Fiction Friday Week 20

This is it.  This is the last chapter of Ghosts Afire, Highland Wolves Three.  

And I’m all teary eyed again. 

I love these characters. They are absolutely every bit a part of me and my heart is in every word I write about them.   There is only one more book – Anna, Liam and some of the pack go to the Congo to rescue a pride of Cats from a witch.  

Meanwhile, the Alpha pair are wed and the supernatural world celebrates.  It’s a beautiful thing.  There isn’t much more I can say about the chapter.

We are gallivanting around today so I need to leave you now.  

Have a great day!


Chapter Fifty-One


From just on the other side of the Forework, Anna stood still as the planner fussed with her gown.  

“You look beautiful, Daughter.  You out shine even your mother.” Cain almost regretted speaking his thoughts out loud when her eyes filled up with tears.  He was relieved when she blinked them back and smiled wryly at him.

“Thank you, Father.  It took a bit of magic to get the gown to fit right after this morning’s growth spurt.”  Nuada had lengthened the gown and then set the pleats so that they didn’t gape open over her belly but fell properly.  Everyone had been happy with the result and Anna felt stunning.  They’d pinned the Luckenbooth brooch to her breast and wrapped Liam’s father’s flashes around her bouquet stems. 

“She did well.”  He glowered at the planner as she tried to hurry him but offered his arm and led his daughter onto the red carpet.

As they made the turn and Liam came into view Anna stopped cold.  She had never seen him looking so gorgeous.  He was dressed in full Highland formal wear with the Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket, a white tux shirt, three-button waistcoat and bowtie.  He had on his kilt in Taggart green, blue and red, white hose, flashes, the leather sporran and even his sgain dubh.  She couldn’t help it.  She grinned then started moving forward.  She would have run to her groom if her father hadn’t taken an iron grip on her and slowed her to a sedate pace.

For his part, Liam’s breath was taken away.  He had thought she could never be more beautiful than she was.  He’d been mistaken.  She glowed with pregnancy and her love for him.  She lit up his world and he was filled with gratitude for the Gods that had brought them together.   He answered her grin with one of his own and took the steps in one leap to meet her. 

Conaire spoke after everyone but Janelle seated themselves.  “Who gives this bride?”

Cain and Janelle spoke together.  “We do.”  Cain kissed Anna’s cheeks then put her hand in Liam’s.  “We trust you with our daughter; that you will care for her, love her and keep her safe.”

“I will.”  Liam released Anna for a moment to shake Cain’s hand.  Cain sat down as Liam took firm possession of his bride again.  “You look stunning,” he whispered.

“So do you,” she whispered back as he led her up the stairs.

They stood before Conaire, and the twins, and smiled at him.  Conaire smiled back and spoke.  “Today we do something unprecedented.  We join together the Vampire,” he nodded at that faction, “and the Wolf.” He gave that side a nod too.  “Already, the two are one within the bride but today we bring them together for the world to see.  It is my privilege to marry the son of my best friend to the love of his life.”

He looked at Liam.  “It warms my heart to see you so happy, Liam, and I know your parents would have been pleased.  They would have loved the Princess as their own and welcomed her into their home with open arms.  I have spoken to your pack and I know that they have done the same.” 

Anna smiled as Conaire turned to her.  “It has been my honour,” Conaire said, “to get to know the great Cain’s daughter.  You are oft spoke about in whispers, with awe and fear and great affection.  More so since you became part of the Four Claw Wolves.  I wondered who, and what, my godson was getting involved with but you are more than I could have wished in a Mate for him.  I can see why he loves you.”  He pulled a tissue from his sporran and gave it to her to dab her tears.  The twins tugged at his hands and he leaned down to listen to them for a moment.  He smiled then nodded.

Together the girls stepped forward and spoke as one.  “We love Miss Anna.  She is second only to our own Mother in people we love.  We are glad our Alpha is marrying her.”

There were chuckles and sounds of appreciation from the audience as Conaire drew them back to his side.  “It is time for the vows.  Liam?”

Liam looked down at his bride, silent for a moment.  He took her bouquet from her and handed it to Marcus, who turned red at the titters from the onlookers.  “Anna.  Dostoevsky said, ‘So long as a man remains free he strives for nothing so incessantly and so painfully as to find someone to worship.’  In you I found my Goddess, I found a home for my heart and my soul.  I found a love that has no equal, no boundaries, no qualifiers.  I pray only to give to you more than you give to me.  I give my life to you as I give my heart.”

Tears were running freely down the face of nearly every woman there and more than a few men were clearing their throats and the short, simple vow from Liam.

Anna’s eyes were dry, clear and shining with everything she felt for him.  “Lee, my Wolfman.  For all of my considerable life I have searched for a home for my heart for somewhere I truly belonged.  I thought I found it twice but I was wrong.  What I feel for you, what you give to me, blows away anything that has come before. I vow that no matter what challenges may tear us apart I will find my way back to you.  I vow that I will protect and love our Wolves as fiercely as you do.  I will live every day to be worthy of you.  I give my life to you as I give my heart.”

