Fiction Friday Week 21

Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe I forgot this blog yesterday!

Well, I can, really.  It’s been a toxic week and busy.  Yesterday I was exhausted and …well, exhausted.

This week I was so excited to give you Fiction Friday too.  Wolfman challenged me to 50k words in July for CampNaNo and then he challenged me to do 50k this month too!

Naturally, I accepted.  *laughs*

I don’t really have a name for the story yet.  It’s temporarily called “The Timer.”  I am going to share the …prologue?  prelude? foreword?… with you though.  

Next week will be a much longer post.  I will let you meet the three main characters – both protagonists and the antagonist.  For now though, a taste of the world I have created.  


The Timer



“What is this stuff?” British Secret Intelligence officer, Randall Abbott looked down at the files spread before him.

“I’m not sure.”  His partner, Henry Linnington III, struggled to make sense of the file in his hand.  They were in one of Hitler’s research facilities in Mauthausen.  This particular lab was buried three stories underground and they had only found it by accident.  None of the prisoners had yet been released and none would be until they could determine the type of study done here.

Randall picked up one of the folders and read a study titled The Other Body, Study of the energy field around the human body.  It was in English, presumably so that the prisoners and anyone from the Camp stumbling in here might not be able to read it.  He flipped open a page at random.

…success!  We have successfully measured the energy field around the human. Subject C has an amazingly strong reading, whereas Subject H only had what we are beginning to realize is a normal reading.  Subject C has indicated that she can see the energy.  We shall question her further.

“Listen to this!” Henry said. He read from a file he was looking at.  “Subject C successfully brought together two people with the same wavelength in their energy body.  She told us that her family has been matchmaking for generations.  She said that she can foresee when two people with the same wavelength – she called them soulmates – will meet.  When asked what happens when they do she indicated that she did not have firsthand experience.  We will have to manufacture a meeting.  When asked if that would be successful, Subject C said it would be, it is a future already written.”

Randall’s mind was already thinking of the possibilities.  He asked Henry for the date on that entry and searched for a later one. He picked up and read, “We created glasses that will allow us to see this energy.  We watched as Subject C introduced Subject H to prisoner 569123 from Auschwitz. Blinding light flashed on such a magnitude that I saw spots for several hours.  (It is interesting to note that those not wearing the glasses saw nothing.)  When questioned later, Subject H and prisoner 569123 both said that they experienced peace and bliss when their hands touched.  Indeed, both prisoners seemed to be more relaxed, less frightened and have a smile we have not yet been able to remove from their faces.  We shall see how long the peace lasts.  Subject C indicates that it will last for as long as both of them live…”

Randall tapped the file on the desk.  “We need to study this further, Henry.  There could be some good applications for this.”

Henry scoffed.  “What good could come of introducing these ‘soulmates’ to each other?”

“I think, perhaps, global peace, my friend.  If everyone knows that they will some day meet their soulmate, would they not be more relaxed about life?  And once they’ve met the other half of themselves, would they not be happier?  Happy people do not fight.  This could save millions of lives.”

“You are a romantic, Randall.  There are, perhaps, uses for this information but I don’t know about the sappy drivel you’re on about.” 

Randall shook his head, thinking that Henry could benefit from this very thing.  He turned an ordered the entire lab to be boxed up then he went to see the prisoners. Other people like Subject C were hunted down and persuaded to work with the SIS as they continued what Hitler had started.


The world watched or listened on the radio as an announcement was made that the Queen was implementing a new policy:  All citizens of the British Empire – and this included the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and China – born in this year and all following were to have a countdown timer grafted to their inner right wrist.   This timer was to indicate how long it would be before you met your soulmate.  It was optional for those citizens above the age of sixteen.  Many teenage girls and young women opted to have the procedure done.

Many nations scoffed at this but by 1960 the countries within the Empire was turning into the most productive and peaceful areas of the world.  Soon more countries were making the procedure mandatory. 


The countdown timers have become a standard part of society.  They are a bio-tech that is powered by the energy body of its wearer. Somehow, the tech has evolved itself to be constantly pinging off its mate.  Timers stop for two reasons only: the blending of souls or the death of one.  There have been cases of timers going off and the pair being nowhere near each other; those cases have always ended in suicide.  The pull to be with one’s soulmate is irresistible but not everyone can travel the world to find that other person.

The timers are set by clairvoyants the world over. Each country has two clairvoyants for every one tenth of their population.  Once the SIS scientists had discovered what made the clairvoyants able to see the energy waves and the future they started hunting down and training others with the same brain formation.  They ruthlessly bred them to one another to produce stronger clairvoyants.

Hollywood stars George Clooney, Don Cheadle, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub band together to create a humanitarian organization to prevent mass atrocities in the world called Not On Our Watch. They start with peaceful ways and gradually move into policing the world as a paramilitary organization.


Clooney’s collaborative organization is now known as Janus (pronounced Yay-noos according to all the press).  The company is named for the Roman God Janus.  He is the God of beginnings and transitions and is often depicted as having two faces, one looking to the past and the other to the future.  They develop a symbol – the Tree of Life in a circle and quartered into the seasons.  They train their own soldiers and have placed operatives in key governments.  Their own children have been inducted into the company, learning every aspect of it as they learn the arts of both war and peace, and the management of the company.  They have taken over NATO, the United Nations, and have people rising through the ranks of the world’s largest armies.


It’s been a century since the first timer was grafted on to the wrist of that little English boy, Archie Webb.  The world has changed since then.

Janus is the only military organization in the world.  Their mission statement is “Peace through the uplifting of the voices of world culture” and their public goal is to see the world at peace, with equality, education and food for all.  They now have people in higher levels of the world’s governments and have been slowly changing policies and government structure so that all governments are almost completely made over into the image Janus has for the world.  The same vision that allows Janus’s governing board (the aged but still healthy Clooney, Cheadle, Damon, Pitt, Pressman and Weintraub) to quietly rule.  Their children are spread all over the world. 

The world’s spiritual views have changed as well.  The Vatican has been dismantled, Christianity all but eliminated.  Christianity is now practiced fearfully, behind closed doors.  Polytheism is the law – Greek, Roman and Asian pantheons are allowed, encouraged.  In what is now Iraqistan, (Janus ended the wars and amalgamated Kuwait, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan into one country, turned it into a monarchy), an edited version of the Islamic beliefs is still practiced. 

Janus has taken over the world, though no one seems to see it just yet.  Everyone is relying on the soulmate countdown tickers to find their happiness.  Just over half the world’s population has been long decimated by a series of natural disasters – flash freeze events just below and above the arctic circle, mudslides, earthquakes like the one that plunged California into the sea, droughts in Africa that killed almost everyone, and floods.   With the reduction in population food is more available, the Earth is healing and reclaiming a lot of land. 

Everyone is happy.


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