Blue on Blue on White

Okay, so it’s more white on blue on blue but that doesn’t make for as catchy a title. ūüėČ

Good Sunday morning to you! ¬†It is just before 9 and I am sitting on the deck quite happily. ¬† It’s a little too sunny for my taste – I’m still wary of the sunshine, even though the lidocaine shots have improved my photophobia – but it’s 16*C (around 60*F) out here with a little bit of a breeze. ¬†How could I not be out here?

Today’s photography offering is a single photo that I took last night.¬†two photos that I took last night. ¬†I can’t decide between them. ¬†I think I like this first one slightly better than the second. ¬†They’re two perspectives on the same thing – the evening sun over the lake, shot from the observation deck on Grand Bend’s main beach. I was in love with the way the sun looked – white and pristine in a perfectly blue sky with hardly a cloud in sight – and the reflection of it in the lake. ¬†The darkness of the beach offered a suitably dark counter-balance. ¬†Even the silhouettes of the children playing on the lifeguard adds to it all nicely.

This first one is taken without any zoom. ¬†The second one is 2x zoom. ¬†I wanted to cut out some of the beach, change the perspective. ¬†I certainly did that. ¬†It has its own merits but… the more I think about it, yes, I like this first one better.

Isn't it wonderful?  I thought about b&w (of course) but the blues are just too lovely to get rid of.

Isn’t it wonderful? I thought about b&w (of course) but the blues are just too lovely to get rid of.

Cutting off the actual sun did diminish this second picture a bit but look at the beauty of that shaft of light.

Cutting off the actual sun did diminish the picture a bit but look at that shaft of light.  It's like the Gods are saying "Here be fish!"

¬†It’s like the Gods are saying “Here be fish!” ¬† The light also spills out across the horizon.

Aren’t they gorgeous?

In other news, I finished the Shades of Pink story! ¬† Val said, “I WANT MORE!!” ¬†¬†

There is no more. ¬†It’s a short story (9,500 words) and that’s it for that. ¬†It’s hot, hot, hot though. ¬†It’s called¬†Faith and Trust and the tagline for it is¬†

A sizzling tale of love, lust, fear and freedom.

Nice, eh? ¬†hehehe ¬† You’ll have to donate to Kallysten’s Breast Cancer Awareness drive to read it. ¬†I will give sneak peaks as we get closer to the book’s release. ¬†

For now, I’m going to go back to trying to finish finishing Birdie & Rolf’s story. ¬†They’ve just left the meeting with Michelle Duff and they’ve been in a holding pattern for too long. ¬†It’s so nice to have my brain back!

Hasta la vista, mis amigos.



Food Combining

Lovely lovely food. (image courtesy of

Lovely lovely food.
(image courtesy of


My lovely nutritionist has lovingly insisted-pushed-shoved-bullied me into a new way of eating since my stomach is such a mess that *everything* was making me sick. It’s called food combining and she gave me 4 rules to live by:

1. Fruit ALONE and before 11 am. (because that shit ferments if you eat it with anything else. Who knew)  

2. Carbs and veggies.

3. Protein and veggies.

4. Never, EVER, eat carbs and protein together.

This is based on the chemistry in your stomach. Certain foods trigger certain enzymes/acids/juices in your stomach and saliva that help your digestion break them down; each type of food is a different set. Some foods digest not in your stomach but in the duodenum (hey! spelled that right the first time. Too bad I didn’t spell ‘spelled’ right the first time). Combining foods together – like fruit and anything else or carbs and protein – means that some enzymes/acids/juices get triggered and not others. The food that isn’t getting digested is sitting in your stomach causing bloating, gas and pain. Not to mention nausea and diarrhea and general feeling of malaise. ¬†(<- This here is what you call a really basic explanation.)

Oh come on, I know that’s not just me. ¬†Meatloaf and bread¬†and you’re feeling like crap, but you blame it on the amount of food not the kind of food.

I’ve been doing this since Saturday morning and already there’s a marked difference. ¬†I’ve had three¬†full days and one morning of no food reactions. ¬†No burping, no bloating, no nausea, no nothing. ¬†I almost feel normal. ¬† Except for the migraine this morning, (a tox thing), I feel fairly clear-headed too. ¬†

Amazing the effects what’s in your stomach can have on you, eh? ¬†I wonder what effects this will have on my pain and my chemical sensitivities.

Have a great day, folks. ¬†I have research to do again. ¬† Maybe I’ll get it finished today. ¬†¬†

But first!  Tea time.


Presenting the Pretties

After Friday’s rather gross, yet intriguing, photo I think we all need to remember the beauty in spring too.

