My Work Space

(Warning: This blog is apropos of absolutely nothing. I needed a rambling connection with you all. *smiles*)

Hi there!

It’s late morning and I’ve been busy. Before 9 I had scooped the litter, scrubbed the bathroom and the kitchen like my parents were coming over, made the bed and showered.  Since then, I’ve done some editing, watched two TV shows with Val and talked to Dad.

Apparently, Dad’s been talking about me and my writing again (this is an awesomely good thing) because he asked for the links to my books.  Sadly, they do not exist anymore.  I had to take them down because of the social assistance I’m on.  If I can get on disability they’re going back up.  However, right now, they’re not there.  So, he asked if there was an excerpt.  I said I had several and gave him the link for the HW category.

That got me thinking, “What exactly is in that category??”  So I took a look.

Lots of stuff that doesn’t entirely belong.  It’s going to take some time to sort it out.  

I did find something that amused me though – this blog from two years ago (although the picture appears to be from June 2012).  My cat is far larger, though no less terrible.  *chuckles*  My desk space has evolved too:

Look at that, eh?

Look at that, eh?


You may think “Evolved into a bigger mess!” but …well, yes, messier.  But it’s what I need right now and it does get cleaned regularly. 😉 I have total control over this space and I like that.  That control helps when my fibro and arthritis pain is too much or the MCS has a grip on my brain.  I control the volume, the thing that makes noise (or not), what’s on my screens, what is on the surfaces, etc.  

Better chair, though you’ll notice there’s still a kitchen chair present.  That chair serves as desk space, GK seating, a cat lounge and a foot rest. I have a ton of books, more plants (there are two missing – one is a bulb I will have to start soon and the other is my basil tree, it is currently in hibernation.  We will be growing grass for the cat too but that is NOT going on my desk.  I broke him of that habit (there’s no room).  The roll top desk top came from The Boyfriend, as did the pine desktop.

The books to the left of my water bottle are about writing, marketing, meditation, healing and energy work.  There are almanacs I need to replace (with current ones), books about Scotland and the body.  I have dictionaries and thesauruses (thesaurusi! 😉 ), markers, pens, highlighters and pencils of all colours.  And then there are the creatures.

My desk has really become my space for all things.  I work here, play here, socialize here, eat here, spend time with my kid here.  It’s simultaneously freeing and imprisoning.  I think that the latter is because of where I live and that can (and will) change.  

This blog started because that old picture amused me.  I’d forgotten how empty my desk used to be.  Now, back to work.  Dad’s birthday is coming up and it’s my deadline.  



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