Inspiration Can Bite Me

Nah… Not really.

  I enjoy being an inspired writer.  Some of the best things come out of it.  

However!  Sometimes it can be totally maddening.

I’ve been working on the Birdie and Rolf story (the NaNo book that used to be called The Bodhisattva Warrior) on and off for the last couple of months.  The last 10 or 15 days it’s been off because I was stuck.  I finally figured out that I needed to talk to someone about it.  

I talked to The Boyfriend because Peter is the person I based Rolf on and I was stuck on Rolf’s reaction to meeting Michelle Duff.  He helped me see that Rolf wasn’t going to be all “Golly! Meeting her was so neat!  I’m super thrilled I got to meet my childhood idol” five minutes after meeting her.

Rolf is a I-have-to-process kind of guy – just like Peter.

Peter (more or less) said, “No, Rolf would drive for a little while and then it’d be a total non-sequitur.  Like… they’d pass a fiery car crash and Rolf would pop out with ‘that was so cool!'”

And suddenly there’s a fiery car crash in the book.  Three cars, one dead toddler, a nine year old with a broken leg and a father who is going to jail for a long time for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence and (at least) two counts of vehicular manslaughter.  

think Birdie & Rolf may have a new family member.

There’s a whole new book in the works at any rate.  The story is now well over 63,000 words and we haven’t even gotten on the plane to begin the rescue of Hephaestus.  

I have a sneaky suspicion there will be other books about helping other Gods.   “You know Birdie, since you were so good at helping Heph would you mind..?”



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