Fiction Friday Week 8

Good Friday, folks!

It’s Fiction Friday time again.  

This week I am pulling out of HW2 again because, sadly, I’m still editing it.  I’m almost done; I have 50 pages left.   It’s just taking me a long time because there are plenty of days when I can’t focus on it enough to do a good job.  I think this is a second run through and so there will be one more before I can publish.  

It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that first draft is not the best draft and my work can be improved upon. This second time has definitely improved several parts of the story.  It’ll take me a couple of weeks before I’m ready to face it again.  

Meanwhile, I have a long to-do list this Friday so I am going to get to it.

The following is intended for adult audiences ONLY!  Under the age of majority?  Bugger off.  Thank you.

This chapter I’m leaving you with comes after Liam, Anna and Chelle have returned from Hell.  They popped back onto the lawn at the pack compound with Anna in her new form – the Demon.  After everyone stared at her in shock, horror and, in a few cases, fear, (with Marcus cocking a shotgun), Anna disappeared.  She reappeared at home and disconnected herself from the world.  Then she showered and crawled into her bed to cry herself to sleep.  She awoke, 36 hours later, to the sounds of Liam’s voice.  After an argument about whether or not she’d return to the arms of the pack, Anna gave in and admitted that she can’t live without Liam or their Wolves.  The following is what happens when Liam decides to remind her just how much she is loved and who, exactly, is in charge of their relationship and their lives. 

Have a wonderful day, everyone.



Chapter Thirty-Three

 As Anna melted into the kiss she became aware of a bodily function and started shifting from foot to foot.  Her return kissing became less intense as she started to focus on her bladder and Liam noticed.  He lifted his head.  “Is something wrong, pet?”

“I need to pee.  I feel like I haven’t gone in days.”  She blushed faintly.

Liam chuckled softly.  “Come.”  He took her hand and led her to the bathroom.  Then he leaned against the door frame and watched her as she sat on the toilet.  “You were asleep for a full day and a half.  Thirty-six hours.  You didn’t stir when we changed your sheets and tucked you in all snug as a bug.  You didn’t notice when I slept beside you.  Do you have to pee or not?”

Anna’s blush deepened to scarlet.  “I’m having trouble letting go.”

“Well here then.”  Liam moved to the sink and flicked the faucet handle up, turning the water on full.  A short moment later, he laughed as she sagged in relief.  He sought a wash cloth and got it wet and warm as she cleaned herself up.  As she started to rise he handed it to her.  “Clean yourself properly, my pet.”

“Yes Lee.”  It was on the tip of Anna’s tongue to call him Master but she stopped it.  She carefully washed herself in and around all the folds.  She washed her inner thighs and everything she could reach.  When she stopped Liam held his hand out for the cloth.  She gave it over then rose to her feet.

Liam took her by the hand and led her back into the bedroom.  He stopped at the side of the high, wrought iron, four-poster bed and pressed her gently against it, though not to sit on it just yet.  He stroked her cheek with his fingertips as he looked her over.  He stroked her throat with the backs of his fingers then slid both hands down her arms and over her upper body.  Liam used the moment to reassure himself that he was there with her.  Then he sighed as he slipped both hands around her throat to lace his fingers together at the back of her neck and tip her chin up with his thumbs.

“Anna, my beloved Anna.  You should have known that running from me wouldn’t work.”  His voice was dangerously soft.  “You should have known I’d hunt you down and bring you back.  You are mine.  My Mate.  My pet.  My slut.  Mine.”  Liam’s eyes swirled with Wolf yellow as he restated his claim on her.

Anna swallowed.  She opened her mouth to reply and he frowned.  She closed it again.

“You can’t run from me Anna.  Your heart knows it.  Your soul knows it.  Your Wolf knows it.  We are one.”  He kissed her forehead then her nose and finally her mouth.  Then he wound her hair around his hand and yanked her head back.  “It is a punishable offence, my love.” 

