Conaire Quigley

Meet the Stirling Alpha!  (Totally unedited, btw, be nice.)

I am going to edit photos now.

Enjoy your Sunday!  


Conaire Quigley

Age: 63

Height: 6’2”

Weight:  230lbs

Supernatural Status:  Alpha of the Stirling pack


            Human:  Like most of the other Wolves, Conair is fit, broad shouldered and trim of waist.  Wavy black hair that falls almost to his shoulders, a strong brow, blue eyes and thick lashes top high cheekbones.  A long, straight nose leads to a lush mouth with a full lower lip, a totally kissable mouth; he also has a firm jaw line.  He is the epitome of a Highlands warrior.

                Wolf:  He is almost as large as Liam and Marcus.  His fur is shaggy, pure black and he has black eyes. 

Background: Conaire is a descendent of James the Second of Scotland. 

In 1449 James II, staying at Stirling at the time, hosted a tournament for the warriors and knights in the land.  Within his entourage was his pregnant mistress.

Among the knights was a Wolf with a vendetta against James II.  Once Seamus, as the Wolf was so named, discovered that the pregnant mistress was within the castle grounds he set out to find her.  He used the Wolves with him to help kidnap her and bring her to his camp.  Once he had her he seduced her with Wolf charms, calming her fears and arousing her until she willingly spread her legs.  Once he was deep in her he lost control and bit her.

The Lycanthropy raced through her system as he had her delivered back to James’s court.  It didn’t take too long before the Lycanthropy made her ill; by dawn she was feverish and delirious, talking about black eyes and people with fur. 

James, as any good ruler should be, had a relationship with the Supernatural community.  As word of her feverish ravings got to him a chill struck his heart. He hurried to her side, more concerned for the baby than her. He argued with the midwife, called in his own surgeons and had them take the babe from her womb, despite the fact that it was a month too early.

The baby was born squalling with a good set of lungs and as healthy looking as any full-term newborn.  As speculative whispers began about the actual due date, James himself bundled up the baby and wrapped himself in plain clothes.  He climbed on a horse and, with the baby in his arms, raced for the nearest Wolf pack. He charged them with raising the baby, gave them money, promised to aide in whatever way was necessary to raise his son, named the boy Phillip Quigley – “Quigley” meaning “lively” – and tore off again in the night to return to his court before dawn.  He worried that his son, in utero at the time of the bite, would be Wolf.

When Phillip hit puberty, his Wolf did indeed come upon him. James immediately put out the word for a knight to foster him, preferably one of the Wolf community, for the family he’d left the boy with were farmers.  While they’d be able to teach him to fight, James wanted Philip to learn all he could of the world.   

The Wolf who bit Phillip’s mother came forward and took the boy into his home.  He raised Philip to know his Wolf, to become one with it, know when to use it, and when to not.  He raised him in the ways of the knight and tried to poison him against his father.

Once Phillip hit the age of twenty, he was tall, strong, well-mannered, a very good fighter, and well learned.  He learned the truth of his origins and he killed the man who fostered him, the man who made him Wolf.  Then he appeared in his father’s court.

James, while not ashamed of his son, could not publicly claim him, for he’d decreed his son dead the night of his birth.  Instead, he took the boy into his court and got to know him, got him to understand what had happened on that fateful night. Then he settled lands and money on him.

Philip took over the Stirling pack, found a mate, invested the money wisely and set about ensuring that those generations after him would want for nothing. He raised his children, sons and daughters, to be Alphas and sent them into the world.  He relinquished his position only to the one who came back to stay and help the pack, and the investments, grow so that future generations would have all the same opportunities.

And so it came to be that Conaire Quigley, eleventh Quigley Alpha, came to be a very wealthy and very generous man.

Conaire himself grew up in a loving home within a pack that is fierce in its protection of self and property but also giving and devoted to the Supernatural community.  He was the only other one put up as a candidate for Alpha of Alphas.  He lost only because Liam has an edge that he does not and completed a trial Conaire could not bring himself to finish.  Nevertheless, Liam and Conaire are fast friends. 


Fiction Friday Week 12

Good morning!

I know, I know.  It’s Saturday again. I have a good reason though!

