Fiction Friday Week 16

Good morning!  

Since most of the world to the west of me is still sleeping, we’ll call this time of day late-Friday so the blog isn’t late again. 😉

Yesterday was a brain laggy day because I was out of one of my meds and had been for 24 hours.   It sucked.

BUT!  Today I have here a chapter I wrote this week for HW3.  The scene is totally apropos of nothing in the story, except, perhaps, to show the humour and camaraderie with which my Wolves live their lives.  

Callie and Krissy are, again, the girls Anna and Liam scared the hell out of at the beginning of the book towards the end of HW2, they are flower girls in the wedding.  (I believe I mentioned that last week but in case you missed it, there you go.) 

I woke with a brain that works this morning so, before I do anything else, I am going to write some.  It is my goal to write a little every day – again.  I got out of the habit, allowed my health and stress to rule.  No more!  The words shall flow again!  *sounds of a quill scratching across paper*

I shall have an announcement tomorrow and perhaps a surprise.  Be sure to pay attention! 

Have a great day, my lovely people.


Chapter Forty-Four

 The pub was half taken over by a large group of tables for the heads of the nearby Therianthrope groups.  They were there to help celebrate the wedding and, in part, discuss some issues that had come up.  Mostly, though, they were there to eat, drink and be merry and not a one of them missed the Vampires.  The creatures of the night had declined to attend dinner, they were even staying at an inn across town, saying that they “refuse to mingle with the curs any more than absolutely necessary.  The only ones who would, as far as Anna knew, were her mother and father.

However, Princes Sarah and Andre and their consort Sebastian appeared at the door soon after Cain and Janelle’s appearance at sunset.  They were followed by the appearance of something that stopped every person in the pub in their tracks:  two small pirates brandishing swords.

Seven year old Callie and Krissy were dressed in identical pirate outfits:  Knee high, folded over black leather boots and black and white striped satin pants covered their legs; frilly white shirts were topped with long tunic-style vests – pink for Krissy and purple for Callie – and held closed with wide leather belts with big bronze buckles; scabbards hung over each girl’s left hip and black bandanas with a white skull-and-crossbones pattern covered their hair.

They ran up to Anna. “Look!” they cried in unison.  “Look what Mr. Con gave us!”  They did a little twirl, swords swinging wide, one knocking Marcus in the hip, the other narrowly missing Anna’s face.

“Watch it!”  Their mother ran up to them and put her hands on their shoulders. 

They shrugged her off after muttering their apologies.  “We’re pirates!” they said, again in unison.

“Oh wow!  That’s fantastic!  You two look great.”  Anna looked each of them over with a fond but critical look.  “Do you think you can do a sword fight as good as Wesley and Inigo?”

Both little faces lit up and then looked at each other.  They’d watched The Princess Bride at least eight times in the last couple of weeks, four of those times with Anna, who had introduced them to it.  They ran to the dance floor and stood in the starting position Wesley and Inigo had taken. 

Callie said, “You seem a decent fellow, I hate to kill you.”  She quoted the movie as she tipped her sword towards her forehead with a little bow.

Krissy swept her sister a wide-armed bow.  “You seem a decent fellow, I hate to die.”

The girls leapt at each other and the thwack of wood on wood sounded through the pub.  They climbed up chairs and across tables, much to the dismay of their mother and the encouraging amusement of everyone else.

“Who are you?”  Callie asked as they paused, staring at each other.

“No one of consequence,” Krissy replied.

“But I must know!” Callie insisted.

“Get used to disappointment,” Krissy said as she lunged at her sister.

They fought for a little bit longer until one of them swept a sword across a table and took a pint of ale to the floor, shattering the glass and spilling beer all over the place. 

“Alright, that’s enough now.”  Ruth stepped in and grabbed each girl by an arm.

Conaire chuckled as two people hurried in to clean the mess.  He raised a glass.  “A toast!  To the most beautiful pirates ever to grace the land, may your exploits live on in infamy and may your sainted mother have the patience to teach you all you need to know to live the best of lives.”  His toast was topped by cries of “here here!”

Ruth blushed to the roots of her hair.  “Thank you, Sir,” she said.  The twins squirmed out of her grasp and ran to Conaire.  They hugged him and whispered in his ears.  Ruth wondered what they said that made him look at her that way.  She allowed the girls to run to Anna to say good night then took them from the pub back to Argyll’s Lodging.


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