Conaire Quigley

Meet the Stirling Alpha!  (Totally unedited, btw, be nice.)

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Conaire Quigley

Age: 63

Height: 6’2”

Weight:  230lbs

Supernatural Status:  Alpha of the Stirling pack


            Human:  Like most of the other Wolves, Conair is fit, broad shouldered and trim of waist.  Wavy black hair that falls almost to his shoulders, a strong brow, blue eyes and thick lashes top high cheekbones.  A long, straight nose leads to a lush mouth with a full lower lip, a totally kissable mouth; he also has a firm jaw line.  He is the epitome of a Highlands warrior.

                Wolf:  He is almost as large as Liam and Marcus.  His fur is shaggy, pure black and he has black eyes. 

Background: Conaire is a descendent of James the Second of Scotland. 

In 1449 James II, staying at Stirling at the time, hosted a tournament for the warriors and knights in the land.  Within his entourage was his pregnant mistress.

Among the knights was a Wolf with a vendetta against James II.  Once Seamus, as the Wolf was so named, discovered that the pregnant mistress was within the castle grounds he set out to find her.  He used the Wolves with him to help kidnap her and bring her to his camp.  Once he had her he seduced her with Wolf charms, calming her fears and arousing her until she willingly spread her legs.  Once he was deep in her he lost control and bit her.

The Lycanthropy raced through her system as he had her delivered back to James’s court.  It didn’t take too long before the Lycanthropy made her ill; by dawn she was feverish and delirious, talking about black eyes and people with fur. 

James, as any good ruler should be, had a relationship with the Supernatural community.  As word of her feverish ravings got to him a chill struck his heart. He hurried to her side, more concerned for the baby than her. He argued with the midwife, called in his own surgeons and had them take the babe from her womb, despite the fact that it was a month too early.

The baby was born squalling with a good set of lungs and as healthy looking as any full-term newborn.  As speculative whispers began about the actual due date, James himself bundled up the baby and wrapped himself in plain clothes.  He climbed on a horse and, with the baby in his arms, raced for the nearest Wolf pack. He charged them with raising the baby, gave them money, promised to aide in whatever way was necessary to raise his son, named the boy Phillip Quigley – “Quigley” meaning “lively” – and tore off again in the night to return to his court before dawn.  He worried that his son, in utero at the time of the bite, would be Wolf.

When Phillip hit puberty, his Wolf did indeed come upon him. James immediately put out the word for a knight to foster him, preferably one of the Wolf community, for the family he’d left the boy with were farmers.  While they’d be able to teach him to fight, James wanted Philip to learn all he could of the world.   

The Wolf who bit Phillip’s mother came forward and took the boy into his home.  He raised Philip to know his Wolf, to become one with it, know when to use it, and when to not.  He raised him in the ways of the knight and tried to poison him against his father.

Once Phillip hit the age of twenty, he was tall, strong, well-mannered, a very good fighter, and well learned.  He learned the truth of his origins and he killed the man who fostered him, the man who made him Wolf.  Then he appeared in his father’s court.

James, while not ashamed of his son, could not publicly claim him, for he’d decreed his son dead the night of his birth.  Instead, he took the boy into his court and got to know him, got him to understand what had happened on that fateful night. Then he settled lands and money on him.

Philip took over the Stirling pack, found a mate, invested the money wisely and set about ensuring that those generations after him would want for nothing. He raised his children, sons and daughters, to be Alphas and sent them into the world.  He relinquished his position only to the one who came back to stay and help the pack, and the investments, grow so that future generations would have all the same opportunities.

And so it came to be that Conaire Quigley, eleventh Quigley Alpha, came to be a very wealthy and very generous man.

Conaire himself grew up in a loving home within a pack that is fierce in its protection of self and property but also giving and devoted to the Supernatural community.  He was the only other one put up as a candidate for Alpha of Alphas.  He lost only because Liam has an edge that he does not and completed a trial Conaire could not bring himself to finish.  Nevertheless, Liam and Conaire are fast friends. 



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  1. Oh my this is the first one I’ve read. Lunch break won’t come soon enough to read more of your writing. Thank you for a great read.


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