Of course, since beauty is everywhere, perhaps Friday was the real reminder that the beauty of nature comes from rot and death.  It is what feeds those things that grow the most beautiful. 

I have several pictures for you, all of spring growth and lots of colour.  Last weekend I went around taking pictures of green.  I had more than a dozen but in the end I really only liked a few and of those only a couple will make it to the blog.   The others can be found on Pinterest.  

Let’s get to it!

The first one is a macro shot of a tiny little flower called forget-me-nots.  

Actually, it's a me-love-a lot. ;)

Actually, it’s a me-love-a lot. ūüėČ

*chuckles* ¬† Got ya. ¬† It IS a great picture of The Boyfriend though, isn’t it?¬†

These are the forget-me-nots:

Each bloom is less than 10mm (about 2/5 of an inch) across.

Each bloom is less than 10mm (about 2/5 of an inch) across. ¬†So maybe you can see why it’s a touch fuzzy.

I do like the overall effect of the picture. ¬†At a distance, it’s almost ethereal. ¬†The blooms glow brightly and they are just fuzzy enough they look like women did in the old movies when they’d smear petroleum jelly on the lenses to soften the edges. ¬†(Seriously, did they really do that??)

Next up we have some very pretty primula. ¬† (A primula? ¬†Some primulas? ¬†Primulae? ¬†It’s actually several plants, we’ll go with some.) ¬†These flowers are just over an inch across. ¬†I probably took pictures of them last year but I love them. I have some in this colour and in white in our little front garden now. ¬†The ones in this picture belong to our friend goldi, as do the forget-me-nots. ¬†

I absolutely love spring blooms.

I absolutely love spring blooms.

And among my favourites is this next one, the grape hyacinth. ¬†It’s just starting to bloom here in this picture. ¬† This weekend it’s already started to die out.

It's a weird looking plant.

It’s a weird looking plant.

Next I have two of the same image.  One is in colour, the other in black and white.  I took this photo of leafy buds of the Japanese maple out front.  I took one that had too much light and then this one.  I love the x-ray imagery of the black & white treatment.

It's pretty, no?

It’s pretty, no?

Equally pretty.  Very striking.

Equally pretty. Very striking.

The last picture is of the snowball bush. ¬†I love that thing. ¬†I love the big white fluffy flowers. ¬†This is the first year I’ve paid attention to the spring growth. ¬†I like the angles and shapes, the colours.

It's a ball of snowball blooms to be.

It’s a ball of snowball blooms to be.

I have some research to do, my lovlies, so I bid you adieu.  Have a wonderful afternoon!



Celebrating the Grotesque

Sooo…. ¬†


Guess what I found on the beach!

No really.  Guess.

No really. Guess.


That’s right! ¬†I found a dead thing.

I know, I know.  It seems like dead things just throw themselves in my path.  

Honestly, it took my brain a couple minutes to figure it out. ¬†It’s kind of hard to look at but eventually I figured it out. ¬†Assuming the stick is the center: ¬†Way over to the left is a foot. ¬†Under the stick, about a quarter of the way to the right is another foot. ¬†There’s a leg and knee(?) that joins the thigh bone, pointing back towards the stick. ¬†On the right half of the picture there is… a lot of formless, shredded skin. ¬†




It's hard to look at, see?

It’s hard to look at, see?

Gods I love our beach!




I don’t know about you folks but we suddenly have rain. ¬†LOTS of rain. ¬†It was very warm and very humid the other day and now my favourite walking path looks like this:

Well... technically, that's beside the path.  But you get the idea.

Well… technically, that’s beside the path. But you get the idea.

My favourite place in town is where the train used to run through. ¬†There’s a lovely path that leads into the conservation area and next year at this time I intend to see how far I can walk it. ¬†I love the walk rain or shine or snow but I am partial to the rain. ¬†The green practically glows. ¬†¬†

Closer view of the path - not the one I took, this is on the way home.

Closer view of the path – not the one I took, this is on the way home.

Annnd this is the section of the stream I leapt over.   I was shocked I cleared it.  I did manage to splash myself a bit but hey, I got over the thing.

Annnd this is the section of the stream I leapt over. I was shocked I cleared it. I did manage to splash myself a bit but hey, I got over the thing.

I was listening to a Hindu chant on my walk this morning. ¬†One of the Vedic chants, the Shri Rudram. ¬†It’s purpose is to invoke Divine grace and love. ¬†Turned my walk into a walking meditation, which was quite helpful in sorting out part of my brain. ¬†I find the chant quite peaceful. ¬†I don’t know what it means, I only know what it feels like – peace and, well, a touch of the Divine. ¬†

Because of that, I’m going to share it with you.