This week, when I wasn’t at therapy or recovering from the nasty chemical hits, (and subsequent, vicious asthma attacks), I took on Sunday and Monday, I have been working out the details for Anna and Liam’s wedding!  Isn’t that great?  I finally have it done.  Now all I have to do is write it into the book and, with a couple details after that, HW3 will be complete!

(Speaking of the HW books, I discovered that Witch Hitlist IS still live on Amazon!  I thought I had taken it down so didn’t give it a thought.  You can find it here.  And, as of midnight, or so, for the English speaking countries, you’ll be able to find it on Kindle.)

I have a new character because I needed to create a back story to explain why they were given Stirling Castle as a venue.  The character is the Stirling Wolf Alpha.  Delightful man.  I’ll post his back story tomorrow – I need to type it into my computer.

I do have some of Anna and Liam’s vows written out but I’m not going to share them with you.  It’s a you-have-to-read-the-book kind of thing.  However, you can find pictures of many of the details here on my Pinterest board, created especially to show you what I’m talking about.

Today, I have the alpha’s back story to write and a multitude of pictures to edit.  It’s cold again but brilliantly sunny outside so I see a beach walk in my future today.  So, with that, I’m going to share the plan with you and get on with my other work.  

Have a great weekend!  


The Wedding:

Two days before wedding:

  • Arrival of Janelle
  • Helicopter fight (AugustaWestland AW139) from Pack land to Stirling (Anna, Liam, Janelle, Marcus, Chelle & Jules, Krissy and Callie, [who are the only children currently in the pack, 7 year old twins])
  • Tour of Queen Anne Garden and the Great Hall
  • Settle into Argyll’s Lodging, (Alphas, Beta, Gamma, Anna’s Parents, Jules)
  • The Boar and the Thistle (the Boar being the pub below and the Thistle is the inn above.)
  • Dinner with the Stirling and Edinburgh Alphas, along with a run and hunt, Janelle spending the night with Cain

Day before the wedding:

  • Tour the castle
  • Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal dinner at Argyll’s Lodging – The High Dining Room
  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties (separate)

Day of Wedding:

  • Spa day for Anna and bridesmaids
  • Arrival at the Royal Palace
  • Dressing
  • Meanwhile, Great Hall and Garden are being set up and dressed for wedding
  • Arch being set up on terrace, chairs on the lower level – Therianthropes on the groom’s side, Vampires on the bride’s
  • Torches, flowers on the chairs
  • Arch – wrought iron, woven with blood red roses and gold organza
  • Small altar with an empty glass jar (14”, 3” in diameter) in the middle, a smaller but similar jar of silver sand on one side and another with royal blue sand

The Ceremony

  • Liam and groomsmen will arrive first and stand on the left (when facing the terrace)
  • Flower girls will come in, tossing rose petals
  • Anna will be piped in, escorted by both her parents
  • Conair will stand with his back to the altar, Liam and Anna side by side, arm’s length apart (Liam’s arm *laughs*)
  • Greeting, vows, rings, unity sand, “Mr. and Mrs.”


  • Cocktails in the Douglas Gardens and wall walk
  • Wedding photos in the Queens Inner Hall
  • Dinner in the Great Hall


Soup: Carrot, ginger & cocomut

Starter:  Smoked Venison with celeriac remoulade

Main course: Roast lamb saddle, gratin potato, shallot and currant sauce

Bridal party main course: Fillet of Scottish beef, glazed carrots, parsley potatoes and wild mushroom gravy

Dessert: Whiskey & marmalade sponge pudding with orange toffee sauce

Followed by tea and coffee with truffles

Prosesco was ordered but 3 cases of Champagne were given to Anna as a wedding gift, for the wedding, by a French Vampire family Anna helped in the two world wars.

  • Two glasses of wine before and after ceremony, half a bottle of house wine per person, glasses of Champagne for toasts, after dinner liquor

For the Vampires: warmers table side for bottles of blood.

Canapes: 2 cold: rare roast Aberdeen beef roll with rocket and horseradish; smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper.  Two sweet: mini éclair; shortbread with strawberries and cream

Toasts between the starter and main course


Rectangular head table

Round tables, 6 per table

Small round cake table to the left of the head table

Black table cloths, red runners; black chair covers with gold organza ties, centerpieces are short round vases filled with crystals, strips lights in natural tones, and short white roses in almost full bloom.

