I’ve been writing in Highland Wolves again.  Have I mentioned that?  

I am really pleased to be doing so too.  I’ve missed my wolves.  I have Liam and Anna’s wedding to write and then HW3 is complete.  And I can begin the arduous task of editing;  HW4 will have to wait until HW2 is ready for publication, I think.  

Today (in HW3) Anna and the gang have returned to the Pack home and Liam is ecstatic to have his bride-to-be back in his arms.  He will ask what happened after he has re-established his claim.   Liam, like most wolves, is driven by his instinces and nose.  He knows Anna’s scent like he knows the back of his hand.  So when he notices there’s a change, he’s going to want to know what’s up.  

Anna, like most women, isn’t ready for everyone to know she’s pregnant.  There’s not going to be any way for her to hide the fact for long – her scent will change and so will her body (she’s having triplets!) – but she wants to keep the knowledge to herself for as long as possible; partly because it’s her joy and partly because she’s afraid she’ll lose them.  And she won’t be able to shift after a certain period of time.   The trouble with that, the shifting, is that no one knows if she’ll have to stop shifting into all her forms or if she can still shift into the demon form well into late pregnancy.  There’s only one way to find out but are they willing to risk the babies?

But first…

I threw Anna and Liam in a shower to wash the stink of the hotel, battle and the others off her so he can enjoy her more fully (and, in turn, she can enjoy him more fully).  There are lots of shower scenes in lots of books in this world and mine isn’t the hottest or most graphic, but it is hot.  I think.  What say you?

Chapter Thirty-Seven

 Liam pushed her shirt up her body, fingers sliding over her ribs and over her bra strap.  He traced it around the front and stroked the edge of the cups, half on the fabric and half on her skin.  Anna shuddered and he buried his face in the crook of her neck and shoulder to inhale her scent.

What he got was a nose full of hotel, car, travel and the other Wolves.  He stood up abruptly, spilling her to the floor.  He caught her arm before she landed on her ass and hauled her to her feet.  “Let’s go.”

Anna blinked, shaken out of her arousal and her subspace.  She scowled and opened her mouth to grump at him.  Then she remembered her place and settled for growling softly, briefly, and followed him easily.

He dragged her into the bathroom and turned the shower on.  “Tha gaol agam ort, my little she-Wolf, but you reek.”

Anna lifted her shirt to her nose and sniffed.  She wrinkled her nose.  “Aye, Master, you’re right.”  She stripped her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor. 

Liam watched with a smile on his face, enjoying the show.  It wasn’t meant to be seductive and that was one of the things he liked about it.  She was being natural, being herself, and there was nothing he loved more.  As she began on her pants, Liam began to take his clothes off too.  He dropped them in the same pile with Anna’s.

Her fingers stilled on the catch of her bra as she watched his flesh come into view.  She grinned.  “Will you be joining me, Master?”

“You bet.  Have to make sure my girl is thoroughly clean.”  He gave her a wolfish leer as he kicked his jeans into the pile.  

As Anna removed her undergarments in a hurry, Liam checked the water.  It was hot and steamy and he pulled her into it, sticking her head under the water, before shutting the shower door.  She took the hint and he picked up the shampoo. He poured a generous amount into his hand, rubbed them together and then stroked his fingers over her scalp.  He worked the shampoo into a frothy lather, massaging her scalp as he did.

Anna was suddenly really glad for the big walk-in shower.  It was tucked into the corner of bathroom; two walls were tile, two were glass.  One shower head, a large circular, fixed feature from the middle of the ceiling, was joined by another, a removable handheld one attached to the wall, to rain water on them.  Liam had placed her just enough out of the water to keep her hair out.  Anna groaned as he worked over her hair.

When he was satisfied that her hair was clean, Liam moved Anna back into the spray and rinsed the suds out.  He was pleased that she used a two-in-one, a combination of shampoo and conditioner, because it meant he could now move on to other things.  He pointed at the tile wall without the shower head.  “Face the wall, put your hands on it at shoulder height and keep them there.”

