many talents.  Drawing isn't one of them. *chuckles*

This is the (rather badly drawn) tie I’m having him do. I have many talents. Drawing isn’t one of them. *chuckles*

While I’m waiting for his answer, let us continue with today’s blog.   

Last in my ‘Holy crap, do I ever need to catch up!’ series is the macros.  Tomorrow will be the pics I took last week and we’ll be all caught up and on schedule for photos! 

Oh! Joy!  He does have a wand massager.  Excellent.

First in our parade here are two pictures that amused me to take and amused me more when I saw them enlarged.  One picture I took just for the pretty… well, and because the pretty was in an odd place.  Two pictures that were fascinating and one last one because I loved what was going.  All pictures have had my usual assortment treatments done to them, depending on what they needed.  

Oh, just as a warning, the ‘Icy Gator’ picture is a little fuzzy.  Kind of hard on the eyes but its very abstract nature is what makes it what it is as a photo, I think.

Why don’t we do that one first?   This was taken on our walk amidst the melty ice on the public beach.  I couldn’t see the viewfinder (because I wasn’t sure I could get up if I got down) so I had no idea that it focused on the pier rather than what was right in front of it.  Ridiculous camera.  😉 When I got home and looked at the enlarged picture, all I could see was a fuzzy alligator made of ice.

See it?

See it?  

This next one was something I saw in the sand where the melt water was carving into the large hillocks and dunes created by the winter storms.  What I saw, immediately, was a village carved into the sand.  The whole thing was less than a foot high so of course I had to take pictures of it.

See?  Reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie.

See? Reminds me of an Indiana Jones movie.

Next we have the pretty.  On the weekends, I have a habit of stepping outside while I’m waiting on the kettle.  I look at the changes Mother Nature has wrought over night and get a feel for the day.  Peter has had these mats hanging over the railing trying to detox them for  weeks now.  That particular morning I was out just after sunrise, before the frost had a chance to crack and begin to melt.  I liked the sparkle on here and tried to capture it and the perspective I saw it from.

How pretty is my world?

How pretty is my world?

Walking along I found thing I can only figure is half of a locker door – like the kind you find in a high school hallway.  It was rusty and falling apart, almost unidentifiable.  I, of course, loved it.

The colours are beautiful.   The textures are amazing.

The colours are beautiful. The textures are amazing.

The next one is from the same area (and is our second last for the day).  I love the way the pebbles look against the rust.  And the perspective, starting with the slightly fuzzy sand, the sharper focus of the mid-ground and then the gleam of the pebbles, is wonderful.  

It's gorgeous, no?   I definitely live in a pretty world.  I love it.

It’s gorgeous, no? I definitely live in a pretty world. I love it.

And finally, one of my favourite things – the birch tree.  I don’t remember why I fell in love with the tree when I was small.  I think it had something to do with learning that the bark can be used as paper.  I came upon this driftwood while walking with The Boyfriend and just had to take a picture.  I love the lines and the colours.  I love that it looks like a fish and a mouth.  

What do you think?  Isn't it gorgeous?

What do you think? Isn’t it gorgeous?

 That’s it for me, folks.  I’ll try and get the last set posted tomorrow.   And hopefully, it won’t take me all day like it did this one.  I had good reason for it taking all day though  *smug, satisfied grin* 

“Oooo!  A double photoblog weekend!  Thanks, Caity!”

You are so welcome!  😉

I’m off to make dinner.  Oh I know that cauliflower pizza sounds gross but it’s really not.  Try it.



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