Low lighting

The Cake

  • Sitting on a clear acrylic table with crystals hanging in curved rows from one side to the other with more dangling at the corners, making it look like the table legs are actually the dangling crystals
  • Four tiers, covered in white fondant, black ink scrolling around each layer in a seemly haphazard manner above a black ribbon, ribbon is closed with two Swarovski crystals; red roses are piled on top with a few roses artfully falling to land here and there, sometimes only a petal or two, on each layer.
  • Vanilla bean sponge with lemon curd covered in vanilla butter cream in the bottom and third layer up
  • Dark chocolate sponge with a rum soaked cherry filling and a milk chocolate buttercream on the second and top layers


The Gowns:

From chapter 3 of HW3:

It didn’t take them long to find a dress Anna approved of.  The gown was white and a close match for her gown but different enough to leave her looking like the bride.  Her gown was a fitted corset bodice to her hips with a soft sweetheart neckline; the bridesmaid gown was a high natural waist with a straight neckline.  Anna’s was a full ball gown with four box pleats from the waist line, each inset was blood red with the embroidery in black and gold; the bridesmaid gown was an A-line skirt with one pleat, offset from the center, falling from a belt at the high waist and the inside of the pleat was a plain colour.  Anna decided that her maid of honour would wear the dark red and the others would wear black. 

Even Chelle agreed she would wear such a gown and Anna smiled.  “Are you sure?  You’re going to look awfully girly, although I think the red will look nice on you.”

“Yes, I’m sure!  I…wait.  Did you just ask me to be maid of honour?”

Anna laughed.  “Why shouldn’t it be you?”  She looked at Doug.  “You wanna be a bridesmaid?”

As Chelle almost fell off the chair laughing at the image that popped into her head of this tall, wiry, dark man in the black gown, he groaned.  “Really?  And here I thought the only dress I’d be wearing was plaid and let me carry a knife.”

Doug scoffed and after they settled on the flower girl dresses – sleeveless, red, satin ball gowns falling to mid-calf with gold organza ribbons wrapped around the waist – he  wandered off to pay for the gowns and discuss fitting schedules with the little redhead.  The flirting was a bonus.  The flirting was also just for fun; Doug’s heart was set on his Mac, the beautiful woman he’d met at the market.

The bride’s hair will be an intricate braid thing with gold wire, onyx beads and garnets woven into it. A long, cathedral length veil, given to her by her parents will be attached.  The bridesmaids’ hair is of their choosing, any decorations in keeping with the colour scheme.  Flower girls with French braids and floral crowns (roses and baby’s breath).

The Bouquet:

Medium posy shape.  Dark red roses mixed with black Calla lilies.  Swarovski crystals are set into the center of some of the blooms, gold organza wraps the stems from the bottom of the blooms to the tips of the stems.  A dagger is hidden in the stems, sheathed, tied in carefully so that it doesn’t fall out but can be pulled out quickly if she needs it. 

The Groom

“Prince Charlie” jacket and waistcoat; double-breasted jacket, silver buttons.  The jacket is cut high at the waist, coming to a point in the front, wide satin lapels, three square buttons on each forearm, and on each side of the jacket opening (in a slight curve); work with a white tux shirt and a black satin bow tie.  Kilt in Taggart tartan – navy blue with red, dark green and black stripes – for Liam, family tartans for the groomsmen. 

Parents of the Bride

 Mother in gold chiffon, Greek Goddess style, jeweled belt glittering with onyx beads, garnet 4-strand necklace, updo with more garnets and onyx in it.   Father dressed in a severely black tux with the lily in his lapel, like the Groom and groomsmen. 

Oh! By the Way…

This week marks my third year anniversary with WordPress!

This blog will be number 277 and I have 253 blog followers.  

I have decided, in order to mark the occasion, that when I hit 300 followers, I will do a giveaway.  

Prizes will be announced closer to the time. 

Mostly because I still have to figure them out.  They will, however, definitely include autographed books.

Hopefully there will be more entrants than last time!  

I have vast amounts of affection for you guys.  And, in honour of the three years, I will be putting HW1 AND Lizendale up on Amazon and Kindle in the next week.  


