Speaking of Holidays…

Well, first, I wanted to share something with you.

I entered a photo contest!

I checked, used the auto-levels and auto-colour just to be sure I hadn't accidentally used a different setting.  All came out the same.

I checked, used the auto-levels and auto-colour just to be sure I hadn’t accidentally used a different setting. All came out the same.

I entered this photo – taken in January ’13 and first shared (with the above caption) with you about then – in a local contest.  The Lambton Mutual Insurance Company wanted photos from the area that showed the local geography to the best advantage.  I chose this picture, since I can’t get out there and wander around right now, and submitted it.    The picture with the most votes wins but because I entered through my personal FB I won’t be sharing the link to vote with you.  I try to keep my real name separate from my author name.

Paranoia.  It happens.  *laughs*

Speaking of the holidays…  For Father’s Day this year I gave my dad a short story.

Technically, I gave him the promise of a short story.

Father’s Day, in North America, is in June.  JUNE!

I have been neglectful (largely because of the trip) and my father has been super understanding. Thankfully.

However, I have finally, FINALLY, figured it out.  I don’t have a title yet but basically, the story goes something like this:  (Keep in mind that while I have and will do my best to keep the Druidic beliefs true in this story, any ceremonies and the association are fiction)

Keith Webb is a Druid.  He’s the youngest leader ever in the Associated Order of Druids.  The AOD was established in the UK in the 1940s.  Keith met an AOD Druid named August “call me Auggie” Stone in the late ’60s when he was just fourteen years old.   Growing up as he did on an acreage full of trees and gardens, raised by a mother who had a natural reverence for nature, Keith had an ingrained respect for the world.  When he read a certain set of books by JRR Tolkien, he began to think that there was a certain level of interconnectedness between all the creatures of the world and the planet itself.

When he met Auggie, he learned that there were people who worked with Nature and the power of the planet to try to better the world.  He soaked up knowledge like a sponge and rose through the ranks quickly.  At the age of 17 he met a girl who was also visiting the commune Auggie lived in.  Free love was rampant and the pair fell into each other’s arms.  They thought they would never see each other again but managed to conceive a child from their single union.

They married in order to keep their parents from forcing them to give the child up for adoption.  A wedding at 18 wasn’t something either wanted, they barely knew one another.  The marriage was uncomfortable and at times volatile.  It ended when the baby, a girl named Katie, was three years old and Keith’s wife died of pneumonia complications.

Suddenly widowed with a toddler, Keith turned to the Order for help.  Within four years, the Order had established a private boarding school with Keith as the Headmaster.  The school taught the children of AOD members, along with others who made the strict requirements required for entrance.  The school ran from grade 1 and allowed students who continued to adhere to the strict and exacting standards to remain until high school graduation.  Keith taught history, the basics of core Druid beliefs to the younger children and taught would-be Initiates as they came of age.

The children of the school are a mix of scholarships and children of the wealthy and well-known – stars, politicians, and high society.

The story begins when Katie is twelve years old, just before Yule and the Winter Solstice.   It also happens to be 1985.

Okay, so there was some character background in there.  *laughs*

The plot outline looks like this:

Chapter One:  An introduction to Keith and his reflections on his past.  Intro to Katie and her abilities.

Chapter Two:  Early morning class for Initiates about to be dedicated to the Order.  Talks about what will happen

Chapter Three: Katie is in class, English lit, her favourite with her best friend Carla, waiting on the teacher.  A substitute teacher appears and begins class.  The teacher seems to favour Carla heavily.  Carla is the daughter of widowed stage actor JR Metzak.  (Katie are Carla became friends because they both have deceased mothers.)

Chapter Four:  Bell rings and the teacher releases most of the class but slams the door and locks it before Katie, Carla and two others (one an AOD son and the other the daughter of a Witch) can leave.

Chapter Five:  Keith initiates conversation with the woman, asks what she wants.  Is shocked to hear the answer.   Phones police and parents of the hostages.   Katie stands between woman and classmates, creates a shield

Chapter Six: Keith is devastated to learn Katie is in the room.   Coordinates with police.  Calls the AOD for help.  Speaks again to the woman, gives a command to Katie.

Chapter Seven:  Katie gleefully follows the order.

Chapter Eight: Children are rescued, woman is arrested.

Chapter Nine:  Further aftermath

Chapter Ten:  Winter Solstice, wrap up.

It’s meant to be a short story.  Looks like it will be bordering on novella, given that my chapter lengths tend to be 1,000 to 1,400 words.  It should be fun to write.  

And I am pleased that I am excited about writing again.  I was hit with some inspiration yesterday about this story and now I find myself wanting to look at the HW series again and see if the excitement and inspiration follows there.  Discipline is something I need to re-familiarize myself with.  Between my stresses, my pain levels and the worry about my back, my mind wanders, which is also influenced by the toxings I suffer from daily.   We’ll see how it goes with a sincere effort.    Meanwhile, I’m off to develop Katie and  the antagonist a bit more.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  



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