Conaire cleared his throat.   “The rings, please.”   He took the rings from Marcus and Chelle as they handed them to him and passed them to the bride and groom.  “Do you, Liam Andrew Taggart, Alpha of the Four Claw Pack, Protector of Glasgow and Alpha of Alphas, take this woman to be your wife?”

Liam slid the slim gold band over Anna’s finger.  “I do.”

Conaire turned to Anna. “Do you Anna Connor, Princess of the Vampire, heir to Cain’s throne, Hybrid and Alpha of Alphas, take this man to be your husband?”

Anna slid the ring up Liam’s finger and the tears flowed.  “I do.”

Conaire grinned and looked at the twins.  He nodded at their questioning looks.   They stepped up and spoke with him.  “We now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss your bride.” 

There was laughter as Liam snatched Anna to him and kissed her senseless.  Conaire tapped him on the shoulder when the kiss showed no signs of stopping.  “’Tis not the place for that.  Let me announce you.”

The pair broke apart reluctantly and turned to face those gathered as Conaire raised his voice again.  “It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Mister and Missus Liam Taggart, the Alpha Pair of Scotland!”

The End.

The Two Awesomest Words…

…besides “You’re published!”  are:

Beautiful, glorious words for a book I’ve been working on for three years.

They also made me cry.  

*le sigh*

Silly, to some, perhaps, but I’ve put heart and soul into this series and each ending is heart wrenching.  (The series ending will be killer!)   Would you like to see the cover?  At least, the temporary cover. 

It'll be adjusted for formatting but yeah

It’ll be adjusted for formatting but yeah


Pretty, eh?  

I’ll tell you about the ending of the book tomorrow in Fiction Friday.  

I’m off to zone out for a bit – I had therapy and shots AND shopping today so I’m a little toxed and a little wiped out.  I had to share the excitement with you!  I’d have done it this morning but I finished the book 12 minutes before I had to run out the door.  No time for a blog!

Have a wonderful evening. 


Photo Bonus!

A few bonus photos today! I love them and am too excited to wait for Monday.

The cat woke me at 5:45 this morning, pissing me off, of course. Letting me sleep in for 25 minutes doesn’t cut it. lol But it afforded me the beautiful foggy dawn picture here. Later, I went out to feed the squirrels and ran into two anchor lines for this gorgeous web. Of course I had to photograph it too.

Have a great Saturday. And to my Canuck followers – have a fantastic long weekend!


Isn't it gorgeous?  I used the despeckle filter but it still looks slightly grainy.  It seems to work though.

Isn’t it gorgeous? I used the despeckle filter but it still looks slightly grainy. It seems to work though.


Spiders certainly are industrious!  One of the anchor lines was to the deck railing and the other to a chair.  Both distances were a good 6 feet.  I turned the saturation down to -80% or so and adjusted the hue just a bit.

Spiders certainly are industrious! One of the anchor lines was to the deck railing and the other to a chair. Both distances were a good 6 feet. I turned the saturation down to -80% or so and adjusted the hue just a bit.


For this one I did an auto contrast and the sharpen filter.  I adjusted the contrast and brightness a little more.  I'm quite pleased with it.

For this one I did an auto contrast and the sharpen filter. I adjusted the contrast and brightness a little more. I’m quite pleased with it.


Fiction Friday Week 19

Good Friday!

This week we are back to HW3 and the wedding.  The chatty portion of this blog will be short this week.  I have a problem with my right hand and typing is an issue.  No offense to you all but I’d rather save the typing for the book and talking to my Scotsman. 😉

It is the morning of the wedding.  “Morning” is relative – it’s just after noon.  Anna is excited.  What happens just as the day begins was just as much of a surprise to me as it is to everyone else.

Enjoy!  I will speak to you again Monday morning.


Chapter Forty-Eight


The wedding day dawned brilliantly sunny with the slightest bit of frost in the shadiest parts of Stirling; not that any of them saw it until noon.  It was then that Anna woke to her bladder and the kicking of three small babes.  She completed her ablutions, wrapped a large silk robe around herself, then opened the door to the hall and found Jules sleeping on the floor outside her door.

She crouched awkwardly and touched Jules on the shoulder.  “Jules, wake up. What are you doing here?”

Jules sat up, wide awake and completely alert.  “Protection detail, Miss Anna.”  She leapt to her feet and helped Anna straighten up.

Anna raised a brow.  “Protection while asleep?”

Jules blushed.  “After the sun rose I knew no Vamps could come close and there are other guards around the building.  I’d have heard someone coming,” she added defensively.

Anna refrained from pointing out that she had opened the door against her back without waking her and simply smiled.  “Thank you, Jules.  I was heading to my mother’s room.”

Jules nodded.  “This way.”  She went up the hall, around a corner with Anna trailing her.  She knocked gently on the door as Anna caught up.

Janelle opened up and Anna smiled back at her mother as she came into the hall and closed the door quietly behind her.  “Good morning, Momma.”

“Good morning, princess.  Have you eaten yet?”  Janelle tucked her daughter’s hand into the crook of her arm.

“No.  I believe I was promised breakfast and a spa day.”