Fiction Friday Week 11

Good  morning, everyone.   Good Friday morning!  It is time for Fiction Friday!

This week has been busy.   It was Spring Break here, I took Monday as a long weekend at the cottage with The Boyfriend.  Tuesday, thankfully, I had to myself. It was a day of doing nothing, aka a “donada” day.  So, of course, I spent the day trying to figure out a gluten free pie crust.  Took me three hours to make that pie.  Thankfully, it was worth it. 

On Wednesday, we took GirlKid to Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo.  It was a lot of fun and had some really cool animals there.  I think our favourites were Kaiko the Cougar, (of whom I didn’t get very good pictures, sadly), Kara the Reticulated Python:

Isn't she gorgeous?  And huge!  Holy smokes.  Gorgeous colours, more of her tomorrow.

Isn’t he gorgeous? And huge! Holy smokes. Gorgeous colours, more of him tomorrow.


And the nameless, sticky-footed Crested Gecko.

Didn't know his name, sadly.

I’m not sure he had a name but isn’t he adorable?


It was a good time but toxic as fuck.  Not as bad as I expected, honestly, but still pretty bad.  The Boyfriend picked us up when we were done and he said we stank.  *laughs*  It’s always nice to hear “You two are pretty smelly.”

Yesterday I had my shots.  They’re not making improvements anymore, they’re maintenance but very helpful.  He admonished me for not doing the UCS exercises like I should be.  He wants to stretch the time between shots to more than two weeks. 

Me, I’m just happy that I’m up to two weeks.  

Now, I feel sludgy and achy – the chem exposures exacerbate the pain conditions – and tired.  My brain power kind of comes and goes like waves.  Which is why it has taken me three hours to write this blog. 

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten a lot of work done.  So, I’m going to share with you the HW3 chapter I wrote last week.  

I realized, while reading it through, that I hadn’t had them discover the current author of those smelly journals Marcus found.  I figured that definitely needed wrapped up.  As far as I’m concerned, if I, the author, have questions about a book I’ve written then my readers will too. 

I like the way I tied up that loose end.  I hope you will too.

And now, it’s time for me to go scoop the litter. *le sigh*  

Have a great day, folks!



Chapter Forty

 A few days later, Anna was being fitted for her wedding gown.  She fretted as she turned and twisted in the mirror.  “Are you sure it will still fit for the wedding?”  She asked the question of all three women with her.

Annalise, the same Tiger who had been there for the shopping of dresses, smiled.  “Unless you’re carrying a litter, Miss Anna, it will.”

Anna blushed as Chelle and Jules burst into peals of laughter.  Annalise looked from one to the other, confused.  Then her face brightened and her mouth dropped open in shock.  “Oh my God!  It’s true?  You are having more than one?  There are rumours that you’re having anywhere from two to six!”

“Three!  Holy hell.  It’s just three.”  Anna shuddered at the thought of sextuplets.

“Oh my word!”  Annalise was shocked.  There were other rumours though and she burned to ask the questions brimming in her mind.  Her store had a strict policy of respecting their customers’ privacy and it wouldn’t do for her to ask anything.  Her store, her policy.  Then she shrugged mentally.  It was her store and her policy, she could break it if she wanted.  She met Anna’s eyes and opened her mouth.

Anna held up a hand.  When Annalise’s mouth closed Anna smiled.  “I know there are a ton of rumours and I cannot, will not, answer to all of them.  You may ask and I will give what answers I may.”

Annalise nodded.  She crouched down to pin the hem and thought.  “Is it true that you carry Demon now?”

“It is.”

“Will the children also be part Demon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Will they be both Vampire and Wolf?”

“I don’t know.”

“Will they be as magic as you are?”

“I’m not sure but if they are they will torment the entire pack from the moment they open their eyes.”  Anna grinned. 

All three women laughed and the bell over the door tinkled.  They looked over as a woman came in.  Her physique and posture suggested great strength and confidence but her expression was uncertain, hesitant, and maybe even a little fearful.  She looked over the women then her eyes rested on Anna.  “Are you Miss Anna Connor?”

Anna cocked her head, curious.  “I am.”

“The same one who was just in Ballachulish?”

