Fiction Friday Week 10

Good Friday morning!

What?! It’s Saturday??   Surely you jest.

Nah, I know it’s Saturday.  Yesterday was just so… spectacularly lovely that the thought of work totally fled my mind.  We actually spent time outside!  And it was comfortable.  

It’s saying something about the winter just ending when you can say that 7*C (44*F) is comfortable.  We spent time at the beach, soaking up the elements.  Spent some time on the deck, watching the cat roam around on his rather lengthy leash.  Cooked on the barbecue (although… I’ve been known to do that in February).

This week, I finished reading HW3 and began writing in it again.  There was a new character introduced – actually, I think she just tied up a loose end by walking into the shop where Anna was trying on a dress.  It got me to thinking that we don’t know Jules all that well.

So I made it my mission to get to know her.  GK helped me put flesh on her, figure out what she looked like.  She’s younger than I thought she’d be (than I intended her to be) but I think she has a lot of potential.  

Oh!  I just had a thought.  There’s a part near the beginning of HW3 where we meet Jules after she’s beaten the hell out of a fellow Wolf and in an effort to (Oh I have to fix how the permissions worked there) work her way up through the pack.  She tells Anna, “…I am not an Omega and I refuse to remain as one.”  Anna tells Liam they should have an all out, beat-as-many-as-Jules-can battle to see how good she really is, since Jules has been going about it outside of the Four Claw ritual; she’s been following, instead, her home pack law.  I was going to do it before the wedding but I think the full moon required may happen after and then I can open HW4 with it. 

*grins*  Oh yes, I like that.  

Anyway, I am two weeks overdue for a photo blog for you all.  That is next on my list.  I really, really want to go see if the beach is accessible so I’m going to do that too.  

Have a wonderful day, folks.


Jules Verne

Age: 22

Height: 5’7”

Weight:  178lbs

Pack Status:  Xi

Supernatural Status:  Up and comer in the Four Claw Pack


Human:  Jules has a thick mass of curly, chestnut brown hair that falls just past her shoulders.  It is just long enough to put into a tight braid when she’s training or fighting.   It looks like a river of molten chocolate in the sunlight.  She has green eyes framed with thick lashes.  A few freckles dust her nose and across her cheekbones.  She has a Cupid’s bow of a mouth, perfectly kissable.  Dimples appear when she smiles large and genuinely, something that is rare.  She has a runner’s physique enhanced by martial arts and weights.  Her muscles are well defined, she has slight curves and long legs.

Wolf:  She is a medium sized wolf with fur the same colour as her hair.  It is darkest around her muzzle with the colour lightening as it flows down her body.  It is a pale milk chocolate at the tip of her tail.

Background:  Jules has come to the Four Claw the same way many others have – seeking safe haven and peace.  She is from the Soif de Sang (Blood Lust) pack from Paris, France.  She was born into the pack, drawn in, trained and taught by the pack.  Many of the children grew up brutal, without morals or scruples, like their parents and their parents’ parents.  The pack lives by violence and dies by violence. 

Jules was the daughter of the Alpha.  Her mother was killed in a bar fight by another woman when Jules was only five.  She was raised solely by her father who, in spite of pack law, refused the woman who had killed his wife. He’d been in love with his woman and only allowed the fight because he’d been certain Jules’ mother would win.  He had killed the winner instead and left the bar with Jules, crying for her mother, in his arms.  In those actions, he had accidentally instilled a lesson in her that he would never have allowed otherwise – love trumps everything. 

He sent her to school, taught her to fight, gave her everything she wanted, as long as she followed pack law.  He threw her in the ring constantly, pushing her to fight the bigger and better.  He was secretly relieved that she won every fight, even if she did almost die when she was fifteen.   She learned two years later that he was grooming someone to be her husband and right hand man.  It was then that she started trying to find a way out. 

Every time she ran, her father found her and brought her back. He beat her and locked her in a cage for a month.  Six times they repeated this pattern and when she turned nineteen he dragged her to a bridal salon to find a dress.  She ran out the back.  When he found her two days later he had given up.  He gave her a choice – stay and be married, become Alpha after his death, or fight the fiancé and gain her freedom.  The fiancé, a young man of twenty-two, lusted after Jules, and the position marriage would give him.  He fought hard, dirty, and still lost. 

Jules was then patched up and escorted to the edge of her father’s territory.  She was told that if she ever set foot on their land again, she’d be killed on sight.  She ran from them, ashamed that she was running yet exhilarated to have her freedom.  For a year she slunk through France before moving west through the British Isles and finding herself wounded and exhausted on Four Claw territory.  Chelle found her and dragged her to the compound and she’d spent every day since earning her place in the pack, learning that love and compassion are stronger than violence and hate.



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