Michelle nodded as she joined them.  “There’s a breakfast feast being set up in the Alexander room.   You’ll need to put clothes on to get to your spa day, my Alpha.”

Anna beamed at Chelle and hugged her.  “Thank you so much for the earrings!  They’re lovely.”

Chelle hugged Anna back, her usual gruffness set aside by the excitement of the day.  “You’re welcome, though I’ll be expecting them back tomorrow.”

They all chuckled as they entered Anna’s room.  They found Nuada waiting for them with a huge bouquet of tropical flowers, some of which were from her own garden. 

“Oh! It’s beautiful,” Anna exclaimed.  “Thank you!”

“I could do no less for my favourite friend.  My father sent a gift for you and your groom but you must wait until later to open it.”

Anna looked curious and almost questioned Nuada about it but the babies kicked hard enough to double her over.  She gasped in pain and would have collapsed if her friend hadn’t caught her. 

The others rushed forward as Janelle helped Nuada get Anna onto the bed.  Anna screamed and her belly stretched with hands and feet showing everywhere.

“What the hell is going on?”  Chelle whispered the words. 

“Get Liam.  Now.”  Janelle snapped out the command as she took control of her daughter’s mind and knocked her out.  Even unconscious, Anna continued whimpering and writhing.

“Nuada, is there anything you can see?”  Janelle.

“I will need a few moments.”  Nuada climbed up on the bed and knelt beside her friend.  She laid her hands on Anna’s belly and closed her eyes, seeking the source of the pain.

Liam barged in, snarling at the people near his Anna.  They backed off, all but Nuada, who was deep in her exam of Anna.  “What the hell is going on?” he unintentionally echoed Chelle.  He tried to gather her into his arms but Nuada hissed at him.  He backed away and growled deep in his chest, fear and fury in his eyes. 

“We’re not sure,” Janelle said.  “The babies moved and then she was like this,” she waved a hand helplessly.

“The babies did this?”  Liam looked even angrier, something no one thought was possible.

“They did.”  Nuada’s eyes snapped open.  “They’ve grown again.  Weeks of growth in minutes.”  Her eyes hardened as she glowered at Liam.  “You’ll not be letting her get pregnant again.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Fae.”  His voice softened.  “Can I hold her?”

Nuada took no offense; she was scared too.   “Aye.  She’ll wake soon.”  She slanted a look at Janelle.  “Right?”

“Right.”  Janelle released her grip on her daughter’s mind and watched as Liam climbed on to the bed and gathered Anna into his arms.  “She looks so much bigger now.  She’s going to be in pain until the babies come.”

Liam rubbed his hand over Anna’s belly, feeling the babies’ reaction to his touch, each of them reached for him.  He looked at Nuada.  “They’re all alright, the four of them?”

“Aye,” Nuada said patiently, “Sadira and the triplets are healthy.  The growth spurt took her by surprise is all.”

“How long now, do you think?”  Liam frowned.

“Days, a fortnight at most.  She is almost to term now.” 

They all gasped.  No one was prepared for the babies to come so soon.  “So soon?”  Liam whispered the words.  “This has caused her tremendous pain, hasn’t it?”  Liam’s question was flat as he looked at each of the women.

None would look back and he growled. 

“Lee,” Anna’s voice was soft, affectionate.

“Anna.”  Her name was full of pain, guilt and love. 

“Lee, what happened?”

Monday Medley – Pretties

Beauty day!

Beauty day!

Good Monday morning! 

This weekend was about contradictions for me – there were some really good things and some really crappy things.  I try to focus on the good so the crappy stuff doesn’t seem so crappy.  

For instance, Friday was so lovely that we sat on the porch with our feet up reading for a spell.  We could see the lake, hear the birds and see all the leaves and flowers waking up.  

Over the last couple of weeks the weather has inspired me to wander around with my camera to capture the blooms.  I was also inspired to do that while I was in a nursery, (Westland Greenhouses for the win. They have a wonderful selection and very knowledgeable staff.  One took a 5 second look at a picture and said, “OH!  I know what that is!), but we’ll get to those pictures.  First, my own gardens – and a couple from goldi’s garden.

The crocuses were my first blooms of the season.  I have this wonderful yellow...

The crocuses were my first blooms of the season. I have this wonderful yellow…

...and this great purple.

…and this great purple.

Even the bugs were starting to wake up a couple of weeks ago.

Even the bugs were starting to wake up a couple of weeks ago.

godli has some marvelous spring bulbs, like this magenta tulip.

goldi has some marvelous spring bulbs, like this magenta tulip.

And these double bloom daffodils.   This picture, by the way, isn't retouched at all.  The lighting was perfect, doncha think?

And these double bloom daffodils. This picture, by the way, isn’t retouched at all. The lighting was perfect, doncha think?

This is also my purple crocus.  I was messing with the hue & saturation sliders again.

This is also my purple crocus. I was messing with the hue & saturation sliders again.

This grape hyacinth is what happens when you go out in the early morning and forget that the flash is on.  I think it's a rather interesting shot but hey.

This grape hyacinth is what happens when you go out in the early morning and forget that the flash is on. I think it’s a rather interesting shot but hey.

