Ice, Ice Baby

Good morning!  It’s Saturday morning (barely, it’s 20 to 12) and I am quite pleased to be here.  How about you?

It’s too cold for the squirrels, apparently.  Last week’s berries were still on the porch railing.  I put their weekly dose of peanut butter and bread out there anyway.  We’ll see if they come for it today.

This week in pictures, we have the world as I know it but covered in ice!  And one really funky, you-know-I-had-to-play-around version of said icy world.  Shall we?  


Let’s start funky. 

Surrealism. I like it. Only to a degree though; it starts to offend the senses after a while. But this! I love this.  I was playing with Hue/Saturation – mostly Saturation, trying to see what it looked like in B&W – when I suddenly decided I wanted to play with the Hue slider.  For some reason I like the  purple.  It is a little monotone-istic,  (…what… it’s a word!), but still, it’s worth a tiny contemplation.

Purple.  It's so purple.

Purple. It’s so purple.

The next three two (I decided I don’t like the third) are all of the same spot and I titled them, collectively, Boulderific.  You can’t quite see the sheer number boulders of ice that were dancing and spinning around and beyond that big boulder but it was impressive. 

They got slightly different treatments.  I just used auto levels and auto contrast on the first one but played with curves and the brightness/contrast with the second until I got the best representations of the actual colours as I could.  Everything is always so BLUE for some reason.  But, I’ve been playing with my cameras’ settings to see if I can change that.  

From a distance.

From a distance.  It’s the sky pretty?

As close as I could get without falling through anything or falling down.  Down is bad.

As close as I could get without falling through anything or falling down. Down is bad.

On New Year’s Day we wandered over to South Beach to see what we could see at the marina and have a little change in perspective.  I took a number of pictures all along the road to the docks.  It was also the day I was playing with my camera phone settings, taking pictures of the same thing with each setting just to see what the differences were. 

Some of that was surprising, like this one:

This is cartoonify.  Bizarre, isn't it?

This is cartoonify. Bizarre, isn’t it?

That’s a whole other blog though.  The following picture is one I took while lying on the cement path lining one little docking space beside the river.  It was a collection of debris that had collided together and piled up in this corner.  I like this part of it because it looks in motion and still at the same time.  The combination of textures – water, ice, snow and the flotsam and jetsam of fall – just appealed to me.  I love the lines, the colours and the spaces with an absence of colour.  


Isn’t it lovely?

And finally, the following day we went up on the observation deck on the main beach.  I got a few beautiful shots and I wanted to share this one with you.  It’s to the north, towards Kincardine and Goderich. As you can see, it was a gorgeous day – bright blue sky, fluffy clouds mirrored in the lake by white caps rushing for the shore.  It was also quite cold!  We don’t go up to the observation deck much because…well, stairs.  The elevator is closed in the winter.  I wanted to see what we could see though so we went.  The result is beauty.  

You can see the wind and yet, the photo is somehow serene.  It was a picture perfect day.

You can see the wind and yet, the photo is somehow serene. It was a picture perfect day.

And that’s it for me (this afternoon now), folks.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Right now, I have so many to share with you it’s hard to pick just a few.  AND I still have hundreds of Scotland pictures to share – not that I’d share that many, just the best of the best.  Maybe I should do Scottish Sunday, eh?  I have been woefully negligent in sharing what was the experience of a lifetime.  

An experience that has caused me to develop a dream of living in Scotland for a year writing about it and photographing it from Kirkwell to Whithorn.  I can’t yet see how the dream would come true but I would love it to, and without waiting another 35 years!  

Have a good afternoon!



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