Food Combining

Lovely lovely food. (image courtesy of

Lovely lovely food.
(image courtesy of


My lovely nutritionist has lovingly insisted-pushed-shoved-bullied me into a new way of eating since my stomach is such a mess that *everything* was making me sick. It’s called food combining and she gave me 4 rules to live by:

1. Fruit ALONE and before 11 am. (because that shit ferments if you eat it with anything else. Who knew)  

2. Carbs and veggies.

3. Protein and veggies.

4. Never, EVER, eat carbs and protein together.

This is based on the chemistry in your stomach. Certain foods trigger certain enzymes/acids/juices in your stomach and saliva that help your digestion break them down; each type of food is a different set. Some foods digest not in your stomach but in the duodenum (hey! spelled that right the first time. Too bad I didn’t spell ‘spelled’ right the first time). Combining foods together – like fruit and anything else or carbs and protein – means that some enzymes/acids/juices get triggered and not others. The food that isn’t getting digested is sitting in your stomach causing bloating, gas and pain. Not to mention nausea and diarrhea and general feeling of malaise.  (<- This here is what you call a really basic explanation.)

Oh come on, I know that’s not just me.  Meatloaf and bread and you’re feeling like crap, but you blame it on the amount of food not the kind of food.

I’ve been doing this since Saturday morning and already there’s a marked difference.  I’ve had three full days and one morning of no food reactions.  No burping, no bloating, no nausea, no nothing.  I almost feel normal.   Except for the migraine this morning, (a tox thing), I feel fairly clear-headed too.  

Amazing the effects what’s in your stomach can have on you, eh?  I wonder what effects this will have on my pain and my chemical sensitivities.

Have a great day, folks.  I have research to do again.   Maybe I’ll get it finished today.   

But first!  Tea time.



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