We’ve also been to the beach a lot and there have been some really cool finds, like this conch shell.

It is less than two inches long.  And in 20 years of wandering that beach I've never seen another one.  Bits of oyster shells, lots of clam and mussels but never a conch.  I'm pleased with it.

It is less than two inches long. And in 20 years of wandering that beach I’ve never seen another one. Bits of oyster shells, lots of clam and mussels but never a conch. I’m pleased with it.

This weekend, the weather was just as mixed up as the events of my weekend.  We had a couple of rainstorms and I managed to take this wonderful picture of one coming in off the lake.  

I love this picture.  I would love a print of it.  A big print.

I love this picture. I would love a print of it. A big print.

When we went to Westland there were two plants I really liked.  I managed to take a couple of pictures.

This is the Purple Passion flower.  Apparently it's good for restless leg syndrome.  Yay Google.  GK says it's creepy as hell.

This is the Purple Passion flower. Apparently it’s good for restless leg syndrome. Yay Google. GK says it’s creepy as hell.

I forgot to find the name for this one and Google isn't helping - way to let me down this time!  ;)  It looked soft as silk. Also kind of creepy.  Reminds me of a jellyfish in a way.

I forgot to find the name for this one and Google isn’t helping – way to let me down this time! 😉 It looked soft as silk. Also kind of creepy. Reminds me of a jellyfish in a way.

I bought two 4

I bought two 4″ pots of this gorgeous little annual called Landmark Sunrise Rose Lantana. Apparently it’s a prolific bloomer. Plus it’s bright, sunny, very striking visually.

Today is a grey, humid, head-pounding day.  We’re waiting for storms that may or may not arrive.  The atmospheric pressure is intense.  Lots of fun. 

I am going to have lunch and then try to write and THEN I will get to some jewelry making.  I am going to make a healing talisman for someone today.  I think she needs it.  

Have a great Monday, folks. 


Fiction Friday Week 18

Good afternoon!  I hope you are all enjoying this lovely Friday.  It’s supposed to get to a very humid 30°C (86 or so Fahrenheit) today.  Quite a nice day for a walk on the beach!  I’m hoping to accomplish just that thing this afternoon. 

I am working on the formatting to get Lizendale up on Kindle.  And because I’m working so hard on it, I want to share something from it.  It’s the marriage between Magni and Alexi – weddings are on the brain, given that I’m also writing Liam & Anna’s.  I think it’s a beautiful thing. 

I am looking towards the… And I got distracted.  I have no idea what I was going to say there.  I’ve been thinking and pondering it for close to ten minutes.  Not a clue.

I am heading to the beach today, (I know, quelle surprise), and I think this Monday’s medley theme may be water.  Or whatever comes to mind when I look at my pictures. 

For now, I am heading to The Boyfriend’s.  I will be sure to let you know as soon as Lizendale hits the Kindle market.  

It IS on Amazon!  You can find it here.  And you can find my Amazon Author page here although, for some reason, it isn’t linking my books together properly when you go to it from the book page.  It has also added a book to my profile when you click on “visit the author page” from the Witch Hitlist page.  I did not write The Golden One.  That’s someone else entirely.

Seems I have some tech support writing to do. 😉  But first! The cottage!

Have a wonderful weekend!  



Alexi watched through the kitchen door as the three men flew off.  “Will I ever get used to it?”

“Of course you will, my dear, you were born to be among us.”  Artie smiled and hugged the young girl.  “Come now, I prepared a bath for you, then I will show you the dress.”  Artie led the way upstairs and bustled away again once she closed the door on Alexi in the tub.

Alexi slipped into the steaming, strawberry scented water with a sigh and a smile.  Tonight she would be married.  She frowned wondering if married was the right word.  She shrugged it didn’t matter for then she would be his for all time.   She felt whole when she was with him and like a part of her was missing when she wasn’t.  It had started when she was thirteen, though she didn’t know what she was missing.  There was just something there at times then gone for months at a time.  Months she’d spent desolate and lonely. 

A smile curved her lips as she washed herself, sending the images to Magni.  You brat!  Do you know what you are doing to me?

The same thing I am doing to myself, Beloved.  See you soon.  Then she deliberately blocked their connection, not realizing that Magni hadn’t fully left her mind since the first day he’d seen her, except when he was hunting.  She washed her hair and worked painstakingly at removing all the extra hair from her body.   Then she rose carefully, trying not to slosh the water on the floor, and reached for a towel.  She wrapped her hair in one then grabbed another and dried off.  Wearing it like a toga, she padded down the hall, looking for Artie.

“We’re in here dear.”  Artie’s voice came from her bedroom. 

Alexi looked a little alarmed at the ‘we’ in the statement and peered cautiously through the door.  She nearly fled when Artie and three strange women turned to her.

Artie reached out a hand.  “Don’t be afraid, these are my sisters and they are going to help prepare you.  This is Thena,” the blonde one nodded as Artie turned to a brunette.  “This is Lacey.  And finally, this is Helena.”  Artie pulled Alexi into the room.  “Now, just let us do the work.  Look at the dress my sisters made for you, isn’t it beautiful?”

