NaNo 14

October is in four days.  That means NaNo is about five weeks away.  


Pretty much how I feel about it.  I have zero ideas.  None.  

Well, I have one in my file but my daughter gave me a seriously dirty look when I mentioned it (she’s off school today in a planned school closure).  Wanna see it?

Of course you do.

The big bad biker and the girl with the demon eye are on a mission from God. (rescue? Replace? Kill/destroy? Hide?)  Adopted by an animal with different coloured eyes on their travels.

I don’t think it’s a horrible idea.  There’s a reason I wrote it down.  I don’t remember the reason offhand but there it is.  So I’m kind of sitting here with a big WTF?? look on my face over that one.  

I do think I like those characters though, the girl with the weird eyes – one demon, one normal – and the biker.  I keep seeing the

Without the singing. 😉 …Maybe

biker as a Kris Kristofferson type.  Right about this time frame too  (the picture here). Just starting to go white, face lined with life and age.  

mmhhmmmmm  I think I like this look.  





As I was saying, I could use these two.  It’d have to be something related to Gods, perhaps.  A divine mission?  Yeah, I keep coming back to the rescue/hide thing.  

The female though.  A girl?  A woman?  Is it a female?  Maybe it’s a male who has lived as a girl for years in order to hide.  

I have about sixteen books and movies floating in my head now.  I don’t want to be like everyone else.  I want originality.  

I do like the biker character.  I wonder what he’s doing.  Where he’s been.  What, if anything, he looks forward to.  Is he a cowboy type?  I don’t think I’ve written a western before.   I think his name IS Kris.  I like it.  

Maybe he’s the grey hat character.  Neutral chaotic.  (Yes, that was a D&D reference, get over it *laughs*)

Hmmm….   Food for thought.  Maybe his story and his mission/goal/the plotline & theme will come clear if I develop him.  

Interesting.  A character driven story.  I’ve never done that either. 

Off to do other things to get ready for my trip.  9 days, 10 hours and 56 minutes until my plane taxis away from the terminal!  Not that I’m counting. 😉




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