Oh Thank the Gods!

It is FIVE days to NaNo and I still don’t have a plot but I have a beginning – sort of – and I have my main character fleshed out.

Meet Mr. Kris Riddell: 

Age 44, Canadian


  • Salt & pepper hair, more salt than pepper, shaggy layers that just touch his collar
  • Beard is in perpetual scruff, neat but the hairs are always a quarter inch long, almost completely white, except for the mustache which is still mostly dark
  • Deep set, dark green eyes surrounded by long lashes, topped with sparse narrow eyebrows that peak in the middle, laugh lines create narrow creases around his eyes
  • High, sharp cheekbones
  • Full lower lip, slightly thinner upper lip, usually curved in a smile when he isn’t on the job
  • Dimples, laugh lines around his mouth mostly hidden by the facial hair
  • Straight white teeth
  • Strong jaw line, slightly pointed chin
  • 6’3” tall, broad shoulders, well muscled but sleek looking rather than body builder carved, trim waist, tight ass, torso and leg length are almost equal, slightly longer legs, long arms, big hands, well manicured fingers (kept that way to keep his gloves in one piece and no mistakes when handling his weapons and, frankly, because he likes it, he was bred that way)
  • Looks as good in biker leathers as he does in a three piece suit, don’t get me started on how he looks in a tux



  • Loner
  • Friendly and personable, he is a chameleon that can fit into any situation, despite the ever-present scruff
  • Country music man, likes some alt-rock, favourite song is Kenny Rogers’ Islands in the Stream
  • Single-minded in completion of goals and tasks.
  • Very passionate, about his wolves, about sex (believes that the female pleasure is tantamount to a great experience for both)
  • Loves intensely; there was a girl he met in high school, once-in-a-lifetime type love, despite their youth, she died a month before their wedding because of a drunk driver, he’s had a few girlfriends since but has always held them at a distance – each one has left him because of it, now has a few regular lovers
  • Teetotaler
  • Dominant



  • Is an agent of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – started career in law enforcement because of Megan’s death, recruited by them as a young officer in the RCMP
  • Began study of mammology in mid-30s to pursue his passion- the preservation of wolves
  • Mammoligst specializing in the anatomy, physiology and ethology (behaviour) of North American wolves
  • Has special, secret permissions from USA’s Homeland Security to hunt poachers in the US, carry his weapons and shoot to kill within any US territory
  • Uses the mammologist as a cover for intelligence gathering
  • Generally works out of the Northwest Territories, the Yukon and British Columbia to help protect Canada’s natural resources from terrorists
  • Is often called to track other criminals by other agencies such as the RCMP, the FBI and US Fish & Wildlife Service


Kris was born into one of Canada’s richest families.  His great-grandfather started their fortunes with the peddling of coal and they moved from there to oil.  His father, Stephen, had since diversified, to keep from losing too much money as the oil futures bounced up and down.  Stephen was foresighted and he had hoped that both of his children would go into the family business.  Kris’s sister, Aphrodite, (named for the Greek God, the favourite of their scholar mother, often called Dite), was as much a business mogul as their father, with an innate sense of business trends.  Stephen was disappointed but understood Kris’s switch from business to law enforcement in his early twenties.

Kris’s parents – Stephen and Ruth – have a loving marriage that has been an inspiration to both of their children.  The reason Kris’ favourite song is Islands in the Stream is his parents.  They celebrated their 20th anniversary when Kris was 17 with a vow renewal with their Kenny Rogers song was their bridal dance.  The love they showed for each other and their family imprinted on Kris at a deep level.  He had already met Megan and been dating her for two years.  He was deeply in love with her and planned to marry her, she planned to marry him right back.

At the age of 19 he proposed to Megan.  They planned to marry at the age of 21 and, with the help of their parents, had a plan to have a small but romantic wedding with their friends and family in attendance.  One month before their wedding, Megan was out running some final errands when her car was t-boned by a drunk driver.  No one understood why the woman was drunk at noon and no one could ask her, she died at the scene.  Megan died of complications two days later.

Kris immediately went into law enforcement.  He worked his way through the ranks quickly and ended up being approached by the Canadian Federal Marshall Service.  They recruited him and he developed his tracking and hunting skills further.  He took a special interest in poachers, animal abusers and black market trading of exotic animals and animal parts.

He grew to love wolves in particular and used his free time to go back to school to become a mammologist.  He combined both his loves into a job that allows him to make extensive use of third love – motorcycles.

At the age of 4, Kris was a lover of vehicles.  He saw a BMX trick rider in a TV show and instantly began begging his parents for a bike.  Being the indulgent (yet firm) parents they were, they got him the bike, safety gear and lessons on riding one.  He rose through the ranks of the under 12 crowd then, just as he was getting to be well-known, he discovered motors.  At the age of ten, he begged his mother for a motocross bike.  She talked his father into it and it became a lifelong love of motors.

Now, at the age of 44, he has three women he calls friends and lovers across the country, he does bike rides like the Iron Butt Association’s SaddleSore (1000 miles in under 24 hours), the SaddleSore 1600, 2000 and 2500K (24, 24 and 36 hours respectively) and the Iron Butt Rally.  The Rally occurs every two years and it’s a lottery to gain a spot, if you complete their prerequisites.  He works hard enough and long enough to do these rides almost at whim.  The Rally is 11 days, 12,000 miles, expensive to do and a real coup for any biker to get into. 

It’s also where our story with Kris begins.


Sexy, isn’t he?  I’m still not sure what his story is  here but we’ll find out.  

…won’t we?

Enjoy the rest of your day!



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