A New Thing!

I’m all excited because I learned something new today!  

I was looking for something to watch while I create a cleansing and protection ritual for the cottage (we move back in this week) and I decided to look at my Youtube subscriptions.   I saw this video and had to try it out.  

Anyone who looks at my photoblogs knows that I do what I can to enhance the images and I am slowly learning Photoshop – having to upgrade/update it notwithstanding – in order to do that better.   I could learn faster, if I watched more tutorials, I suppose.  Honestly, it’s a case of forgetting there are tools out there to help me learn it.

Silly, eh?

Anyway, I chose a photo I took of the flowers we planted last year.  They finally bloomed this year and they’re gorgeous!  They’re called Pasque flowers (aka wind flower, prairie crocus, Easter Flower and meadow anemone).  I absolutely love the colour of them and had to take a picture of the blooms.  It seemed like a great choice.

This is the original: 

Original.  Pretty but... not as vibrant as it could be.

Original. Pretty but… not as vibrant as it could be.

And this is the tweaked one:



Vibrant isn’t it?

I’m so pleased to have learned something new!   

Back to planning my ritual. 


EDIT: Apparently, I didn’t say why this is a new thing for me.   If you click through to the video you’ll see that it’s a lesson on using Colour Balance and making adjustments on an adjustment layer.  Colour Balance isn’t entirely new to me but I wasn’t sure how to use it right.  The Adjustment Layer is completely new.   Now that I know how to properly make my photos you will be seeing better quality images!


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