I like the way he does it mostly because I like his voice.  Hopefully it will bring the same peace to you.  

Also, I haven’t been able to focus this past week in order to do the lidocaine research but it is my goal to accomplish some this afternoon and more tomorrow.

Have a great rest of the day!


Depth of Field Macros

Hello! ¬†It’s photo day again!

Yeah, okay, it’s three¬†days past photo day. ¬†Saturday was one of GirlKid’s competition days. ¬†Long ass, very toxic, very painful day for me. ¬†Yesterday saw me spacing out more than anything. ¬†I did edit the pictures but then I totally forgot about posting them. ¬†Yesterday I was struggling with pain and I had to do a bunch of driving and shopping. Today I am again struggling with pain (more so since the lidocaine shots have worn off) and keeping my focus together.

While we were at the beach on Friday all I had for a camera was my phone. ¬†It took some interesting pictures. ¬†*laughs* ¬†The colours weren’t quite right but I do like the end results. ¬†

I was looking for a theme (because I do better when I’m focused on something) and as I looked around the driftwood studded beach ¬†I decided that perspectives might be nice; do a study in depth of field. ¬†

Trees are such interesting things when you look at them up close, studying the textures and lines. ¬†They become more interesting when they’re exposed to the elements – and yes, I meant¬†elements and not just weather. ¬†These trees have tumbled through the lake, ¬†battered by waves and storms, before ending up thrown onto the sand. ¬†I have four bark pictures for you and two of things that belong to trees but aren’t part of the main support structure.

I think we’ll end with the prettiest of the pictures.

I like the almost sepia-toned colours of this first picture. I’m happy with the placement of the focal point though I like the lines in the foreground and I even like the way the beach and water look in the background.

Yes, I know the horizon is off-kilter. ;)

Yes, I know the horizon is off-kilter. ūüėČ

This next one is strange and kind of hard to look at. ¬†The focal point is is off to the right and starts in the foreground. ¬†It’s hard to look at because you want that focus to be in the centre and it very much isn’t. ¬†It’s a small strip of bark I found, about five inches long and it insisted on lying on its side – which is why the very blurry outer bark is the first thing you’re trying to focus on. ¬†I love the larger pebbles on the left contrasting with the very clear grains of sand on the right. ¬†The picture is dark and light at the same time and I like that.


See?  Difficult to see as a whole.

See? Difficult to see as a whole.  You have to pick and choose bits to look at.

I love this next one! ¬†I love the colours and shapes. ¬†I love the curve of the focus. ¬†It starts just above center on the right (following the curve of the log) and curls through the center of the photo to just below the middle on the left. It looks like someone molded it out of clay. ¬† ¬†The spikes in the top right corner are part of it and that’s the lifeguard tower in the back on the left.

Isn't it lovely?

Isn’t it lovely?

This next one is gorgeous.  I love the colours.  I love the way the perspective seems to go almost all the way through the photo from top to bottom.  I love the colours (so much so I had to say it twice *laughs*) and the grains of sand so transparent they look like glass.  The moss on this small branch (4-5 inches long, little more than 1 across) is what made me get on my knees and elbows in the wet sand to photograph it.

Beauty eh?  My favourite picture, by far, of the ones I took on Friday.

Beauty eh? My favourite picture, by far, of the ones I took on Friday.

Last two. ¬†This first one is a small …I don’t know what you’d call it. ¬†It’s shaped like a pine cone, approximately an inch long and seemed to be tightly packed like a pine cone ¬†Yet, when I took this extreme close up, it proved to be floral. ¬†Those are grains of sand mixed in with the flowers(?). ¬†I think it might be a seed pod but I’m really not sure. ¬†The focal point is so intense and so tight it¬†looks like I slapped the picture of the red florets on top of it, which is kind of cool. ¬†An unintentional side effect.

I think it is a breathtaking picture.  I may, however, have a fondness for my own work that exceeds other people's. ;)

I think it is a breathtaking picture. I may, however, have a fondness for my own work that exceeds other people’s. ūüėČ

I took this last one because of the hit of colour on a beach mostly made up of 500 shades of brown.  The foreground, again, is all the focus and the mid-to-background is a fuzzy set of shapes and colours, just the way I wanted it. 

Love, love, love the green.

Love, love, love the green.

And that’s it for me folks. ¬†I’m going to spend some time researching lidocaine, lidocaine shots and infusions. ¬†There isn’t a lot about them on the interwebs and I’d like to do something about that. ¬†Using lidocaine as a nerve-blocker is kind of an off-label way to use it (especially in the States) but it is effective. ¬†

Until it isn’t.

Have a wonderful day, folks!