Life and Kink

I am feeling unreasonably good today, so far. (eyes are bugging me a bit but I’ve figured out that’s a chem exposure) I am not arguing with the good feeling but I am cautious about it. I got back on the elliptical today after 2 days of walking (and three trips on the stairs and, I grudgingly admit, a week of bad habits). Yoga is coming along nicely – 12 seconds for the plank! – and I’m feeling good about how Scotland is going to go.

I am so looking forward to the trip! There is so much to see and do that I have had to start working on our itinerary now. lol  I have made two restaurant reservations for us – one for tea and one for supper.  

We are having tea at the iconic Willow Tea Rooms in Sauchiehall Street.  The place looks absolutely beautiful and it just pulls on me.  Plus, they have gluten free items!

And for dinner I selected a place that also called to me (and Val said looked yummy):  The Witchery in Edinburgh. We will be eating in their Secret Garden room.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s a powerful place.  The restaurant itself is about 40 years old but Castlehill and the Royal Mile have long, long histories and I am looking forward to seeing the city.  Val & I agreed we should have an elegant evening of dining and I think we will definitely find it there.  

Both places are looking to accommodate my food issues too.  Love the Scots.  So friendly and so willing to bend over backwards to ensure you’re happy.  

I have also tried to book us a meditation room at a place in Glasgow’s Merchant City called Ladywell.  Unfortunately, as they’re looking to do renovations (or, ghastly, may be closed), I couldn’t book yet.  I marked the date in my calendar to try again though.  

Eager?  Me?  Nah.

There is so much to do, so much to see!

Also going (semi) well, is the Shades of Pink story.


Yeah, because that will help.  Nevertheless, if you are under the age of majority, you probably shouldn’t be reading this blog anyway.

BDSM features heavily in this story – bondage, forced orgasm, orgasm denial, impact play (flogging, spanking, etc) and D/s – and I am enjoying writing it.  I have two beta readers at the moment who are calling it swoon worthy and HOT.  So, I’m going to share this piece with you that I shared with one of them yesterday.  (Don’t worry kitty, you’re getting it today, when it’s done.)

Chelle’s hands were tied together at the head of the bed, her ankles had a spreader bar wedged between them and her ass was in the air.  That same ass was also on fire.  It was so hot she could imagine it was bright red with the fire of it.  There were stripes on her back that made the heat from her ass crawl to the base of her neck and stripes on her thighs that sent the heat to the backs of her knees. 

The heat was pain from the toys he had used on her.  Marcus had told her what each one was before he used it, trailing them over her back.  A flogger, three different paddles, a tawse – something she remembered from the classroom.  It was a long strip of thick leather divided down the middle and, second only to the flogger, it was her favourite.

No, she amended to herself, my favourite is the Hitachi. 

Marcus was being evil.  Every time she was good and accepted the punishment he was doling out, he would pause and touch the Hitachi to her pussy.  It was the strongest vibrator that had ever touched her.  Sometimes he used his fingers to fuck her and bring her to mind-blowing orgasms that made her scream into the bed.  Sometimes he didn’t.  It was in those moments she cursed every breath he took.  And that was what she was doing now. 

Chelle was bound so tightly she couldn’t move, couldn’t escape the torment.  She had long ago decided she’d rather have the pain than this.  Her jaw ached from grinding her teeth together to keep from swearing at him.  The last time she cussed him out he’d brought her to the brink of orgasm then taken the vibrator away and brought out the paddle that hurt most. He was rubbing the Hitachi lightly over her – up her inner thigh from her right knee, passing over her pussy without touching her clit, up the crack of her ass to touch her tight hole there.

Marcus chuckled when Chelle bolted forward at the feel of the vibrations there.  “I bet you didn’t know it was so sensitive, so open to being played with.  Did you, my pretty pet?”  He pulled the vibrator away and chuckled again as she moaned.

“I’ve had anal sex before,” she ground out, panting with the effort not to cum.  Sometimes he gave her the freedom to come as she wished while he tortured her pussy but this time he made a point of telling her not to.

A flare of fury and disappointment whipped through him and Marcus paused for a fraction of a second before getting it under control.  He made a decision right there that no one else was ever touching this woman and he set about making it so that if anyone tried she would compare them to him and find them lacking.  There was no way she was leaving this room without him firmly entrenched in her heart.

Marcus put the Hitachi down and turned to the long box on the dresser.  He reached inside and pulled out a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them then knelt on the bed.  He undid her wrists, leaving the cuffs on them, and helped Chelle to her knees.  He was pleased with the noises she was making – an odd combination of whimpering and growling he found endearing.  There was lust and murder in her half closed eyes and her lower lip was puffy where she’d been chewing on it. 

“Rotate your shoulders and stretch them out,” Marcus commanded.

Confused, Chelle opened her mouth to ask why.  She closed it again at the steel in his eyes and just did as he asked.  She reminded herself that she had trust and faith.  Then she moved to settle her bum on her heels and realized that the spreader bar wasn’t going to be comfortable.  So she stayed upright and did as she was told as he got up and moved behind her.

Beautiful isn’t it?  Obviously, editing is a must, but as it stands right now, I’m hoping it’s panty dampening (or cock thickening) and sets your pulse to racing.  If not, I’ll just have to work harder.

I have some dishes to do before I can keep writing.  I was inspired here and I had to do this before I lost it but the dishes are weighing on my mind and making me fidgety.  

Weird, I know, but what else could you possibly expect from me?



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