An Epiphany

Holy crap.  The things you learn about yourself before embarking on a life-changing event.  And it will be life changing.  How can it not?  I’ve been dreaming about it since I was five years old.  “Some day I will go to Scotland and it will be GREAT!”   
(Leprechauns were in there somewhere when I was little, but they’re Irish. 😉 )

As you may know, I leave for my trip in three days.  My stomach has been in knots for days and I’ve been stressing more than I’ve been excited.

I had a panic attack about the trip this morning.  I didn’t realize I was so set in my ways, so set in my routines, so *reliant* on my routines, having my things around me, until the wait time for this trip got into the single digits.  I ended up letting Callie talk me through it and then I went to bed. 

I get these little inspirational emails called Notes from the Universe.  I have come to love them.  This was today’s:



I know he’s right.  I can’t stay hidden in my little world, only exploring the world astrally while physically only venturing to safe places, known places.  I can’t continue to grow, can’t continue to evolve – as a person or a writer – unless I expand my world and my knowledge. 

I didn’t know how afraid I was to do that until now.

I can do this.  I’m not doing it alone.  I have love and support. 


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