Presenting the Pretties

After Friday’s rather gross, yet intriguing, photo I think we all need to remember the beauty in spring too.

Of course, since beauty is everywhere, perhaps Friday was the real reminder that the beauty of nature comes from rot and death.  It is what feeds those things that grow the most beautiful. 

I have several pictures for you, all of spring growth and lots of colour.  Last weekend I went around taking pictures of green.  I had more than a dozen but in the end I really only liked a few and of those only a couple will make it to the blog.   The others can be found on Pinterest.  

Let’s get to it!

The first one is a macro shot of a tiny little flower called forget-me-nots.  

Actually, it's a me-love-a lot. ;)

Actually, it’s a me-love-a lot. 😉

*chuckles*   Got ya.   It IS a great picture of The Boyfriend though, isn’t it? 

These are the forget-me-nots:

Each bloom is less than 10mm (about 2/5 of an inch) across.

Each bloom is less than 10mm (about 2/5 of an inch) across.  So maybe you can see why it’s a touch fuzzy.

I do like the overall effect of the picture.  At a distance, it’s almost ethereal.  The blooms glow brightly and they are just fuzzy enough they look like women did in the old movies when they’d smear petroleum jelly on the lenses to soften the edges.  (Seriously, did they really do that??)

Next up we have some very pretty primula.   (A primula?  Some primulas?  Primulae?  It’s actually several plants, we’ll go with some.)  These flowers are just over an inch across.  I probably took pictures of them last year but I love them. I have some in this colour and in white in our little front garden now.  The ones in this picture belong to our friend goldi, as do the forget-me-nots.  

I absolutely love spring blooms.

I absolutely love spring blooms.

And among my favourites is this next one, the grape hyacinth.  It’s just starting to bloom here in this picture.   This weekend it’s already started to die out.

It's a weird looking plant.

It’s a weird looking plant.

Next I have two of the same image.  One is in colour, the other in black and white.  I took this photo of leafy buds of the Japanese maple out front.  I took one that had too much light and then this one.  I love the x-ray imagery of the black & white treatment.

It's pretty, no?

It’s pretty, no?

Equally pretty.  Very striking.

Equally pretty. Very striking.

The last picture is of the snowball bush.  I love that thing.  I love the big white fluffy flowers.  This is the first year I’ve paid attention to the spring growth.  I like the angles and shapes, the colours.

It's a ball of snowball blooms to be.

It’s a ball of snowball blooms to be.

I have some research to do, my lovlies, so I bid you adieu.  Have a wonderful afternoon!




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