Frozen Solid

The view out the living room window this morning.

The view out the living room window this morning.

Good very white, very cold Sunday morning to ya!

Much of the eastern part of the continent (North America) was slammed with a hell of a snow storm last night.  Multiple car pile ups littered the highways, cars driven by people too dumb to stay home or stay where they were for a few hours.  *shakes her head*  I’m sure there were those who had to be on the roads but for the rest… I have no sympathy.  For their families, yes.  

Cold?  Well, with the temps at -25*C and wind chills of -36*C (-13*F, -34*F respectively), damn right I’m cold.  *laughs*  I was thinking of going out to take pictures this morning but changed my mind.  I did take a few, like this one, but I took them by opening the living room window and leaning out (the screens are gone for the winter). And by opening the kitchen door and taking pictures from a couple feet in.  The cat, who loves going outside, decided it was too cold to do more than hunker down, squishing his body together as much as possible, and sniff the outdoors from just inside the door.  

The storms started Thursday night and came in off and on, bringing high winds with them and making



travel difficult.  On the other hand, it did offer some spectacular photo ops.  Like this one ->

Again, from inside the window.  Peter had turned the porch light on so we could watch the snow and I noticed that the icicles looked amazing.  So I had to take pictures, of course.  This is the best of the lot.  

I have been wondering, lately, why my pictures have been coming out so grainy.  I realized (remembered) this morning that I had set the ISO on my camera to 400 because I have shaky hands lately.  I think I’d rather take multiples of the same shot to get a focused one than have grainy.  I can delete blurry pictures.  I can only do so much to fix grainy.  

Sneaking out involved dressing super warmly.

Sneaking out involved dressing super warmly.

I wanted to share yesterday morning’s walk with you.  I had to sneak out of the house to get where I wanted to do.  I knew that if Peter saw me he’d forbid my desired meandering down the stairs.  

So I very quietly got ready and very quietly left, praying that the noise I couldn’t help but make while walking along the catwalk down the side of the house didn’t wake him.  

Sometimes, I’d rather deal with the consequences than ask permission and be denied.  I know he knows that too.  There was a kind of indulgent amusement when I told him what I’d done.  

Sneaking out of the house like an errant teenager.  

My daughter would be proud. 😀

I was hoping to get on the beach to find something cool and different to take pictures of.  

I found cool alright.

A towering tree of snow!

A towering tree of snow!

The perspective didn’t work quite as well as I’d hoped but you get the point.  One stray breeze and I’d have had quite a load dumped on me!

I went down the stairs – stairs covered in feet of snow, not inches – and looked back up.  I’d had to use the walking stick I brought with me to push through the snow to make sure that when I put my foot down it was on stair, not air.  It was kind of scary, totally exhilarating.  

I moved a lot of snow out of my way!

I moved a lot of snow out of my way!

 Then… I got to the bottom.  And realized there was no way I was getting to the beach.  I kind of suspected that when I was at the top but getting to this…

...really confirmed it.

…really confirmed it.

Those railings are about three feet high.  I am in no shape to fight with that and then fight with everything after that.  Skis would have been nice.  Or snow shoes. 😀  Either would have been great fun.  

The snow shot to hell all hopes of finding some interesting things to photograph for you.  

But wait!

I turned to go back and spotted a few sturdy flower stems, all dead and dried.  I’m not sure what they are, though they remind me of thistles.  It took some balancing (sometimes precarious!) and some back-and-forthing with the camera to get a couple shots I liked.  

This one is The Boyfriend's favourite.

This one is The Boyfriend’s favourite.

I turned to look out at the lake and the beach before I began the trek up those stairs and stood for a moment watching the snow squalls coming in.   The picture quality is…weird.  The ISO was 400, as I’ve said, but exposure value was at -0.3 and the white balance was on auto.   It made the contrast and lighting really strange.  This is the best I could do with it.  

It's odd to look at, almost difficult to, but you can see the storms coming in.

It’s odd to look at, almost difficult to, but you can see the storms coming in.

So I hustled back up the stairs so I could take a leisurely stroll back.  

I came out of the wind tunnel that is the pathway to the stairs and hit the corner.  I had to decide whether I was going to go south, straight back down the street to the cottage or go east a block and then south and come to the cottage through the backyard.

I opted for the longer walk.


It looked lovely, so why not?

It looked lovely, so why not?

I did a walking meditation, chanting Om Shanti Shanti Shanti the whole way back.  It opened me up to the energy floating around.  Energy from the storm and from all the people showing their love from one another.  The latter is tainted with the darkness of those who felt lonely and depressed but that’s okay (erm, well, not for them, obviously); with all light there must be darkness.  

I will leave you with the chant.  This particular version is my favourite.



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