Fiction Friday

 Fiction is great!

Fiction is great!

Good morning, folks!

I am so ecstatic to be excited about writing again!  I am thrilled that I finished the Father’s Day project.  I can’t wait to get back to Anna & Liam.  I can’t wait to edit Rolf and Birdie.

My project goals for this year are as follows:

1.  Give my dad the story in time for his birthday (end of the month) without making it a birthday present.  It’s already a present.  The date is a good goal though.

2. Edit HW2 and maybe a perusal of HW1 again before I put it back on the market.

3.  Edit Rolf & Birdie.   I would love to put both HW2 and Rolf on the market this year but it will depend on …well, the government.

4.  NaNoWriMo.   As I do every year.  I don’t intend to fail it again though.

5.  I am going to go back to photography weekends.  I may not share as many pictures at once though.

6.  AND I’m instituting Fiction Friday.  It’s a concept I found yesterday on a photography blog called Luce:arca “Light Box” Photography.

Fiction Friday is where I will be sharing bits of things I have written during the week.  I am hoping it will help keep me writing and accountable.

Today, for this inaugural Double F, I will be sharing part of the story I just wrote for my dad.  It needs a far better title than “The Druid” though.

Synopsis: Keith Webb is the headmaster of a private school that teaches the children of Canadian Druids.  His daughter, Katie, is a student there.  She is one of the youngest Initiates ever and very powerful.  She has an instinctive grasp of the way energy works and how to use it.  Her best friend Tara is in her classes with her; her father is a star in Toronto’s Mirvish theatre district.  One day, a rabid fan appears in the school as a substitute teacher and holds the students hostage, trying to get to Tara’s father.  Katie and her friends take charge of the situation.

(I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I really suck at synopsis writing.  Think I need someone else to do that!)  


And have a good night.  



Chapter Two


“I’m sorry, K, I really am.  You’re growing up so quickly and growing into your power so fast.  Honestly, I’m incredibly proud of you and terrified for you.”  Gordon smiled at her even as he inwardly cursed himself.  He hadn’t meant to say that.  “We are both very proud of you and I know your mother would be too.”

Katie’s eyes misted at the mention of her mother.  She had very vague memories and they seemed to be slipping away.  She hadn’t told her parents but sometimes she saw her mom when she was meditating.  She blinked hard then changed the subject.  “Tara said her dad got her tickets to his play and she wants to know if I can go.”

“Do you want to go?”

She grinned, her eyes lighting up.  She absolutely loved Toronto’s theatre district.  She liked it better for the evening shows but… “It’s a matinee on Saturday and it’s ‘The Adventures of Robin Hood’!”  She slid down from the kitchen bar stool and dashed around the kitchen leaping and sword fighting.  “Of course I want to go!”

Keith chuckled.  “I will talk to Mary about our schedule this weekend.  You know we have the initiation coming up.”

Katie didn’t bother to respond as she mimed a sword fight.  “Take that, Robin of the Hood!”  She leapt backwards to avoid an imaginary thrust and bumped into the fridge.  The empty mason jars on top rattled.

Their house was on the school grounds, tucked into a wooded corner of the large property, and was fairly generous with four bedrooms and approximately twenty-five hundred square feet. The kitchen was a large eat-in but Keith did fear for the small hutch full of china and crystal she was dancing close to next.  He sighed in relief as Mary came in and caught the girl by hugging her from behind.

“Good morning, Prince Jon, what are you up to today?”  Mary shifted her embrace to an arm around her stepdaughter’s shoulders and led her back to her seat.

Katie grinned as she sat down and picked up her orange juice.  They didn’t always get along but she loved that always Mary understood literary references.  “I was just asking Dad if I could go see Mr. Metzak’s play on Saturday.  Tara said her dad got us tickets.”

Mary moved to the large date book she kept on a small corner of the counter she had set aside as a place of household business.  “I think that can be managed, if your dad agrees.”  She held up a hand as Katie started to run for the phone.  “You are supposed to spend two hours working with your abilities.  You will have to work that out on Sunday,” she said as Katie stopped.  Katie nodded and started sliding sideways towards the phone on the wall again.  “I mean it, young lady.  There will be no weasling out of it.  You can expect consequences if you try.”

