Fiction Friday Week 6

Image courtesy of Google

Image courtesy of Google

Good Friday morning folks!

It is Friday the 13th!  That means that in Port Dover hundreds of bikers are getting ready to ride, despite the snow and wind.

It means that people everywhere are crossing themselves, their fingers and their toes, and carrying good luck symbols in an effort to stave off bad luck.  In my opinion, the only time a Friday the 13th is bad luck is when you make it bad.  The day has power only because people have given it power. 🙂

It’s also Friday the 13th of February, which means tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  I am happy that it falls on the weekend, that means I get to enjoy the loving energy of the world with my honey,  (almost added ‘bunny’ but, while he is a Silly Rabbit, he’s no bunny).  While roses and stuff are nice, I’d rather have a potted plant. And beyond that I’d rather have time together than worry about whether we are doing anything special.

In light of the date, I have chosen a portion of HW2 that reflects romance and love.  It is Liam’s proposal to Anna.  It comes after the Chimaera battle, after she’s woken, killed two people and burned the room down around her and Liam with passionate intercourse.  All of those events leads to Anna’s walls being broken down and allowing her to be wholly present in her relationship with Liam.

It was the one thing that he’d been waiting for in order to propose.

And so he does.

Have a great day, people.



Chapter Eleven

“Alphas!  Do you live?  Are you alright?”

The flames died abruptly, leaving the intruders staring around them in confusion.  Liam rolled off Anna and turned to face Marcus and Caspian, blocking their view of Anna.  “What?  What is it?”  The smell of char reached his nose and he looked around in shock.

A second later, a small gasp and a pained moan came from behind him as Anna slid around him to look at the damage.  “Oh Caspian, I’m so sorry!”  She slid from the bed, oblivious to her nudity in her dismay, to touch the remains of the tapestries and drapes as she moaned again in despair.  “Oh all those beautiful, historic things.”  Anna hugged Caspian who, despite his horror at the damage, felt a spark of pleasure when she touched him.

Caspian swallowed hard.  “It is alright, Anna.  We will… redecorate.  At least the room is cleaned of earlier events.”

“No no, I insist on repairing the damage.  It will take me some time.”  She looked around, calculating.  “A week, maybe ten days.  Ship it all to-“

“Our home in Glasgow.”  Liam came up behind her and wrapped the remains of the top sheet around her, wrapping it under her arms and over one shoulder like a toga.  The blackened, tattered edges brushed her mid-thigh.  Liam was nude and he didn’t care.  He didn’t, however, wanting all and sundry looking at his Anna.

Anna blinked up at him then down at him as he sank to one knee.  “Liam, I…Oh my.”  Her left hand pressed against her lips.

Liam glanced at Marcus as he pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to him.  Liam took Anna’s right hand and smiled up at her.  More Wolves crowded in to watch as the word spread.  He cleared his throat and smiled at her.  “In all my life, I have never loved another as I love you.  Never has any other woman touched my heart, my mind and my soul as you have.  You are my Mate; your soul fits together with mine and completes me like it was the last piece of the puzzle.  I wanted all of you but I would not rush you.”

He took a breath and met her eyes.  “Tonight, the last of your walls fell away and the chains that bound your heart were broken.  Tonight you became completely mine.  I love you, Anna Marie Connor, and I want you as my wife and Mate to rule the pack at my side.  I want you by my side, at my feet and in our bed.  I want all of you, every breath and every beat of your heart.”  He held the ring poised to slide up her ring finger.

Anna’s heart stopped for a moment then a slow smile curved her lips.  “No one has ever made me feel the way you do.  No one has ever loved me as you do.  I love you, Liam, with all that I am.  I love this pack as much.  It would be the greatest achievement in my life to become one with you.  Oh yes, Liam, yes, yes, yes!”

Liam slid the ring up her finger and nestled it in place.  He turned her hand over and kissed her palm.  “I put the ring on your right hand in the ancient way in respect for your Da.  I put it on your right hand because you are unique and since no one remembers the old ways anymore the placement of our commitment to one another will be unique.”

Once he freed her hand, Anna turned her new ring into view and gasped at the opal as the light turned to fire across the stone. She guessed that the stone itself, a small round dome, was 6 millimeters across, polished to display a rainbow of colours.  The opal setting was a series of rose petals made from gold, the band was carved into the rose’s stem all the way around.  The whole thing looked to be a hundred years old.

“It’s beautiful, Liam.”  The words were soft with awe as the multi-hued stone flashed again when she moved her hand slightly.  She tugged Liam to his feet and kissed him as Wolves crowded around them.  Love and happiness flowed over the carnage and pain of the night and eased away some of the tragedy.

An hour later, the Four Claw Wolves were ready to go with a bottle of champagne in hand and monies for shipping given.  Anna apologized again to Caspian and he waved her off.  “No worries, Ms. Connor.  We have faith that you’ll restore what was lost.  And we’ll be sure to find a home in the colonies for your Astrid.”

Anna kissed his cheek before Liam took her hand to settle her in the car.  “Thank you, Caspian.  I will do my best to return to you that which can be returned.”  With that, doors closed and the Four Claw Pack headed south towards Glasgow.  Not one of them thought to pick up their phones and call to let the others know they were on their way.


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