At the question, Chelle and Jules both rose, coming to stand in front of Anna like a wall. 

“I am.”  Anna’s curiousity was up so she gathered her long skirts and stepped off the dais.

The newcomer through herself at Anna as her expression changed to one of relief and joy.  Chelle and Jules caught her, held her firmly between them. 

“No one touches the Alpha,” Chelle growled.

“Let her go, it’s fine.”  Anna waved them away and ignored Chelle’s glower.  “Who are you?” she asked the woman.  Chelle and Jules had released her but still stood beside her, shoulder to shoulder, crowding her, making it clear they still considered her a threat.

“My name is Julia Gilchrist.  My many-times-great-grandfather was Father Andrew.”  She paused, letting that sink in.

For a moment, Anna didn’t know who Julia was talking about.  Then it hit her.  “Oh my Gods!  You’re the journal writer.  You’re this generation’s crusader.”  She grabbed the woman’s hand and shook it.  “I am very pleased to meet you.  Your family’s attention to detail was amazing!”

Julia took the opportunity and hugged Anna.  “Thank you for ridding us of those monsters.  My family has been trying to find a way to get close to them for years.  My aunt was even in that house as a housekeeper but she couldn’t find a way to them in the daylight.  We lived in terror that they’d find out she was trying to find a way to kill them.  She told me that a few days ago Kristina had sent her away for a week.” 

Anna allowed the hug then led Julia to a small sofa and sat them both down.  “I thought only one of you was trained as a fighter in each generation.”

Julia nodded.  “That’s true but my aunt and I were very close.  After Grandda died she tried to help me continue with my training.  She insisted on the job.”   She sagged a little and rubbed a shaky hand over her face.  “Thank you so much!  Aunt Alice is all I have left.  I am so glad she’s alive.”

Chelle moved around just behind Julia and mouthed something at Anna.  Anna gave an almost imperceptible nod.  She patted Julia’s other hand.  “I am happy to be of service.  I was doing a favour for Alasdair and Elsie but I am pleased that your aunt’s survival was part of it.”

Julia paled.  “You were doing a favour for… But they’re dead!  They’ve been dead all these years.”

Anna nodded.  “They came to me and asked for help.  No one knew about you.  Their spirits and those of almost the entire clan had been trapped here since the massacre.”

Not one to dismiss anything, Julia still struggled to assimilate this information.  It finally sunk in and she studied Anna’s face, searching her eyes.  What she found there disturbed her.  She paled and shrank back.  “Wh…what are you?  Who are you?”

Chelle moved closer as Anna smiled gently.  “I am the Hybrid, my dear.”

“The Hybrid,” Julia whispered.  “We thought… oh my God.  We thought you were a rumour.  It couldn’t be real.  A Vampire and a Wolf.”  Her fascination with the supernatural, the lifelong drive to study it, came forward and she lifted a hand to touch Anna’s face.  Chelle’s low growl stopped her and she looked around at the others.  “That makes you Supernaturals too.”

Anna chuckled.  “Yes.  The growly one is Chelle MacMichael, pack Gamma for the Four Claw Pack of Glasgow, and the other steely eyed one who looks like she wants to cut your hands off is Jules Verne.”

“Like the author?”  Julia turned an appraising eye on Jules.

Jules sighed and rolled her eyes.  “Yeah, like that.  No relation whatsoever.”

Julia grinned at her.  “Still an interesting name.”

A reluctant grin broke through Jules’ reserve but she didn’t tell the other that she’d chosen the name as a teenager, when she’d run from home.  She had read everything written by Jules Verne that she could get her hands on so when she needed a new name, that was where she went for inspiration. 

Anna smiled and smoothed her hands over her skirt.  “What do you plan to do now, Julia?”  An idea had just occurred to her.

“I…I have no idea.  My entire life has been devoted to researching and hunting.  I don’t know what to do now.”  Julia looked crushed by the realization. 

“I may have an idea but I need to run it by my Mate first.  Do you have a number you can be reached at?”

“Well, I…”  Jules really didn’t know if she wanted to have any association with the Hybrid.  She was part Vampire after all and her first instinct was to kill.  She supposed that maybe Vampires were like humans – good ones existed alongside the bad ones.  With that thought in her head she nodded.  “Yes, do you have a piece of paper?”