Katie nodded again.  “Yes Ma’am.”  She darted a glance at the phone.

Mary laughed.  “Call her, go on.”   She waited until Kate took the receiver and ran to the limits of the curly cord that tethered it to the base on the wall before she turned to Keith and stepped into his arms.

After kissing Mary and hugging her, Keith smiled.  “You are up early.”

“The pancakes smelled good.”  She smiled back at him.

He noticed the shadow in her eyes.  “What’s wrong?”

“I wanted to be sure to tell you that you have a supply teacher coming in today.  I got a call from Judy last night saying that her dinner had given her food poisoning – she wanted to talk to you but you were working on this morning’s lesson for the initiates.  She said she was sure her meat had been safe but now she’s ill.  I called the service and they said they’re sending in a Liliana Fonesca.”

“Alright, that should be fine.  It’s nothing unusual to have a sub.  What’s wrong?”   Gordon handed her a cup of coffee.

Mary took a sip and sighed with pleasure before shaking her head.  “I’m not sure.  I just have this hinky feeling.  I don’t like it at all.”

“Well, we’ll keep a good eye on the school today.”  He smiled at her.  Mary’s hinky feelings have almost never been wrong.  “Crap on toast!  Look at the time.  K!  Let’s go!”

They heard her running and watched the spiral cord, stretched to its twenty-foot limit recoil as it snaked back towards the phone.  “Okay, bye, see you in class! …No, you know I have lessons first… yeah I know but I… yep! …dork!”  She hung up the phone with a giggle.  “Can I have lunch in the cafeteria today?”

“Yes,” Mary nodded.  “I’ll bring your lunch along when I head to the school.”   Mary was the head librarian for the school’s gymnasium sized library.

“Thanks!”  Katie hugged Mary and ran for her shoes.

“No running!”  Keith shouted after her.

“No shouting!” Mary gently mocked him, a mischievous grin on her face.

Keith chuckled, kissed his wife soundly and headed for the school with his daughter.

The walk between house and school was made of interlocking paving stone and lined with trees and a smattering of wooden planter boxes.  It was still dark, though the sun was just starting to lighten the eastern sky, so the walk was lit with tiny fairy lights wound through alternate trees.

“Have you studied for today, K?” Keith watched as she trailed her fingers through the stalks of the tall grasses in the planters.

Katie gave her father a ‘duh’ look.  “Of course I did.  I can’t become High Priestess if I don’t study.   And you can’t quiz me on it!  They already think I’m a favourite because I’m your daughter.  They think I don’t have any abilities or talent of my own.  They just think I’m there because I’m Katie-the-Headmaster’s-kid.”

Keith frowned.  “Do you get that a lot?”

She shrugged.  “Some people know, like Tara.  But yeah, there are people who think that I get good grades because the teachers are afraid of you.”  She turned when she realized he had stopped walking.  “What?”

“The teachers are afraid of me?”

“Well, do you did fire Mr. Laramer last year and no one knows why.”

“There are three people who know why, Katie, and that’s all that need know.”

“Your ‘official story’,” she did air quotes, “was full of holes.”

Keith sighed.  “I know what it looked like but I have to protect the other people involved.  This topic is closed.”

“Okay, Dad.  You’re the one who asked about the teachers.”

He pulled her to a stop.  “Do you get bullied?”

“Define bullied.”


Katie heaved a sigh and rolled her eyes as she started walking again.  “It’s not what you think.  Everyone gets made fun of sometimes.  It doesn’t bother me.”  They reached the door of the school and she yanked the door open.  “Don’t worry, Dad; I know how to handle it.”  She almost told him that she’d talked to Mary about it but she was afraid she would get Mary in trouble.  She’d begged her stepmother not to say anything to him and she knew the two of them didn’t keep secrets.

“Of course I worry about you.”  He followed Katie into the school.  “Oh, yes, you have a sub in History today.”

“Woot!” Katie ran off to the classroom so she could get there before he did.

“No running, Katherine!”  He shook his head affectionately when she slowed down for a moment to do a silly walk like her favourite Monty Python sketch then took off again.