It hung from a dressmaker’s dummy.  An invisible strap held it across the back, holding the front in place where it stretched across the front of the dummy.  It was formfitting to the hips where the skirts fell in soft folds, a slight ruffle around the hem.  The color of the fabric rippled from emerald green to pine green in the shifting light, sparkling slightly.  Elbow length gloves in the same material were draped over one shoulder.

Alexi gasped. “That’s for me?”  All four women nodded.  “It’s so beautiful!”

“As are you, little one.”  Helena smiled.  “Our sister was right; you are beautiful and delightful.  I only hope Magni is deserving of you.”  All four of the older women laughed. 

Alexi blushed as the four of them began bustling around her, arguing over her hair, undergarments and just about everything.  Alexi just let them move her as they would.  Soon she was dressed with the gloves, the skirts of the gown just brushing the tops of her bare feet.  Her hair was pinned on top of her head, except for a few ringlets trailing over the nape of her neck.   All four women congratulated each other and beamed at the slip of the girl.  Alexi stared at herself in astonishment as they turned her to the mirror.

“That’s me?”  She watched her reflection move its mouth in time with hers and just shook her head.  She was very nervous all of a sudden.

Artie came up behind her and smiled.  “Yes it is Alexi.  Magni will be speechless when he sees you.  It’s time. Come downstairs in five minutes.”

Alexi nodded, watching as the women filed out of the room.  Then she moved to the window, staring out at the backyard as it filled with people.  The earthen altar was gone and torches had been lit in a large circle against the gathering gloom of the evening.  People were filling the yard, once again forming a circle that was open towards the house.  Suddenly three large birds flew into the yard, circling to the ground and landing on their feet as Llyr, Magni and Matheus.  Alexi smiled at the sight of her beloved.  There you are.

Indeed.  And where are you?  He asked the question even as his sought to find her in the window.  His brother and father flanked him, all in formal dress, as Alexi heard Artie’s voice in her head, telling her it was time. 

Alexi moved on bare feet down the stairs and out the kitchen door.  She felt like she was floating and had eyes only for her Mate.  She never noticed the circle closing behind her, or the gasps of delight at her appearance.  She glided to Magni’s side and took the hand he offered her. 

Magni looked down at her, awed by her beauty.  He had to be poked in the back to begin.  Alexi heard the words she was to say flow into her head as Magni began to speak.  With his first words, silver sparkles began to form in the air around them.  “My love, kiss me, let my breath be yours.”

Alexi’s voice rose, musical and strong, “Let my breath be yours.”

“Remember me, for my soul remembers you.”  The sparkles grew, dancing and swirling around them with his words.

“Love me, all of me, for all of me loves you.”

“Yield to love, for love conquers all.”

“As love for you has conquered me.”  Alexi’s voice was breathless.  She could feel the bond between them strengthening, a hundred million golden threads pulling their souls closer.

“I am yours for all time.”

“As I am yours.”

“Our soul, once halved, is one; we glow with the same light.”  Magni nearly gasped as his heart wrenched, skipped a beat then strengthened, beating in time with hers.

“For now, forever, across all time and space.”

Magni spoke his last line and the sparkles around them swirled, gathering speed with each word.  “What once was mine is forevermore yours.”

“What once was mine is forevermore yours.”  As Alexi spoke the last words of the binding the sparkles closed in on them then exploded outwards, scattering over all gathered, spreading the love shared by two.  Magni cupped Alexi’s face and leaned down to kiss her.

At once the people around them erupted into applause.  Magni released Alexi’s mouth with a whispered promise to continue later and turned them both to greet the others.  His hand rested on the small of her back and both of them could feel the fires he tried to bank flaring to life under the casual touch of flesh on flesh.  Magni was impatient with the need to be pleasant and greet and thank all of their guests.  He nearly growled when Artie waved a hand and tables of food and beverage appeared.

Alexi smiled and slid her arms around his waist, laying her head on his chest.  I can feel your impatience, Beloved.  There is no need; we have all the time in the world for I am yours for eternity.

I would like that time to start right now.  Magni’s chest rumbled with a soft growl, even as he sent her images of what he’d like to be doing to her.    He was even more annoyed when Alexi merely laughed softly then left his side to talk to his mother and aunts.  The next couple of hours were spent with him watching helplessly as she smiled and greeted and even flirted with their guests.  He had a nearly permanent scowl on his face.

Llyr, in a rare show of light humor, slapped his son on the back.  “Lighten up, you ogre, your scowl will scare away our guests.  This is a celebration!”

Magni turned his scowl on his father.  “Scare them away?  Good!”  He turned slightly and morphed one arm into that of a bear, complete with vicious claws.

Llyr just laughed at him.  “That won’t make a difference.  These people can do all that.  They know very well what you want.  The pheromones you two are giving off are nearly spoiling the taste of the food.”

Magni gaped at Llyr.  Then he laughed.  “Fine, fine.  Let’s have a party.”  He merged with the rest of the crowd, greeting old friends as he sought his Mate and clamped her to his side.


*girlie scream of excitement*

See?!  A good reason for the scream.

