A Tale of Success and One of Pain

Good morning, my lovelies.  

I know, it’s been quite some time, too long really; haven’t spoken a word since I finished Laurie & Mikhail’s story.  It’s been a busy month already and it’s only the 11th. 

I was lucky to get CampNaNo completed.  I was in a lot of pain from my back as it got worse and worse.  I saw three doctors before anyone managed to help at all.  It was the emergency room doc that finally turned the tide.  She shoved her fist into my lower back until she brought me to my knees and I wanted to punch her.  (note: It’s quite illegal to hit EMS or medical professionals.  It’s jail time and somewhere around $25,000 CAD fine.  I don’t look good in prison orange [to paraphrase a friend] so I kept my hands to myself.)  She informed me I have a muscle spasm.  I said that doesn’t explain everything that’s going on.  She did x-rays and told me there was nothing wrong that she could see (not a radiologist) and told me that the meds I know work were the same as ones I already take (they’re not, if they were, I wouldn’t have been there).  

That was this past Saturday.  

Things very quickly got worse.  Since she wouldn’t give me the muscle relaxer I know works we had to buy an over-the-counter one.  Turns out it had corn starch in it.  (for any newcomers: I am gluten, corn & soy intolerant. I have very, very violent reactions.)  So around 2:30 am I started getting sick.   And stayed in that horrible, violent state for hours until we found the magic combination of pills and deep breathing (yeah…uh…I panic when I barf) that managed to settle everything down enough for me to sleep.

Sunday night I got sick again.  Same thing, fewer hours.  This time, as it turns out, it’s because I forgot to take my night pills.  That’s a big what-the-fuck right there but a story for another day.

Then on Monday, my beloved grandmother died. 

My grandmother, Gladys Jean Mimms.  Born January 30, 1924, died  August 4th, 2014

My grandmother, Gladys Jean Mimms. Born January 30, 1924, lost her battle with Alzheimer’s August 4th, 2014

Forget-me-nots.  Her favourite flower in her favourite colour.

Forget-me-nots. Her favourite flower in her favourite colour.


She was the strongest, most positive woman I have ever known or will have the privilege of knowing.  Gramma was astoundingly gorgeous inside and out.  (The Boyfriend called her a hottie when we stumbled on a picture of her from the 40s.  *grins*)  Saturday was her memorial and the reception.  My Mimms family is an eclectic bunch.  We are not ones for family gatherings  – for instance, I didn’t know my cousin’s 7 y/o daughter Mary Ann existed – so when we are together it’s… strange.  Nonetheless, it was a good tribute to the woman who kept this family together.

On a positive note, I sent all the Shades of Pink stuff off yesterday. 😀 The Marcus and Michelle story is done, finished and, despite everything that’s happened in the last month, actually arrived at Kallysten’s inbox before the end of the deadline.


I realized yesterday, as we were recovering from Saturday’s seven hours of driving and a variety of chemical soup atmospheres (truck stops, funeral home, the Mimms family home) that with Shades of Pink stuff sent off and now that CampNaNo is done I can go back to Highland Wolves 3.   I am looking forward to it!  Some things have happened in the deepest parts of my personal life that have allowed me to reconnect with that series and I am eager to dive back in.  

Also, I have a photoblog for you.  I’ve had it sitting, waiting, until I could pin goldi down long enough to identify the flora in the pictures.  She’s gone off to camp but will be home tomorrow.  I will have the blog for you as soon as possible.  Appropriately, the theme is the beginning and the end of life.  

I believe I have rambled on long enough.  Have a wonderful day!


As an ode to my life the past few weeks, I leave you with this:


One thought on “A Tale of Success and One of Pain

  1. *gentle hugs* Your grandma was a lovely woman and I am so sorry that you lost her, I know how much she meant to you. As for the other things, I know They are looking out for you.


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