Chapter Three


The substitute teacher in history arrived late.  The children were talking in groups crowding one person’s desk or another, laughing and carrying on.  She dropped her briefcase on the desk with a loud crack that echoed through the room.   Instantly, all noise ceased.   The vacuum of sound lasted all of five seconds then the kids were scrambling back to their seats.  

Silence descended again as the children all stared at her.  She stared back, meeting each one’s eyes.  She looked at Tara and then Katie then moved on.  Katie shivered and looked at Tara.  Her best friend was frowning.

Katie leaned over and whispered, “Creepy, right?”

Tara opened her mouth to answer and the teacher slapped her hand down on the desk.  Both girls jumped.  “Is there something you would like to share, ladies?”

“No, Ma’am!”  The girls responded in stereo.  The teacher resumed staring at them.  The students resumed staring back. 

The woman was wearing a long, over-sized kelly green suit jacket with the sleeves rolled up with a white shirt under it and a short, Versace yellow skirt.  She had horrible rainbow striped sling-back heels on her feet.  The entire ensemble made Katie roll her eyes and shudder.  But there was more than that; there was something about the woman’s aura that made the girl uneasy.

“My name is Liliana Fonesca.  You may address me as Ma’am.  What are you studying?”  She looked around the room at the faces staring back at her then she pointed at Tara.  “You, what are you currently studying?”

“The entry of Canadian soldiers into world war two,” Tara promptly answered. 

The substitute smiled brilliantly at Tara.  “Good girl.”  She pointed at Katie next.  “Open your history book to page one hundred and thirty-nine and begin reading.”

Katie groaned but did as she was told.  As she read about the Canadians who voluntarily went to Britain to become pilots and ground soldiers to help the fight against Hitler, she watched Miss Fonseca sit down at her desk and stare at Tara.  The woman’s aura began to darken alarmingly and Katie stuttered then began a coughing fit.

Liliana slapped her hand on her desk and glared at Katie.  “Are you having trouble reading?  At this level you should be able to.”   The class tittered as Katie continued coughing.  They were silenced by a glower from the teacher.  “What is your problem?”

Katie dragged in a breath as she waved a hand at her throat.  “Tickle… in my throat.”  She coughed more.  “Can’t… stop… coughing.”

“Oh fine.   You.”  She pointed at a boy named Tom two rows over.  “You pick up where she left off.”  In the wake of his scramble to open the book she looked over the room.  “Does anyone have anything that might help that annoying coughing?”

“I do.”  Tara waved a hand. 

Again, the teacher bestowed a smile on Tara.  It was almost loving and definitely proud.  “Then please help her, dear.”

Tara nodded.  “Yes Ma’am.”  She dug in her bag as Tom began reading.  She whispered at Katie as she did so.  “What is wrong with you?”  She handed over a hard candy.

Katie popped the candy in her mouth and whispered back.  “There is something wrong with that woman.  She’s going to do something bad.”

Tara frowned at the teacher.  “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Katie almost hissed the word.  “But I don’t know what.  I think it has something to do with… Look, she’s gotten up.”

Liliana walked over to the door and turned the deadbolt.  She sat back down and waved at Tom to resume reading.  She let him finish the paragraph then shot to her feet again.  “Enough of that crap.  I don’t care.  Here’s what is going to happen.  We are all going to sit here until the lovely Miss Tara Metzak’s father agrees that we should be together.”

The entire class turned to stare at Tara as her mouth dropped open.  Tara jumped up.  “That’s stupid!  Dad will never do that.  He doesn’t even like—“ She sat down with her mouth snapping shut as she saw what the woman was doing. 

 The class turned back to the crazy woman at the front of the class.  She had pulled out a gun and turned the briefcase around.  Inside was a bomb, a very simple looking one.  There was a jar of a nasty looking liquid with a little putty on top and a fuse sticking out of that.  The fuse was attached to a box with a red button.  

Every sound in the class stopped for a long moment.  Then Tom scoffed.  “That’s not a real bomb.”

The teacher-turned-kidnapper stared at him.  “You think so?   This is ammonium nitrate combined with diesel fuel.  On top is C4 and we have a nice little detonator here.  All I have to do is press this button and we all go boom.”

Tom stopped talking and everyone turned to look at Katie.  In that moment they wanted all the rumours to be true.  They wanted her to save them.


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