See?! A good reason for the scream.

I am totally stoked.  This is the announcement I mentioned a couple of weekends ago.  I had some technical issues – Createspace and I were just not getting along as far as the formatting goes – but I got them resolved and here you have it.  Lizendale, for sale.

Lizendale was up on Lulu many years ago but it was not the quality it should be.  I did not have a great experience with Lulu either so when the contract ended I was happy to take the book down and revamp it.  The book as a whole reads much better now.   The prologue is, still, a short story all on its own.  Meeting Irisi and Alexander is important to the rest of the story.  It is full of violence and love and eroticism, just like you’d expect from me.

Their daughter, Alexi, is a wonderful girl.  She has a gift with people, animals and plants alike.  Everything she pays attention to is happier.  Animals thrive, plants grow.  She is intelligent, compassionate, and always sunny.  She worries about her mother and loathes her father – and learns later just exactly why she should.  That loathing is the only dark spot in a girl that is otherwise, pure light. Magni, on the other hand, is barely contained violence.  He is a ruthless male, a hunter of evil and almost two centuries old when he first encounters Alexi.

Magni is Talos.  They are a step above humans in the evolutionary scale. They have great mastery over the energy that is in all things.  They can manipulate at will, from changing the temperature in a room to shifting molecules around to change their own shape or that of something else. In Magni’s world, one rumoured about but not quite known to most humans, the Talos are born with half a soul.  They are creatures of the light until they become 500 years old or so.   At that point, darkness starts creeping in, unless they have found the person holding the other half of their soul.  It comes to a point where they have to choose – end their lives or give into the darkness and become Winnigo. (Winnigo is a term I borrowed from Native American mythology.  As best I can remember from my research, it is a form of demon, inasmuch as that culture has demons.) Alexi is the other half of Magni.  His attraction to her is instant but he is forced to wait for five years before he can claim her.  As soon as he presents himself to her, she is smitten.  They quickly learn what love is, what that connection of souls means.  

And, almost as quickly, darkness finds them in the form of a Winnego named J’aret.  J’aret’s initial motivation is revenge but then he learns what Alexi is – the prophesied girl, the one who walks the line between human and Talos, born to be Mated to Talos.  The one who mates her will have the greatest power of all, able to rule human, Talos and Winnego alike.    The book is dark, violent, erotic, passionate and full of love, all at the same time.  Kind of like Sherrilyn Kenyon’s BDB series, IMO.  

You can find it here. For now.  It’ll be on Amazon soon and I will share the link for that as soon as it happens. I have to adjust the formatting to get it on Kindle but I’m already working on that. I will have a giveaway very soon too. How could I not? 😉

Have a great evening, folks!


Monday Medley – Wood

Good Monday morning, folks!  I know, “good Monday” seems like an oxymoron but there’s no reason for it to be.

As promised, here is the new weekly blog experiment.

I have failed big time at posting photo blogs on the weekends for quite some time now.  Part of that was because I wasn’t taking pictures worth noting.  Mostly, it’s because my weekends have been about shutting off and trying to feel better.  They are very much about spending time with The Boyfriend too.  The shutting down is about work, about doing for others, pretty much about doing anything outside of the two of us.

Sounds selfish, I suppose, but to me it’s about looking after me and looking after our relationship.

True, the spasms did break but it didn’t last long.  The only saving grace has been the yoga; it’s prevented the new round from being as bad as the first, so far.  However, lately, days like Friday, where my legs collapsed from under me again, and Saturday, when I spent the day in a fog of pain, barely able to walk, have been happening more and more.  Again.

Monday Medley is about photography.  It’s about the things I’ve found interesting – the subjects, the angles, the shadows and light, the lines – in the last week or so.  And while I do have a backlog of photos, we’re going to start this new experiment with photos from the last two weeks.

This week the theme is wood.  We spent a weekend clearing out dead branches from the bushes and some of the trees a couple of weeks ago.  We found some very interesting (to us, *laughs*) pieces of wood.  Gnarly bits of gnarled wood.  

The Boyfriend did an awesome thing with some of that wood that is a whole other post – he custom made me a cane.  It’s gorgeous.  It’s a prototype, an experiment, he says, but I adore it.  But that’s a show-and-tell for another day.

For now, the other bits we found and some of what he has done with it.  

After this, I am going to continue trying to get to know James, the new computer (an ASUS N551jk 15.6″) , and see if I can get some writing done.  James is still quite a lot toxic and is making me a little brain dead, so we’ll see.

On to the photos! 

A piece of driftwood I found on the beach.  I took the picture with the Rich Format on my camera then used Photoshop to enhance the colours.  I love the textures here.  I love birch trees for that.  They're always interesting to look at.  The fact that the bark is hanging on, still wrapped around the branch, even as the thing is being hollowed out strikes me as tenacious. Especially for a dead thing. ;)

A piece of driftwood I found on the beach. I took the picture with the Rich Format on my camera then used Photoshop to enhance the colours. I love the textures here. I love birch trees for that. They’re always interesting to look at. The fact that the bark is hanging on, still wrapped around the branch, even as the thing is being hollowed out strikes me as tenacious. Especially for a dead thing. 😉

This Rose of Sharon seed pod counts as wood, really!  I like the shapes and colours here.  The fact that the bark is hanging on, still wrapped around the branch, even as the thing is being hollowed out strikes me as tenacious.  Especially for a dead thing. ;)

This Rose of Sharon seed pod counts as wood… really! I like the shapes and colours here. 