Annalise went to get one and Julia watched the way she moved.  “She a Wolf too?” 

“No, she’s a Tiger.”  Anna chuckled when Julia’s mouth dropped open and her head twisted to follow Annalise’s progress.

“She definitely moves like a cat.  This is amazing!  I didn’t know there were so many different Supernaturals!”  Julia looked back at Anna, face excited.

“Perhaps you’ll soon be in a position to learn more.”  Anna rose.  “It’s been a pleasure to meet you, Julia.  Your journals were fascinating.  Your entire family is, and was, astounding and so brave.  I will be in touch.”

“Thank you, Miss Connor.  Congratulations on your wedding.  You look stunning in that dress.”  Julia allowed Chelle to lead her to the door.

Anna grinned broadly, pleased.  “Thank you!”  

Julia left and Annalise began to carefully help Anna out of the gown.  To their surprise, Anna looked about three months pregnant.  “Oh no!”  Anna nearly whimpered.  She rubbed her tummy.  “Please, please don’t get any bigger before the wedding!” she implored the babies.

Annalise looked from Anna to the gown and back again.  “Don’t worry, Miss Anna, it’ll fit.” 

“I hope so.”  Anna got dressed again, leaving the top button of her jeans undone.  She swore.  “Ladies, we’re going shopping.”

Chelle groaned and Jules grinned. 

PS.  I may or may not share Anna’s idea with you.  I may decide you have to read the book to find out. 😉


Good morning!

It’s Spring Break here for my daughter so I am taking a long weekend at the cottage with The Boyfriend.  That means this photoblog still falls in the range of ‘weekend’ for me. 😉


Like this one. It’s a macro shot of Egyptian chamomile tea, after it’s been steeped

Today I want to share some photos I took with the new camera.  I’ve had to carefully weed out the ones taken with my Olympus.  

No matter how much I want to share them, this blog is for the phone camera.

But wait!  First!  I’m so excited!  Look! (Yeah…okay, that’s a lot of exclamation points.  Sue me. 😉 )

My summer office is thawing!

My summer office is thawing!

Isn’t that great?   The snow is totally gone this morning.  I’m thrilled.  

Okay, back to the job at hand.  We got our new phones at the beginning of the month.  Samsung S4s.  There are positives and negatives but I’m not about reviewing the phone.  I AM interested in the camera; that I will review (ish) as I go.

Here are the specs:

Primary: 13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels, autofocus, LED flash
Features: Dual Shot, Simultaneous HD video and image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face/smile detection, HDR
Video: 1080p@30fps, dual-video rec.

(found on For full phone specs, check them out)

The pictures are larger and better quality that from my S3, overall.  The biggest difference that I have noticed, (besides the ability to take image in image shots), is the settings, the ability to change how you adjust the colour etc.  You cannot manually change the ISO or WB, for instance.  You have settings like Auto, Drama, Best Face, Sports and Night, and others. 

Pressing the gear symbol, (options, settings, whatever), gives you options like:

  • turning the flash on and off,
  • turning the auto-night adjustment on and off (it will automatically adjust for low light settings) 
  • turning voice control on and off, (Oh, I am so going to have to play with that),
  • options for recording mode, and
  • auto sharing options (on, off, where to)

I dislike that all the settings are automatic.  

I am interested in playing with settings like Drama and Sports.  In Drama, it takes a series of shots and then stitches the best ones together to form a dramatic photo.  Sports allows for photos of fast moving objects.

I did find a setting for “Animated photo”.  I thought that was odd.  When I was playing with the camera I happened to be making Man Soup for supper.  After I dished it up I took a photo using this setting.  The picture won’t share to Facebook because it’s too big and not the right format, even though it labels itself as a .gif in my files.  Let’s see if it works here.

Steamy Man Soup!  And an example of an animated photo.

Steamy Man Soup! And an example of an animated photo.

Pretty cool, right? 😀  (It is slowing my ability to do things wayyyyyy down though.)

The Auto setting takes some pretty sharp photos. 

This is one of the first pictures I took.  Birch  against the blue sky.  THe sharp lines and crisp colours are awesome.

This is one of the first pictures I took. Birch against the blue sky. The sharp lines and crisp colours are awesome.