Anna silently did as he asked.  He hadn’t given her permission to speak so she didn’t.  She almost quivered with anticipation as she stared at the tile, waiting.

Liam lathered a washcloth and began to wash her.  He lifted her hair off the back of her neck and washed behind her ears and her neck before he moved to sweep the cloth firmly across her shoulders.  He scrubbed her back from ears to ankles, taking care to avoid any really sensitive areas.  Then he picked up her feet one at a time to wash them, rinsing them well before he allowed her to put them down again.  He began to work his way back up.  He scrubbed her shins, her knees and her thighs.  He moved to her pelvis and washed up her front.  He skipped all of her most obvious erogenous zones, ignored the way light began to play under her skin as she heated up, ignored his own arousal and simply scrubbed until he reached her face.  “Turn your head and look at me.”

Anna turned her head and Liam almost grinned at the look in her eyes.  They were dark green, almost black, and there were promises of retribution in their depths.  She was panting and almost snarling at him.  “Close your eyes,” he said.  Her eyes flashed briefly but she closed them.  He scrubbed her face, making her sputter and spit soap when she opened her mouth in shock.  Liam chuckled.  “Rinse.”

Anna’s skin tingled.  Every nerve was on fire and she was aroused.  She was also getting angry that he wasn’t touching her.  She stepped back into the spray and rinsed her face.  Then she used her hands to slough the soap from her body, running her palms down her throat over her chest to her breasts.  She drew her hands over her them, cupping and stroking, head back with her eyes closed in pleasure.  There was no way she could forget Liam was watching but she got lost in the moment and set her forefingers and thumbs over her nipples, intending to pinch them.

“No.”  Liam’s voice was hard even though arousal made it husky.  He watched as Anna whimpered and her eyes flew open as her hands fell to her sides.  “Put your hands on the back of your neck and leave them there.” 

Anna obeyed, still standing in the spray of water, as Liam pulled the removable showerhead down.  The light under her skin had started to dim with his command to stop touching herself but it flared to life again as he ran his hand and the water over her.  She spread her legs when he told her to and bit her lip when her body reacted to the thumping spray brushing over her labia and clit.  She swayed as he spread her open to make sure he removed all the soap and she couldn’t be sure that the brush of his fingers over that sensitive nub of flesh wasn’t on purpose. 

Liam straightened and hung the showerhead back up.  He stared at his girl for a moment, watching as the water ran in rivulets over her silky flesh.  He watched one bead of water in particular travel from her collar bone to her cross her areola and tremble on her nipple before falling towards the tile beneath her feet. 

A growl filled the shower stall and Anna jumped.  She raised her eyes to Liam’s and was shocked to see that they were Wolf yellow.  He was snarling at her and she only had a moment to panic before he was on her. 

Liam threw her over his shoulder and bolted from the bathroom.  He ran with her into their bedroom and threw her on the bed, hard enough that she bounced but he was on top of her, his lips locked on hers before her back touched the mattress a second time.

Here, shortly, is where he’s going to sniff her again and, again, her scent isn’t going to be hers.  Debate here is this:

1.  He smells the pregnancy pheromones (she’s about three weeks along) and it rings a distant bell of recognition in him.  He becomes suspicious and demands to know what caused the change.   She tries to evade but he pushes and finally she tells him she’s pregnant.

2.  He smells the pregnancy pheromones but doesn’t recognize it because the last time he smelled a pregnant Wolf he was a child.  There haven’t been baby Wolves around in a long time.  He demands to know what the change is about – he’s territorial, he thinks someone laid their hands on her while she was away – and she evades, telling him that it’s probably because she now has access to the unbridled level of power contained in the Glen Coe caldera.  While that is true, it’s not the whole truth.  He will be grudgingly satisfied with it.  

I’m not quite sure which way to go and I don’t think I’ll know until I write it out, I guess.  

I leave you with howling Canadian wolves.  A friend of mine recorded it when she visited Algonquin Park.  The wolves start at around 13 seconds.  Have a wonderful Sunday!



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