Fiction Friday Week 4

Yesterday morning I was battling severe depression and I completely forgot about this post. 😦

The depression was triggered by a metaphysical event and there was nothing I could do about it until the person who started it decided he was done.  

Anyway, this week, I was editing HW2.  I am still working on it and will be for another few days.  There are some parts that bother me – like the bit with the chimera – but that’s another post.  Today, it’s all about the bass.


No.  That’s wrong.

I haven’t had my tea yet.  Is it obvious?

It’s all about the parts I like.  The part I am sharing comes after the chimera battle.  Anna was knocked out by Hades and a lot of power use.  Liam and Cain decide that this coma she’s in is bad.  She needs to Feed, to replenish herself.  Sleeping isn’t going to do that.  Her heart rate is down to about three beats a minute and they kind of freak out.  They determine that in order to wake her she needs a push from both halves of her – the Wolf and the Vampire.  

Now, I’m off to get breakfast and tea and then I will look for today’s photos.  I think we are looking for awesomeness.  


The Wolves in the room pressed back, breaking the chain that bound them to the Alphas, as Cain and the others surged forward in a wash of black energy.  Cain stopped at Caspian’s side of the bed and the Wolf scrambled to move.  Cain stretched out beside Anna, pressing as much of him against her as he could.  Without being bidden, the other Vampires knelt at his side and created a chain.  Cain looked at Liam.  “Create your chain again.  Each Wolf must push his energy into the Wolf before him and you must push it all into Anna, just as we will.  In this way we will try to revive her enough to Feed.”

Liam nodded and his eyes flicked over the gathered members of the Four Claw and Skye Packs.  “Do as he bids, please.”  Time passed in a whisper of a breath and Liam jerked in shock at the intensity of the power and love that suddenly poured into him; it was far greater than it had been a moment before.  It was almost like the Wolves wished to make the Wolf in her stronger than the Vampire.  He pushed that energy into Anna, begging her in fervent whispers to come back to him.

Cain pushed the Dark magic that is a Vampire into his daughter and watched for a greater flutter of life.  When Anna remained still as stone, indeed her heart slowed even further, he thumped a fist over her heart then dragged Liam over her as he pulled her over himself, sandwiching her between them.  He growled, “More!” at the Wolves and whispered fiercely to Anna, “Don’t you dare remain lost to me, Child.  I need you.”

Liam pretended he hadn’t heard and whispered his own need in Anna’s other ear.  For one breath, one sighed out word, there was nothing.  In the next, Anna exploded into life.  Cain and Liam were flung into the creatures on either side of the bed as Anna awoke and attacked in a single heartbeat.  She was on the Wolf nearest the end of the bed and had his throat torn out before anyone could think to shout a warning.

Anna drank him dry and dropped his corpse as Cain and Liam scrambled to their feet.  By the time they realized what she’d done, she was on another, this one bigger, stronger.  He was helpless to fend her off.  The arm he held up to defend himself was ripped off and thrown into the crowd as she latched on to the bloody mess of his shoulder. 

Cain shouted, “Stop her!”

Wolves and Vampires swarmed over her.  It took several people to hold her in place as Cain stepped in front of her.  He tore his wrist open and let her drink until he could spare nothing else.  He looked in her eyes and sighed.  “She needs more.”  Summoning the Vampires he’d brought with him, he watched as one after the other offered themselves to her.

Liam stepped in front of Cain.  “I’ll take over.  She should be fine.”  A grunt from the group holding her came simultaneously with the snap of teeth at his throat and he ducked as Cain shoved him out of the way.

“You’ll do no such thing.”  Cain’s eyes found Caspian.  “I hope your invitation to include all those I need to aid me in bringing her back still holds.”

Caspian nodded.  “Aye, it does.”

“Good.”  Cain sent out a Call to all the Vampires who could reach them in the next five minutes.  He flung his energy outward in a command and latched on to every vampire on the island. 

Rafe found himself back in the Hybrid’s room after having been pulled against his will from the quarters Caspian had given him upon his arrival.  “What the hell is going on?  Who is responsible for this summoning?”  His outrage shimmered around him until everyone parted and Cain stood before him.  He immediately dropped to one knee.  “My Lord.  How may I be of service?”  He rose to his feet again as a few other Vampires bumped into him from behind, helpless to stop their forward momentums.

“You will all feed my daughter until she can be trusted to not kill anyone else.”

Several sets of Vampire nostrils flared at the scent of blood.  Variations of “Yes, my Lord” echoed off the stones in the hallway as they lined up to offer their blood.  Rafe stepped up first and moved to open his wrist.  His movements were cut short when Anna wrenched one arm free and yanked him against her.  He had a brief moment to appreciate her form where it was pressed against him before her teeth closed over his throat.

With one swift yank, she tore out his trachea, turning his throat into nothing more than a fountain.  She spat the flesh to the floor and locked her lips over the gushing blood.  Anna snarled at the hands trying to pry her teeth off him and it wasn’t until they’d regained control of her free arm that they were able to free what was left of Rafe.   

As they carried his body out, the other Vampires shrunk back a little and Cain and Liam growled at them.  Cain compelled them forward again and one cut his wrist open, offering it hesitantly up to Anna’s lips.  She drank greedily from first him, then the female and the next two males.  By the time she’d been through all four she was more lucid and colour was returning to her eyes.

Cain looked carefully into her eyes and Anna smiled a bit.  “Hello Da.  I’m here.”

He nodded.  “Good.”  He turned to the Wolves holding her.  “You can release her.”  He also released the compulsion on the other Vampires.

They did so cautiously and Anna looked around in surprise and sorrow as they shrank back from her.  “Liam?  Da?  What did I do?”

The Skye Wolves melted out the door and left Anna with Cain, Caspian, Liam, Marcus and Chelle.  As they cleared out Anna saw the bodies.  Horror filled her face and the black fled her eyes entirely, leaving them pale green with sorrow.  “I did that?  Oh no.  Oh, Caspian I’m so sorry to have brought this on your home and your pack.”

Oh! PS.  After Cain leaves, there’s some really hot sex and Liam proposes to Anna.  I, of course, had to post the violence, not the heat and romance. 😉


8 thoughts on “Fiction Friday Week 4

    1. Thank you so much! I love it when people like my writing. So sorry I didn’t see the comment earlier.

      Depression does indeed blow chunks. When it comes on like that I forget all my strategies for dealing with it.


      1. Ack, you don’t have to apologize for not seeing the comment earlier 🙂

        I had terrible post natal depression nine years ago. It was horrible – couldn’t sleep, ate too much and just began to hate the world. It’s one of the most difficult things to escape from.


        1. When I was 22 I had my son and severe PPD. I was a big city girl with no religion in a small Christian town, no friends, no transportation and no access to the things I was used to being able to do.

          Then they told me I had FMS. I ate and cried and ate and ate some more. Took me two years to climb out of that hole. It was awful.


          1. Jeez, that is bad. I was at Uni at the time and a good friend of mine spotted it before even I did. Talking to her helped a lot, though it took years to start to feel ‘ordinary’ if there’s such a thing. Still, sometimes it’s hard not to slip back into that hole 😦


            1. My depression is most often situational. I have FMS, osteoarthritis, degenerating hip joints, arthritis in both hips and varying other problems. I struggle with each new diagnosis (although the last one was kind of a relief). I am glad that it’s not chemical; I can’t imagine dealing with that


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