Something Creepy

The seasons change on Monday here and we are finally back in the cottage full time.  We are delighted to be here and, as a bonus, totally fascinated by a few things.  

I have several blogs to share with you and two weeks to write them in.  I am leave for Scotland two weeks from today.  I am THRILLED.  I will be writing a few in advance, especially of the Shades of Pink persuasion. 

That book, in which you will find a story about my Beta and Enforcer from the Highland Wolves pack, is now available. 

You can find the book here at Kallysten's blog.

You can find the book here at Kallysten’s blog.  

Our fascination stems from the presence of some very determined spiders.

Last spring there were a half a dozen spider eggs.  Do you know how many spiders are in the eggs??  For this particular breed it’s anywhere from 100-800 eggs.

We killed as many as we could because, frankly, spiders freak me the hell out.  They’re fine in the garden but we don’t need 600 and 4,800 spiders running around here, no matter how many don’t survive to adulthood.  Right now there are at least a dozen very large ones that we know about.  One of them is Rose.

We found Rose in the Rose of Sharon tree at the base of the deck steps.  She’s very clever.  Very pretty and creepy as hell.   

Rose started her web here.

Rose started her web here.

And remained there…

She likes her home.

She likes her home.

So much so that she constantly rebuilds her webs.  In fact, I found this tidbit of info and can totally see it.

Large, vertical, orb-shaped web is usually built at least a few feet off the ground amid shrubs, trees, tall weeds, fences, buildings, etc; they are opportunistic and will use whatever “framework” they can. Though the actual orb of the web may be only a foot or two in diameter, the tether lines can be 6 feet in length or more, depending on where the web is situated. Web may be attached to buildings in urban and suburban areas. The spider may either reside inside a retreat at the periphery of the web, or occupy the hub (center) of the web, hanging head down. A signal thread may connect the retreat to the hub of the web for alerting the spider of prey. The spider typically eats the web every night, recycling the proteins and water and using them to re-build a fresh web.

I caught her at it this morning.

And then there’s Phil.  No, I don’t know why I named him Phil.  

There’s a maple tree, probably twenty years old, just off the deck.  Phil built his web between the deck rail and a branch at least ten feet above it.  It totally freaked me out when I saw it.

He, himself, was the size of an apricot from leg to leg (to leg to leg to leg to leg to leg).

He, himself, was the size of an apricot from leg to leg (to leg to leg to leg to leg to leg).

Oh, and you see that weird thing at the top of the picture that looks like a leaf with a silhouette of a crouching spider on it?  Thats’s because it IS a crouching spider.  That little bugger zip-lined from that leaf to the top of the patio umbrella.  Scared the shit out of me.  The Boyfriend says, “Get a broom and sweep it away!”  Meanwhile, I was already out of my chair and running slowly backing away in sheer terror total respect.  I yelled in a screechy voice informed Peter that I could not do it.  He came out with a broom and swept the porch down and, unfortunately for Phil (for whom I had great respect, master builder there), cleared out every spider.

Thereafter, I had the heebie jeebies, imagining an army of spiders marching on us in a fury.  

Yep, I have a vivid, whacky imagination.

One last creepy thing and then I’ll be moving on.

Looks all horror movie-ish, eh?

Looks all horror movie-ish, eh?

I found this tree at the reservoir near my home.   That’s a whole other blog.  

Have a good evening and I hope your Monday is wonderful.  



2 thoughts on “Something Creepy

  1. We have an orb spider occupying space just outside our kitchen window. The light is always on over the sink and it draws in the insects at night. That web has been rebuilt about a half dozen times after every rain.


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