Fiction Friday week 3

Good morning!

Image courtesy of google some years ago

Image courtesy of google some years ago

It’s Friday and you know what that means – it’s time for a look into my week’s work with words.

(hee hee.. alliterations.  I love ’em)

But first, a warning.  All my regulars know I have an adult blog but since I can’t stick a reminder before the blog is opened this will have to do.

The following is meant for ADULTS. If you are under the age of majority in your location, kindly leave.

Well now.  Part of me wanted that to say “kindly fuck off” but I resisted.  *laughs*

This week,  I was talking to my Wolfman and we got to talking about a memory that surfaced that explained a lot about one of my kinks.  

The memory:  My first real boyfriend, John, and his best friend, Keith, and I were driving around in Keith’s station wagon when John had Keith pull into underground parking.  We were waiting for time to pass, I think.  John’s way of making time pass was sex.  He pulled me into the back of the station wagon, with Keith in the front, and had at me.  

The kink:  Being overheard or ‘accidentally’ seen.

The discussion:  All the public places Wolfman and I (separately) have had sex in our lives.  It was a hot topic and inspired the following story.  

I’ve joined a group on an adult version of Facebook recently to share short writings.  So my most recent (self-imposed) writing challenge was to write a SHORT story, something between 750 and 1,000 words.  Something hot and evocative.  I totally succeeded this week.  

Sent it to the friend I call kitty and her reaction went like this:

kitty:  Holy fuck.

me: right?

kitty:  just… fuck

*grins broadly*   Love it.  

Enough teasing.   Here it is.  Be sure to let me know what you think.

Have a great day!


The Gift

The hood smells like sweat, fear and satisfaction.

The leather blinds me to him. 

It very nearly deafens me to his commands.  I have to strain to hear his whispers.

I wriggle my shoulders to try to ease the ache in them and pray he doesn’t notice. My arms have been tied behind me for what seems like forever now.  He zip tied my wrists when he shoved me into the room.

We’re upstairs in the host’s bedroom.  There’s a birthday party downstairs, we barely know the host; we were invited on a whim by a mutual friend.  There must be twenty people here.

I’ve never been quiet.

I don’t know how he managed to get my hood to the party with him.

Frankly, I don’t care right now. He’s liberated the vibrator that’s now pressed to my clit from somewhere. 

“Please…” The word is torn from my throat as he slides the vibe off my clit.


“Please what, my slut?”  His voice his hoarse and it sends a thrill deep into my belly.  It is a visceral pleasure knowing that me lying here – legs spread, feet on the floor, belly to the bed, arms wrenched behind me and my dress thrown up over my hands, writhing, soaking wet  and swollen with need – turns him on as much as it does me.

His chest is on my back, pressing me into the fragrant coats until I’m near to smothering.  He asks again.  This is bad.  I answer immediately. “Please let your slut cum.  Please, Master!”  The last word is torn from my throat as he sinks his teeth into my shoulder and white lightning whips through me, straight to my clit.

“That’s better.”  I can hear the smile in his voice as he speaks and I smile back.  “Not yet.”  He repositions the vibe so it’s almost touching, oh so close to my clit.  If I wiggle just a little I can – I yelp as a hard smack comes down on my ass.  And, wanton slut that I am, I lift my ass for more. 

He does not oblige.

Instead, his hands are roaming over me, stroking, teasing me.  Work roughened hand; they can be soft as silk when he wants them to be and sandpaper harsh when he doesn’t.

It all turns me on.

Oh Gods.  I’m going to… I can’t help it.  “Please!” I scream again.  I’m desperate for his permission.

Slaps suddenly rain down on my ass and I jerk, trying to get away from them.  They’re hard and heavy; punishing.  They drive all thoughts of an orgasm from my head and tears spring to my eyes.

Then they stop.  The vibe stops.  The silence leaves my ears ringing.

There’s a whisper of sound then one hand grips my hip.  Hope flares in my belly and I move restlessly.  The fingers bite cruelly, holding me still. I know there will be bruises later but I don’t care.  I hope.  I pray. Please, Gods.

Then his cock, thick, hot and throbbing, is buried deep in me.  With one stroke he fought the tight, twitching muscles and stretched me wide.  I scream, forgetting where we are.  I can’t help it.  The pleasure is too much.  My upper body jerks, I can’t help that either.  I’m battling for control.

“Now!”  He starts fucking me hard.  I’m not allowed to use that word anymore but that’s what it is. Animal.  Needy.  Powerful.  Vigorous. 

I’m lost; the orgasm is stronger than I am. 



Muscle spasms.

Hot fluid.


There’s a weird sound in my ears.  It’s rhythmic.  Getting louder.

Is it my heartbeat?


His heartbeat?


Suddenly my brain puts it together.

It’s applause.

From several people.

The heat of humiliation sweeps over me in a red blush that feels like it’s coming from my toes.

And yet… I’m thrilled. 

There’s the sound of a manly slap on the shoulder and the host’s voice.  “This was the best birthday present ever, man.  Thank you.”



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