...Is a bitch.

…Is a bitch.

 Continuity is something I realized I have to work on.  I am constantly going through previous Highland Wolves books to see how I described that room, this place or that person or what name I gave to So-and-so who made a brief appearance at some point.  

I have recurring minor characters.  Recurring places.  Weapons and abilities that need to be the same from book to book.  Allies.  Enemies. Where was that battle?  Who exactly was it against again?  Who were the key players in that scene?

It drives me mad!  Mad, I tell ya!  

So here I am with some time between NaNos, with only HW3 to write (and several books to edit, including HW2, but I’m not starting them yet).   I have decided that I can’t edit anything related to Highland Wolves until this is complete.  

I wish Val were here to work at it with me.  And that I had space to spread out each section so I can write it down.  

I could use Excel, I suppose.  It would save me paper, save me flipping pages and going back and forth in this huge notebook I have for this very project.  However, I like the feel of pen and ink and I dislike having to flip back and forth between programs.  And I most definitely don’t want to be formatting the pages in Excel.  Besides, I like having something tangible to look at.  I’m old I guess. 😉

What do I need to know?   Lemme break it down for you.


  • Name
  • Pack status
  • Book appearances (number of, book name, chapter)
  • Abilities/talents
  • Strengths/weaknesses
  • And background for secondary and minor level characters that are repeating, like Brock and Jules


  • Acreage
  • Land layout (trees vs open space)
  • Out buildings
  • House layout
  • Liam and Anna’s Master suite
  • Kitchen
  • Liam’s study
  • pretty sure there’s something I’m forgetting
  • Places all the characters have been (like the botanical gardens, Astrid’s sex club, Dunvegan)


  • Cause/motivation
  • Enemies
  • Allies
  • Where


  • Descriptions
  • Uses
  • Origins
  • Powers/specialties


  • Who
  • What (breed of Supe)
  • Appearance in books
  • Battles
  • Abilities
  • Location


  • See above Allies list

And that’s all I can think of at the moment.  

I would love to assign my daughter one of these lists but she’s fourteen and my books are meant for the 18+ crowd – I’d have to give her versions without the sex.  If I had the money, I’d hire help.  I’d pay my son’s girlfriend to do it (although… she’s 16, so again the sexless versions.  She does have a collection of BDSM books but I’m not contributing to the delinquency of a minor).  So I am tackling this alone, for now.  I’m just not sure how to go about it.

Should I: 

  • Comb through the books for characters then go back for setting then again for weapons, etc etc, or
  • Write each detail down as I come across it?

I’m not sure I have the patience to go through over and over again but I’m pretty sure I’d get overwhelmed trying to do everything at once.   Hmmm…. 

Well, I have some writing in HW3 to do.  Liam just found out that Anna is pregnant.  

Oh hell, here:

“Anna!”  Liam barked her name.  “You need…”  he ground his teeth together, seeking control when she twitched at the sound of his voice “…to shield the bedroom.  Now!”

“Yes Master.”  Anna whimpered at the loss of some of the pleasure as she took her focus from what he was doing to her and, instead, took her power and formed it into something else.  She blanketed the bed and called it good enough.  Then she remembered what had happened in Dunvegan and she threw protection around the room. She made the shield self-sustaining, so that it would remain even when she stopped thinking about it. 

Liam saw the pale blue film settle over everything and shifted so he could move her breast to meet his mouth.  He sucked her nipple between his teeth hard and bit down, rewarding her for obeying him.  Anna arched into his mouth and flung her legs around him to pull him tight to her body.  One of her hands went to her free nipple and she speared the fingers of her other hand into his hair.  Liam groaned as he bumped her womb.

Her womb.  Something nagged at the back of his mind and he found himself stilling.  He released her nipple and ran his nose over her from her nipple to behind her ear, ignoring her groan of disappointment and her urgent attempts to get him moving again.  He inhaled her scent and his mind, his instincts, began cataloguing the combinations of pheromones and manmade scents.

A long lost memory surfaced.  He was ten years old and one of the Kappas had been pregnant.  She was his father’s secretary and around all the time.  He remembered thinking that the scent of her pregnancy was intoxicating.  It had pulled at a deep primal part of him he hadn’t been aware he had.  It was something he wanted, even at such a young age – a woman heavy with child, smelling the way she did, like home, love and family.

Liam jerked his head back in shock, eyes dark green, pupils wide.  He had withdrawn from Anna and was on his feet before she realized he’d moved.  Anna frowned and sat up, trying to ignore the feeling of loss and the sudden chill she felt as the fire within died.  “Master, what’s wrong?”

“Your scent has changed.”  Liam gave her an almost accusatory look.

Anna paled.  “I…It’s probably because I now have unlimited access to the caldera.”  Her voice faltered on the last couple of words.

“Aye, maybe,” he sneered.  “There’s something you’re not telling me.”

She said nothing.  There was nothing she could say to that without lying.

He stepped forward, came against the bed, every muscle rigid, his hands fisted beside his thigh.  “Are you pregnant?”

Anna opened her mouth and closed it again, eyes everywhere but on his.

