Fiction Friday Week 12

Good morning!

I know, I know.  It’s Saturday again. I have a good reason though!

This week, when I wasn’t at therapy or recovering from the nasty chemical hits, (and subsequent, vicious asthma attacks), I took on Sunday and Monday, I have been working out the details for Anna and Liam’s wedding!  Isn’t that great?  I finally have it done.  Now all I have to do is write it into the book and, with a couple details after that, HW3 will be complete!

(Speaking of the HW books, I discovered that Witch Hitlist IS still live on Amazon!  I thought I had taken it down so didn’t give it a thought.  You can find it here.  And, as of midnight, or so, for the English speaking countries, you’ll be able to find it on Kindle.)

I have a new character because I needed to create a back story to explain why they were given Stirling Castle as a venue.  The character is the Stirling Wolf Alpha.  Delightful man.  I’ll post his back story tomorrow – I need to type it into my computer.

I do have some of Anna and Liam’s vows written out but I’m not going to share them with you.  It’s a you-have-to-read-the-book kind of thing.  However, you can find pictures of many of the details here on my Pinterest board, created especially to show you what I’m talking about.

Today, I have the alpha’s back story to write and a multitude of pictures to edit.  It’s cold again but brilliantly sunny outside so I see a beach walk in my future today.  So, with that, I’m going to share the plan with you and get on with my other work.  

Have a great weekend!  


The Wedding:

Two days before wedding:

  • Arrival of Janelle
  • Helicopter fight (AugustaWestland AW139) from Pack land to Stirling (Anna, Liam, Janelle, Marcus, Chelle & Jules, Krissy and Callie, [who are the only children currently in the pack, 7 year old twins])
  • Tour of Queen Anne Garden and the Great Hall
  • Settle into Argyll’s Lodging, (Alphas, Beta, Gamma, Anna’s Parents, Jules)
  • The Boar and the Thistle (the Boar being the pub below and the Thistle is the inn above.)
  • Dinner with the Stirling and Edinburgh Alphas, along with a run and hunt, Janelle spending the night with Cain

Day before the wedding:

  • Tour the castle
  • Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal dinner at Argyll’s Lodging – The High Dining Room
  • Bachelorette and bachelor parties (separate)

Day of Wedding:

  • Spa day for Anna and bridesmaids
  • Arrival at the Royal Palace
  • Dressing
  • Meanwhile, Great Hall and Garden are being set up and dressed for wedding
  • Arch being set up on terrace, chairs on the lower level – Therianthropes on the groom’s side, Vampires on the bride’s
  • Torches, flowers on the chairs
  • Arch – wrought iron, woven with blood red roses and gold organza
  • Small altar with an empty glass jar (14”, 3” in diameter) in the middle, a smaller but similar jar of silver sand on one side and another with royal blue sand

The Ceremony

  • Liam and groomsmen will arrive first and stand on the left (when facing the terrace)
  • Flower girls will come in, tossing rose petals
  • Anna will be piped in, escorted by both her parents
  • Conair will stand with his back to the altar, Liam and Anna side by side, arm’s length apart (Liam’s arm *laughs*)
  • Greeting, vows, rings, unity sand, “Mr. and Mrs.”


  • Cocktails in the Douglas Gardens and wall walk
  • Wedding photos in the Queens Inner Hall
  • Dinner in the Great Hall


Soup: Carrot, ginger & cocomut

Starter:  Smoked Venison with celeriac remoulade

Main course: Roast lamb saddle, gratin potato, shallot and currant sauce

Bridal party main course: Fillet of Scottish beef, glazed carrots, parsley potatoes and wild mushroom gravy

Dessert: Whiskey & marmalade sponge pudding with orange toffee sauce

Followed by tea and coffee with truffles

Prosesco was ordered but 3 cases of Champagne were given to Anna as a wedding gift, for the wedding, by a French Vampire family Anna helped in the two world wars.

  • Two glasses of wine before and after ceremony, half a bottle of house wine per person, glasses of Champagne for toasts, after dinner liquor

For the Vampires: warmers table side for bottles of blood.