Tears welled up in Anna’s eyes even as he spun her by her hair and shoved her face down on the bed.  He kicked her feet apart as he let go of her hair.  “Stay.”  As Anna moved her arms down her sides and closed her eyes in fearful anticipation, Liam moved to the chest at the end of her bed.  He opened it and pulled out a wooden paddle.  It was cherry, the face was ten inches long, four inches across and the whole thing was close to an inch thick.  He whacked his palm with it and smiled as she jumped.

Liam stood on her left side and stroked her ass with the paddle.  “Ten for running.  Anything after that will be purely for my enjoyment.”  With the last word he started, hard.  The crack of wood on flesh echoed in the room. 

Anna flinched and gave a pained cry.  Her pale flesh immediately showed the mark.  The next one came a few seconds later on the other side, just as the burn was starting to fade.  Then the third.  Anna began to cry.  Not because they hurt but because she had hurt him, disappointed him and angered him.

Liam paused, unsatisfied with the way things were going.  He leaned down and put his mouth to her ear.  “You will count them from now on. ‘One Master, two Master’ and so on.  Do you understand?”

Anna struggled to speak.  “Y-yes Master.” 

“Good, then let’s start again.”  There was the soft whoosh of the paddle through the air and then the crack of the paddle meeting her ass.

“One Master!”  Anna’s voice was tight, like she was forcing the words out.  The paddle crashed into her ass again, this time on the other cheek. “Two Master.”  The words were followed by a sob.  The next five smacks rained down on her and made her squirm so much that Liam felt obliged to place his hand in her lower back.

“You’ll never leave again, will you, my pet?”  Crack!

“Eight Master!  No Master!”

Crack!  “Why is that?”

“Nine Master!”  Anna sobbed as her ass burned.  “Because I love you, Master.”  It almost sounded like a question.

Liam paused.  “While that’s most certainly true, it is the wrong answer.  Give me the right one.”  CRACK!  Liam made the last one especially hard and Anna jumped, screaming with the white hot pain.

“Ten Master!”  Anna cried, curling into herself as best she could. 

Liam sat down beside her and stroked her back, waiting.  His large, cool hand ran over the very hot skin on her ass and she shifted as the callous-rough flesh met hot and sensitive flesh.  “Why won’t you run again, Anna Marie?”

Anna moved so she could press her face to the denim clad thigh.  “Because I’m yours and you’re mine.  We belong together.” 

“That’s right, my pet.  I’m yours and you are mine.”  He gripped her arm and manoeuvred her to her knees on the floor beside the bed.  Then he rose and unbuttoned his jeans.  He reached inside and pulled out his semi-hard cock.  Anna immediately positioned herself so her open mouth was level with the head.  “You are mine.  I know it.  Your parents know it.  The pack knows it.  But I think you need a symbol to remind you.”

Liam took his cock in hand and pressed the tip to her lower lip.  Anna dipped her head a little and wrapped her lips around the head, eliciting a groan.  He hadn’t bound her hands so she brought them up and curled one around his fingers and slid the other up his thigh and around to his ass.  She curved her tongue to cradle the head and sucked gently on it.  Then she pulled her mouth off him and bent his cock up so she could stroke the underside with her tongue.  He got his hand out of her way.

Anna traced all the veins on his cock then slipped the head back into her mouth.  She scraped it along soft ridges of the roof of her mouth.  She drew him in as far as she could without gagging then pulled back, sucking hard.  Over and over again she stroked him that way, encouraged by his groan of pleasure.  Anna began to salivate and the excess slipped from her mouth so she wiped her chin and used the spit to lube her stroking of his shaft with her hand. 

Another groan and his hands slid into her hair.  Liam’s hips rolled as he took control of the blow job from her.  He started fucking her face, slow and easy at first.  She found the rhythm and stroked the shaft in time to his hip motions and varied the strength of her suction as much as she was able.  Her tongue roved over him as he moved. 

Then Liam picked up the pace and fucked her harder, faster.  Deeper.  Anna drooled and gagged, she soon stopped being able to participate.  The drool dripped from his cock, her chin, slid down her arms and pooled on her thighs.  Her body heaved with one round of gagging and he paused for a second or two before he pulled out long enough for her to cough and suck in a ragged breath.  He stared down at her for a moment then grabbed her upper arm and hauled her to her feet.




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