Alas, poor Yorick…

Not that I knew him well but there are days I can certainly relate.

Good morning!  I have just had the most fun conversation about stuff I need but can’t afford that I’ve ever had.  Everybody say, “Hi Jae!”

I’ll pretend you did.  Jae, of the incredibly sexy voice I’d happily listen to while he told me exactly what to do to make myself cum for him, works for  And he could give me those instructions over the phone or blindfold me and do it in person.

I bet he’s blushing now.  *grins* I did tell him that I’d stopped paying attention to what he was saying because I had begun to try to figure out how to describe his voice to my readers.  After I told him I write “very adult fiction” he looked up my website and blog and bookmarked them both.  

Isn’t it lovely that the first one he’ll read (presumably) is about him, even just a little bit?

Now, the reason Jae called me is because today my ownership of my domain names, and the hosting, for my website runs out.  I do not have the money to renew.  Being disabled and perennially broke makes doing anything to get out of being perennially broke extremely difficult.  

I love my website.  I truly do.  Jason did some good work there. I know that a few things need to be changed – like the fonts on some pages and the Where to Buy page (continue reading for information about that) – but it is gorgeous.  I really want to keep it but I cannot afford the original $308 to renew for two years, nor the near $200 for the single year (see why I chose 2 years? Cheaper.).  

Jae gave me all kinds of info about penalties and how long I have before said penalties are applied to renewals.  We talked for a while.  I admit to prolonging the conversation (and coming away with damp panties).  

I prolonged it with bits like this:

He said, after he’d had sufficient time for his brain to process very adult fiction, “It’s too bad there isn’t a button you could click and …well, I’d be happy to read a few sentences for you.”

I sucked in a gasp at the thought of him reading lines from scenes like when Liam claimed Anna as his slave and ordered her to suck Marcus’s cock.  I said, “Duuuude! Don’t say that. That would get us off on a whole other tangent that should not be recorded for your boss.” My word, he has a sexy laugh too.

And then, sadly, the time came for our time together to end.  He ended the call with “Is there anything else I can do for you?” I said, “Yes but it doesn’t go with your job.”


Needless to say, that this point, it looks like my long-awaited, beautiful website is going to go down.  Hopefully, at the end of the month, maybe as early as next week, it will return but who knows.

Meanwhile!  You can actually buy HW1 on Amazon and Kindle. If you want an autographed copy you can email me at . The cost for that is $15 – I have to pay for shipping but it is the same price no matter where in the world you are.  It is the Amazon cover.

I, Caity Bowman, do solemnly swear to put Lizendale up next week.  I will be going over HW2 one more time as soon as I finish HW3.  My goal for publication is July 1st.  After that, Birdie and Rolf will see print.  

I am going to have lunch now and do some more writing in HW3.  

May you find as much pleasure in this Wednesday as I did this morning. 😉  



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