Canapes: 2 cold: rare roast Aberdeen beef roll with rocket and horseradish; smoked salmon with lemon and black pepper.  Two sweet: mini éclair; shortbread with strawberries and cream

Toasts between the starter and main course


Rectangular head table

Round tables, 6 per table

Small round cake table to the left of the head table

Black table cloths, red runners; black chair covers with gold organza ties, centerpieces are short round vases filled with crystals, strips lights in natural tones, and short white roses in almost full bloom.

Low lighting

The Cake

  • Sitting on a clear acrylic table with crystals hanging in curved rows from one side to the other with more dangling at the corners, making it look like the table legs are actually the dangling crystals
  • Four tiers, covered in white fondant, black ink scrolling around each layer in a seemly haphazard manner above a black ribbon, ribbon is closed with two Swarovski crystals; red roses are piled on top with a few roses artfully falling to land here and there, sometimes only a petal or two, on each layer.
  • Vanilla bean sponge with lemon curd covered in vanilla butter cream in the bottom and third layer up
  • Dark chocolate sponge with a rum soaked cherry filling and a milk chocolate buttercream on the second and top layers


The Gowns:

From chapter 3 of HW3:

It didn’t take them long to find a dress Anna approved of.  The gown was white and a close match for her gown but different enough to leave her looking like the bride.  Her gown was a fitted corset bodice to her hips with a soft sweetheart neckline; the bridesmaid gown was a high natural waist with a straight neckline.  Anna’s was a full ball gown with four box pleats from the waist line, each inset was blood red with the embroidery in black and gold; the bridesmaid gown was an A-line skirt with one pleat, offset from the center, falling from a belt at the high waist and the inside of the pleat was a plain colour.  Anna decided that her maid of honour would wear the dark red and the others would wear black. 

Even Chelle agreed she would wear such a gown and Anna smiled.  “Are you sure?  You’re going to look awfully girly, although I think the red will look nice on you.”

“Yes, I’m sure!  I…wait.  Did you just ask me to be maid of honour?”

Anna laughed.  “Why shouldn’t it be you?”  She looked at Doug.  “You wanna be a bridesmaid?”

As Chelle almost fell off the chair laughing at the image that popped into her head of this tall, wiry, dark man in the black gown, he groaned.  “Really?  And here I thought the only dress I’d be wearing was plaid and let me carry a knife.”

Doug scoffed and after they settled on the flower girl dresses – sleeveless, red, satin ball gowns falling to mid-calf with gold organza ribbons wrapped around the waist – he  wandered off to pay for the gowns and discuss fitting schedules with the little redhead.  The flirting was a bonus.  The flirting was also just for fun; Doug’s heart was set on his Mac, the beautiful woman he’d met at the market.

The bride’s hair will be an intricate braid thing with gold wire, onyx beads and garnets woven into it. A long, cathedral length veil, given to her by her parents will be attached.  The bridesmaids’ hair is of their choosing, any decorations in keeping with the colour scheme.  Flower girls with French braids and floral crowns (roses and baby’s breath).

The Bouquet:

Medium posy shape.  Dark red roses mixed with black Calla lilies.  Swarovski crystals are set into the center of some of the blooms, gold organza wraps the stems from the bottom of the blooms to the tips of the stems.  A dagger is hidden in the stems, sheathed, tied in carefully so that it doesn’t fall out but can be pulled out quickly if she needs it. 

The Groom

“Prince Charlie” jacket and waistcoat; double-breasted jacket, silver buttons.  The jacket is cut high at the waist, coming to a point in the front, wide satin lapels, three square buttons on each forearm, and on each side of the jacket opening (in a slight curve); work with a white tux shirt and a black satin bow tie.  Kilt in Taggart tartan – navy blue with red, dark green and black stripes – for Liam, family tartans for the groomsmen. 

Parents of the Bride

 Mother in gold chiffon, Greek Goddess style, jeweled belt glittering with onyx beads, garnet 4-strand necklace, updo with more garnets and onyx in it.   Father dressed in a severely black tux with the lily in his lapel, like the Groom and groomsmen. 


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