Good morning!



  Hello, my lovely people! 

I have returned from Scotland and am therefore back to blogging.   I have nearly a thousand pictures to go through and edit before I share them with you.

Scotland was absolutely gorgeous, both in the scenery and the people.  They were absolutely amazing and, almost to a person, extremely generous and helpful.  There were a couple of rude asshats who should have seen my foot in their ass but it wouldn’t be our planet if those people didn’t exist, sadly.  

The rudest people of all were other tourists – deliberately walking into your shot (while you have the camera raised) because they are oblivious to any but themselves.  I have to admit to a few hours of such obliviousness myself but, for me, that was about pain and trying to function while in so much pain I’d have happily let someone sedate me with a brick to the temple.  

The trip was tremendously difficult on me.  It has affected the MCS hugely, although there were many places that weren’t as bad as we thought they would be.  I have to tell you, though, now that I’m back in the clean, safe environment that is The Boyfriend’s cottage – my stuff reeks.  It was like walking into a perfume counter while trying to get my laundry out of my suitcase.  My pain conditions were the most affected though.  I was taking dilaudid every 3 or so hours while tooling around Edinburgh and still, at the end of each day of cobblestoned and unevenly paved roads, I was an automaton putting one foot in front of the other.  I was pulled, pushed, nudged and often cajoled (and nearly beaten once or twice lol) by Val just to keep moving.  

Thank the Gods for Val.   She was an awesome travelling companion and a great caregiver.  She is one of the besties and definitely lived up to every reason she is one while on this trip.  I really, truly, wouldn’t have gotten through it without her.  I had a panic attack while at The Witchery (a fantastic, if pricey, restaurant! If you are ever in Glasgow or Edinburgh [the one we visited] you should make a reservation) and one on the plane home and she managed to diffuse both – even if she did use a medicinal aide for the second one.  *laughs*  

And I have to say that Bruce and Dorothy at Dorwil Cottage in Blackburn were absolutely amazing.  They went to great lengths to try to make sure the cottage was completely safe for me.  There were still problems but the cottage was lovely and adorable, it was much safer than any hotel could ever hope to be and it was fantastic to come home to a home, rather than a hotel.  I will be posting about them first.

I brought back a bunch of stuff.  I am amazed at how much money I actually spent and how my I could have spent.  

  • 7 books
  • 6 articles of clothing
  • 6 pieces of jewelry (3 of which were bought by Val as gifts for me, including beautiful opal and gold earrings)
  • 2 boxes of shortbread
  • 2 packets of cat treats (uh… yeah… we brought treats back for our cats)
  • a condom (hehehe)
  • 2 bags of candy
  • 2/3 of an enormous chocolate bar  (*coughs*  It’s Dairy Milk WholeNut – the nuts being hazelnuts/filberts, my favourite)
  • 1 large macaroon treat  (they press coconut into a bar then enrobe it in chocolate, bloody fantastic, very rich)
  • a fuzzy Scottish cow (yep, seriously)
  • a statuette of a blacksmith for The Boyfriend
  • varying train tickets
  • one pass for almost every historic site in Scotland
  • a box of chocolate penguins
  • And one gorgeous tattoo 😀

I think I’m forgetting something but that’s okay.  

My Moo

My Moo

While I was gone, a wonderful blog, called In the Pages of a Good Book, hosted me as a guest blogger.  I am completely remiss in waiting this long to talk about it.  Sorry, Beckey.

It was for the Shades of Pink project, which, sadly, has only raised $607 so far.   That is a great figure but it is nowhere near as good as it was last year.  Kallysten believes, and I agree, that with all the “donate to fight cancer!” requests on FB, in other places online and in your face in malls and shopping centres that people are burnt out and don’t want to see another damn fundraiser.  I completely understand.

HOWEVER!  You’re not just donating blindly here.  You are also getting something out of it.  By visiting the above link (click on “Shades of Pink project”) you not only donate to a good cause, you get a fantastic book.   I started reading the stories before I left on my trip and we have some amazing authors.

Beckey, over at, invited me to talk about my contribution to the book.  You can find it here.  Be sure to check it out and check out the rest of her blog too.  You get an excerpt from my post and you just may find some other really good reading material as you look through her blog. 

It’s time for me to begin the somewhat daunting task of sorting those pictures.  All 978 of them.  (Val took around 1,500… I’m glad I’m not sorting those).   I will begin sharing my pictures with you very soon.

Have a wonderful day!


By the way, the above picture of me was taken in a toilet stall at the the Keflavik International Airport in Iceland.  It had really good lighting. 😉


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