We are not sure what this is.  It currently has a pale green bloom of some sort pushing out from the red.  Do any of you know what it is?  Do share, please.  It kind of popped up in the garden.

We are not sure what this is. It currently has a pale green bloom of some sort pushing out from the red. Do any of you know what it is? Do share, please. It kind of popped up in the garden.

Do you see the face?  *grins*

Do you see the face? *grins*

This one just had to be put in black & white so that the colours didn't distract from the lines.    I really like the patterns here.

This one just had to be put in black & white so that the colours didn’t distract from the lines. I really like the patterns here.

This one strikes me as Nature's way of throwing her femininity in your face.   The lines and curves are very sensual.

This one strikes me as Nature’s way of throwing her femininity in your face. The lines and curves are very sensual.

Have a wonderful day! 


Fiction Friday Week 17

Good morning!

I swear, I should just call it Storytime Saturday or something. *laughs*  Yesterday was busy and toxic and the blog never even crossed my mind.  I do have something I want to share with you this week.  A couple of somethings.  

First, is a paragraph from Anna and Liam’s wedding rehearsal.  They’d just run through the procession for the second time and…well, here, just read it. 😉

Conaire smiled at the bride and groom as they stood before him a second time at the end of the rehearsal.  “Are you sure you don’t want me to marry you right now?” 

Anna and Liam smiled at each other for a long moment before looking at Conaire again.  It was Liam who spoke, his voice a little rough with emotion.  “I want to see her in all her bridal finery.  I want to give her what she deserves – all the romance and pomp and circumstance that goes with who and what she is.”

I absolutely adore Liam.  He’s so tough and gruff, hard and all business.  Except when it comes to his Anna.  She is his sun and moon, his life blood, the marrow in his bones.  

Just as he is for her.

The thing I most want to share is Anna’s parents and the rehearsal dinner.  However, I can’t share the entire thing (the dinner that is) because it’s two chapters long.  As dinner comes to an end, Cain and Janelle give their wedding gift to their daughter and her husband-to-be.  A little about the dinner:  Fourteen people sit around the large square table and three of them are Vampires.  Their diet is what you’d expect and they are informed at the beginning of the meal that the castle staff all donated blood.  This is an important point, trust me. 😀

I shall be setting up my new computer today and finishing that project that was supposed to be the subject of last week’s announcement (so that maybe  I can announce it tomorrow), and wishing I could be at my daughter’s competition today.  It’s 2 hours away and I can barely walk; there’s no way I can make the drive.  It’s going to crush her. 😦 It breaks my heart. I missed her dance yesterday and I can’t go to her last competition next week either.  

*sigh*  These are the realities of my life buy they still suck.

On Monday I will have a new thing for you.  A new weekly blog experiment.

Have a great day!  


Anna smiled at her father as he watched her take a final bite of the cake.  She swallowed then asked, “Was everything alright, Father?”

Cain nodded.  “It was indeed.  These Highlanders have a lovely flavour.”  He winked at her and her giggles filled the room over the sudden stillness.

“I think you should be complimented, Conaire.”  Anna said mischievously.  “You grow a fine people here.”

Conaire burst out laughing.  “I do indeed.”  He turned to Cain, “I am pleased that you all were able to enjoy the meal.  Unfortunately, we do not have a enough people here to donate as much as is needed for tomorrow; at least, not by Prince Andre’s estimations.  We have had some vintages flown in for the Vampire side of tomorrow night’s celebrations.”

Cain nodded.  “That is acceptable, thank you.”  He rose, his heavy goblet in hand.  “I would like to say something.”  He waited until everyone picked up their glasses.  “My daughter is more than seven hundred years old and yet –”  he broke off as everyone’s head whipped around to stare at Anna, everyone except Liam, who merely took her hand in his. Cain cleared his throat.  “And yet,” he said again, “you would never know by looking at her.  She is a gorgeous creature; loving, charming, absolutely brilliant and completely devoted to whomever she has given her heart.

“She has chosen to give it to Liam here and to the Wolves he rules over.”  Cain nodded to Liam.  “Now, I don’t know Liam very well, even though I’ve had him thoroughly investigated.”  He gave Liam a hard look, and only Liam saw the amusement in his eyes.  “We need to discuss that Norfolk thing, boy.”

Liam’s eyes widened.  “No, no,” he said hastily, “we don’t.”  He glowered at Marcus as he smirked.  He was the only one who knew that Liam had worked undercover as a drag queen to catch a rogue shifter.

Cain grinned again.  “As I was saying, with or without the Norfolk thing, Liam is as fine a person as I have ever met.  Regardless of what you are…” scowls ringed the table and Janelle pinched him, “I will be pleased to call you son-in-law.  Hey,” he said in response to the scowls, “I am old –”

“Ancient,” Anna chimed in.