“Are.  You.  Pregnant.”  He enunciated each word carefully.  “And remember, girl, that if one word of a lie slips from your lips I will beat you.”  He looked furious.  His lips thinned, his entire face tightening, as he waited.

“Yes,” she whispered.  “Elsie told me while we were in Ballachulish.  I am a little less than a month along.”  She lowered her gaze to her fingers and her voice grew quieter still.  “There are three babies.”  She tensed as she waited for his reaction.

Liam’s ears were sensitive but still he missed the last sentence.  “Say that last bit again.  Louder.”

Anna cleared her throat and spoke again, this time only slightly louder than barely audible.  “There are three babies.”  There was a long moment of silence.  Anna was nearly sick with the anticipation of his response.

The moment stretched out as Liam processed.  “Three, ye say?” his voice was strained.

“Aye,” Anna nodded as she spoke softly.

Liam was silent another moment and then his eyes rolled back into his head.  He hit the floor with a loud thump.


Chapter Thirty-Nine

Anna shrieked his name and leapt from the bed.  Running footsteps sounded in the hallway and the door crashed open just as Anna pulled Liam’s head into her lap.  Marcus appeared in the bedroom.  He took one look at Anna, nude but for her collar, cradling an equally nude Liam out cold out on the floor and bellowed “Out!” to everyone that had followed him in.

Marcus came over and crouched by Anna as the door closed behind everyone else. “What happened?”

“Um…”  Anna hesitated.  Then she stared him in the eye and spoke with all the authority she possessed.  “What I am about to tell you goes no further.”

Marcus blinked rapidly then nodded.  “As you wish, my Alpha.  You have my silence.”

“I just told Lee he’s to be a father.”  Anna stroked Liam’s hair.

There was a long silence then Marcus gave her an accusatory glare.  “You lied to me!”

“Ya think?” she shot back.  “I don’t want anyone to know about this yet.  I wasn’t even going to tell him until after the wedding.”  She looked down at Liam as she spoke again.  “Go get something to wake him out of this faint.”

Marcus was furious that she had lied to him.  He understood why but it didn’t piss him off any less.  He stood without a word and went into their bathroom, looking for the smelly unguent he knew Liam kept for sore muscles.  Once back beside Liam, Marcus opened the small jar and waved it under his Alpha’s nose.

Anna turned green as Liam snorted and jerked awake.  He looked surprised to find himself on the floor with his head in Anna’s lap and Marcus kneeling beside them.  “What happened?”

“What’s the last thing you remember, Lee?”  Marcus asked.

“Well…”  Liam thought for a moment.  “I was deep in my girl when I noticed her scent changed and–” he cut himself off abruptly and shot to his feet.  He stared down at her.  “You’re pregnant?”

Marcus stood and helped Anna to her feet.  He stood ready to protect her.  He was pretty sure Liam was going to be happy about it but he didn’t look like it quite yet.

“Yes, Lee.  We’re going to have a baby.  Babies.”  Anna gave him an uncertain smile. 

“Three of them.”  Liam sat down abruptly on the edge of the bed.

Anna nodded again, fighting the urge to back away from the look of horror and stark terror on his face.  Her eyes shone with tears of hurt and worry.

“Three babies.  At once.”  He looked at her.  “I’m going to be a father?” 

She nodded one more time then shrieked in surprise as he whooped loudly with joy and grabbed her into a tight embrace.  He spun her around and squeezed her mercilessly as he grinned at Marcus.  “I’m going to be a father!”

Marcus laughed as he relaxed.  “Congrats, man!”  He slapped Liam on the back.  “Better marry her quick.”  He snickered as Liam whooped again.

“Master!  Lee!  Liam!”  Anna was turning a pale shade of green at the squeezing.  She thumped him on the shoulder.

Immediately his hold loosened and he set her on the bed, panic in his face.  “Oh Gods.  Did I hurt you?  Did I hurt the babies?  Lie down.”  He fussed over her, shoving pillows behind her and covering her with the blanket resting at the foot of the bed.  “Don’t do anything.  You need to rest.”

Marcus facepalmed and pulled his phone out of his pocket.  “Jan?  Do you think you could manage to pop over here for a minute?”  He listened then snapped his phone shut. 

Anna gaped at him.  “What did you just… did you just call my mother?”  A ghostly figure appeared by the bed then firmed up into the shape of Janelle.  “Hi Momma,” Anna said with resignation.  She shot a dark look at Marcus.  “I said I didn’t want anyone else to know,” she hissed.  She glowered a moment longer when he shrugged.

Janelle listened to the brief exchange then looked at Marcus, one brow arched.  “She doesn’t want me to know what?”

Marcus smiled winningly at Anna then bowed at Janelle.  “Thank you for coming.  Your daughter is pregnant and Liam is freaking out.”

There, see?  The big, strong Wolf fainted.  Fainted! *hoots with amusement*  I’m glad he’s happy about it though.  

And I have to tell you that Liam has been clamouring loudly for me to put it into the book that he knows about it.  I’ve been arguing with him for a week.

Wait.  That makes me sound insane.  *laughs*

Think I’ll go while I’m ahead…



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