I wish I could convey to you the quiet peace of standing on the deck today.  

The weather, so recently turned cold, has warmed up today again and will do so for the next few days.  Right there, in this moment, there was no sound but for the occasional drip of ice melting, the soft call of a winter bird to another.  The air was still, cool and refreshing.  

After the night I had – one of my body trying to evacuate my insides – a little peace was much needed.  I am exhausted and sore and yet I could still manage to find a moment of tranquility just  stepping out the door for a moment.  

And now the rain has started once more but, for me, that one moment of stillness has gone a long way to restoring my equilibrium.

Gotta love nature and all it has to offer.  

Namasté, my friends.


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