Cain scowled at her and finished his sentence.  “I am old and I am set in my ways.  The war between Therianthrope and Vampire is almost as old as I am.”  He lifted his glass.  “Here’s to Liam and Anna, may you live a long, happy life filled with so much joy that a smile never leaves your face.  I’d add ‘and enough strife to make you appreciate it’ but you’ve had enough trouble in the last few weeks to last you two lifetimes.  To Anna and Liam!”  He tipped his glass at the pair and sipped as everyone echoed his toast and sipped.

Janelle leaned over and whispered in his ear.  Cain nodded, chagrined.  “One more thing,” he said.  He raised his voice.  “Come!”

Immediately, the door to the main hall opened and another Vampire walked in.  He was carrying a large chest covered by a red velvet cloth.  He set it down on the table between Anna and Liam, who hastily moved their dishes.  It made a heavy thunk on the thick wooden table top. The chest measured fifteen inches wide by ten wide and nine from table to where the curve of the lid began.  Anna, always eager to unwrap a gift, reached for the cloth.

“Hold.”  Cain’s voice was soft but commanding.  Anna stopped and reluctantly tucked her fingers in her lap, under the table.  He smiled at her and held his hand to Janelle, who took it and rose to stand beside him.  Cain continued, “I know that the Four Claw Pack has the ability and means to look after themselves but we are parents and we wish nothing but the best for our daughter.  We want to know that her future, the future of her husband and children and all those she cares about is secure.”

Janelle wrapped an arm around Cain and smiled at Anna and Liam.  “It’s true.  We love you both dearly,” she was pinching Cain to keep him from inserting his usual derogatory remark about Wolves.  She needn’t have been.  Cain could clearly see how happy and well loved his daughter was and was coming around to feeling affection for this particular group of Wolves.  “We want to make sure that whatever comes up, whatever happens, you will always be safe.”

“You may lift the cloth, Daughter.”

Together, Anna and Liam pulled the red cloth from the chest.  Everyone at the table gasped as Anna set the cloth to one side.  The base chest was made of several solid slabs of mahogany, the lid of several thinner strips nailed to solid curved pieces at each end.  Every join of wood was covered with Damascus steel, the hinges on the back and the latch for the padlock on the front.  Tied to the padlock with a black silk ribbon was the key.

Liam looked from the chest to Cain.  “The construction is astounding.  Is that really Damascus steel?”

“It is.  I know some people.”  Cain looked smug.  He’d known the Wolf would like the box itself but he couldn’t wait to see what they thought of the contents.  “Open it.”

Anna untied the key but left it to Liam to open and remove the lock.  Together they lift the lid.  Immediately they gasped and half rose to their feet.  Simultaneously, they looked at her parents.  Anna waved a hand at chest.  “This is… is…” her voice was tremulous.

“…too much!”  Liam said, his voice thick with emotion.

Cain shook his head as Janelle moved around to wrap an arm around her daughter’s shoulder.  “Given your longevity and hers, it may not be enough.”

Marcus and Conaire both leaned to the side trying to see into the chest but they couldn’t really see anything.  Anna and Liam gazed back down again.  Across the top of the chest were rolls of hundred pound notes three inches wide.  The chest held five rolls across and three up from front to back.  Underneath that, they could see a hint of gold. 

Together they took out the rolls, setting them on their ends on the table, making sure to hide the exact count from everyone.  There were gasps from the others.  Under the pound notes was a pile of gold and roughly cut jewels; rubies, diamonds, sapphires and emeralds were the most easily identified. 

Almost as one, Anna and Liam dropped heavily into their chairs.  “Momma, Da… this is too much.”  Anna repeated.

“Nonsense,” Janelle said briskly.  She began putting rolls back in the box.  “You will need all of this at some point in your lives.  Just think of the babies.  You have three to put through college.”

“There are ways of doing these things, Janelle, and I have wealth of my own.”  Liam protested feebly as he helped her repack the chest.

She gave them a hard look through her lashes that indicated the pair were not being very gracious.  Immediately, they both blushed.  Anna hugged her mother tightly, making the older woman squeak.  Knowing where Anna was heading next, Janelle used one arm to anchor her in place, scooped up the lock with the other, pulled out the key and deftly tucking it into Anna’s cleavage.  “You’re welcome,” she whispered in her daughter’s ear.  “Keep that key safe.”

Anna nodded then flew around the table to throw herself at her father.  She giggled when Cain caught her awkwardly and hugged her almost as stiffly as she was being enthusiastic.

“Thank you, Father.  We will invest it wisely.”

Cain hugged his daughter and frowned.  “It’s not meant to be invested.  It’s meant to be housed and used as needed.”  He dipped his head and whispered in her ear.  “Your mother insists that two of those rolls of bills are to be used on your pregnancy, the babies, their nursery and for something nice to be done for you after you deliver.”

“Yes, Father.”  Behind her she heard the lock snap shut.  She turned to smile at the man who would be her husband in less than twenty-four hours.  He smiled back like he knew what she was thinking and held out his hand to her.