Terror looks amazing.  You can see all the colours that make him such a gorgeous feline.  Plus, you know, his annoyance that I made him stand there when all he wanted to do was sniff stuff.

Terror looks amazing. You can see all the colours that make him such a gorgeous feline. Plus, you know, his annoyance that I made him stand there when all he wanted to do was sniff stuff.

There is a Rich Tone (HDR) format too.  

I'm not sure I like that it turned the sunlight into speckles but the ice looks great.

I’m not sure I like that it turned the sunlight into speckles but the ice looks great.

It looks better here in the Auto setting though.

It looks better here in the Auto setting though.

This is also an example of Rich Tone.  I think it looks better here.  (It's also an example of snow melt down at the beach.

This is also an example of Rich Tone. I think it looks better here. (It’s also an example of snow melt down at the beach.)

I tried the Sport setting on the only thing I had around here that moves with any speed and regularity – the dripping icicles.

I did manage to catch a drop.  It's right there in the middle.

I did manage to catch a drop. It’s right there in the middle.

I haven’t had a group of people to photograph to try things like the Best Face and Beauty Face settings.  I did try Best Photo but basically it’s on Auto and takes a fast series of pictures so you can choose the best ones to save.  

We were driving home (to my house) last Sunday at sunset and I decided to try and capture it while we were driving.

It didn't really go all that well.  I don't like the colours, it wasn't that yellow.  And even when we stopped to take the photos, it wasn't that great.

It didn’t really go all that well. I don’t like the colours, the sunset wasn’t that yellow. And even when we stopped to take the photos, it wasn’t that great.

It does, however, take lovely macro shots.  Lots of details come through.

Like here, with this fallen icicle.  You can see the striations in the ice and the refraction of the snow behind it.

Like here, with this fallen icicle. You can see the striations in the ice and the refraction of the snow behind it.

And here with a cross cut of the core of my breakfast.  This one is the apple core, though I did take one of the pear, I think I'll put it up on Instagram instead.  (I really need to start using it more, Instagram that is)

And here with a cross cut of the core of my breakfast. This one is the apple core, though I did take one of the pear, I think I’ll put it up on Instagram instead. (I really need to start using it more. Instagram that is)

 Over all, this camera is pretty easy to use and, being contrary as I can be, I don’t think I like it for that.  I have been trying to learn about ISO and WB and everything else it takes to take a good picture.  

For quality, I think this one surpasses my S3’s camera  by a long shot.  There isn’t a lot of tweaking to be done to make them look the way I want them to.  The Auto setting does a pretty damn good job.  

I am sitting outside right now, wrapped up in a coat and a blanket with another coat under my ass, so I thought I’d leave you with a parting shot.  

It’s time to do some writing in HW3 so I can get the book done and do another read through of HW2.  My books are going to be published again, I will deal with the hassle.  I’m never going to get anywhere, never going to see any success with my manuscripts hiding in my Work folder. 

Have a lovely day, even if it is Monday.


It is awfully bright out, pardon the squinting. ;)  This is the photo in photo.  Strange, eh?

Look at me being all omniscient.  It is awfully bright out, pardon the squinting. 😉 This is the photo in photo. Strange, eh?


New Phone – New Camera

Fiction Friday Week 10

Good Friday morning!

What?! It’s Saturday??   Surely you jest.

Nah, I know it’s Saturday.  Yesterday was just so… spectacularly lovely that the thought of work totally fled my mind.  We actually spent time outside!  And it was comfortable.  

It’s saying something about the winter just ending when you can say that 7*C (44*F) is comfortable.  We spent time at the beach, soaking up the elements.  Spent some time on the deck, watching the cat roam around on his rather lengthy leash.  Cooked on the barbecue (although… I’ve been known to do that in February).

This week, I finished reading HW3 and began writing in it again.  There was a new character introduced – actually, I think she just tied up a loose end by walking into the shop where Anna was trying on a dress.  It got me to thinking that we don’t know Jules all that well.

So I made it my mission to get to know her.  GK helped me put flesh on her, figure out what she looked like.  She’s younger than I thought she’d be (than I intended her to be) but I think she has a lot of potential.  

Oh!  I just had a thought.  There’s a part near the beginning of HW3 where we meet Jules after she’s beaten the hell out of a fellow Wolf and in an effort to (Oh I have to fix how the permissions worked there) work her way up through the pack.  She tells Anna, “…I am not an Omega and I refuse to remain as one.”  Anna tells Liam they should have an all out, beat-as-many-as-Jules-can battle to see how good she really is, since Jules has been going about it outside of the Four Claw ritual; she’s been following, instead, her home pack law.  I was going to do it before the wedding but I think the full moon required may happen after and then I can open HW4 with it. 

*grins*  Oh yes, I like that.  

Anyway, I am two weeks overdue for a photo blog for you all.  That is next on my list.  I really, really want to go see if the beach is accessible so I’m going to do that too.  

Have a wonderful day, folks.


Jules Verne

Age: 22

Height: 5’7”

Weight:  178lbs

Pack Status:  Xi

Supernatural Status:  Up and comer in the Four Claw Pack


Human:  Jules has a thick mass of curly, chestnut brown hair that falls just past her shoulders.  It is just long enough to put into a tight braid when she’s training or fighting.   It looks like a river of molten chocolate in the sunlight.  She has green eyes framed with thick lashes.  A few freckles dust her nose and across her cheekbones.  She has a Cupid’s bow of a mouth, perfectly kissable.  Dimples appear when she smiles large and genuinely, something that is rare.  She has a runner’s physique enhanced by martial arts and weights.  Her muscles are well defined, she has slight curves and long legs.

Wolf:  She is a medium sized wolf with fur the same colour as her hair.  It is darkest around her muzzle with the colour lightening as it flows down her body.  It is a pale milk chocolate at the tip of her tail.

Background:  Jules has come to the Four Claw the same way many others have – seeking safe haven and peace.  She is from the Soif de Sang (Blood Lust) pack from Paris, France.  She was born into the pack, drawn in, trained and taught by the pack.  Many of the children grew up brutal, without morals or scruples, like their parents and their parents’ parents.  The pack lives by violence and dies by violence. 

Jules was the daughter of the Alpha.  Her mother was killed in a bar fight by another woman when Jules was only five.  She was raised solely by her father who, in spite of pack law, refused the woman who had killed his wife. He’d been in love with his woman and only allowed the fight because he’d been certain Jules’ mother would win.  He had killed the winner instead and left the bar with Jules, crying for her mother, in his arms.  In those actions, he had accidentally instilled a lesson in her that he would never have allowed otherwise – love trumps everything. 

He sent her to school, taught her to fight, gave her everything she wanted, as long as she followed pack law.  He threw her in the ring constantly, pushing her to fight the bigger and better.  He was secretly relieved that she won every fight, even if she did almost die when she was fifteen.   She learned two years later that he was grooming someone to be her husband and right hand man.  It was then that she started trying to find a way out. 

Every time she ran, her father found her and brought her back. He beat her and locked her in a cage for a month.  Six times they repeated this pattern and when she turned nineteen he dragged her to a bridal salon to find a dress.  She ran out the back.  When he found her two days later he had given up.  He gave her a choice – stay and be married, become Alpha after his death, or fight the fiancé and gain her freedom.  The fiancé, a young man of twenty-two, lusted after Jules, and the position marriage would give him.  He fought hard, dirty, and still lost. 

Jules was then patched up and escorted to the edge of her father’s territory.  She was told that if she ever set foot on their land again, she’d be killed on sight.  She ran from them, ashamed that she was running yet exhilarated to have her freedom.  For a year she slunk through France before moving west through the British Isles and finding herself wounded and exhausted on Four Claw territory.  Chelle found her and dragged her to the compound and she’d spent every day since earning her place in the pack, learning that love and compassion are stronger than violence and hate.



Celebration time, come on! (courtesy of google)

Celebration time, come on! (courtesy of google)

My website is live and it is smokin’ hot!

Check it out.

It is phenomenal.  So totally gorgeous.  The excerpt pages are a little hard to read because of the font colour but there were few options and that, overall, seemed to be the best one. The fonts on the character pages may get lightened up a bit too.  

I am literally so happy I’m in tears.  

Something monumental this way comes.

And I can’t wait.

Check out the link and let me know what you think!