The Eyes Have It

Hello!  Happy Saturday!

I had planned on showing you the pretty things in my life, the flora, however, something else came up.  

My inspiration for these photos came to me in the blink of an eye.

My inspiration for these photos came to me in the blink of an eye.


Let’s face it, anyone who knows my blog knows that I’m addicted to nature photos.  I love the blooms, the riot of colour, the shapes and details at each phase of growth.  I am editing some sixty pictures for you.  

I will be nice and not bore you to death with 60 flower photos though. *laughs*  I will only share my favourites.

But last night I was getting ready for bed and noticed that my eyes were approximately four different colours.  That led me to wanting to see if I could capture it and THAT led The Boyfriend to wanting to photograph his eye too (seen above at its creepiest).  

My first attempt at trying to take a picture of my own eye ended up like this:

I did crop it some.

I did crop it some.


As you can see, I’m not exactly looking at the camera.  I tried to do some colour adjustments to get my iris to show its colours but the lighting in the bathroom was hard to work with.  You can see what I meant about the colour though.

So, because the angle was wrong, (and it wasn’t as close as I wanted before), I tried again.

Caught it this time!

Caught it this time!


Bam!  Look at the colours! The white lights are the bathroom lights, forgot to account for them in the angles.  They did allow me to get the colours though.  

Eyes are absolutely amazing in their colour variations.  You can have brown eyes that are the colour of milk chocolate, or dark chocolate, or so dark a brown they’re almost black.  Sixteen shades of blue, fourteen shades of green.  You can have eyes with several colours in them at once or eyes that change colour (like mine).  

Peter’s eyes are blue.  They’re an amazing blue, I like them a great deal.  But! He has blue tinted contacts, tinted so that he can see them if they go in the wrong place on his eyes.  He says they can be tinted any colour, just his are blue because his eyes are blue.

With the blue contact.

With the blue contact.


Even with not being able to adjust the colour properly (the lighting made the picture come out tinted yellow) you can see the depth of blue the contact creates.  His eyes are the thing I was attracted to first.

Without the contact.

Without the contact.

And without the contact they’re more like denim blue.  And you can see the starburst is more pronounced.  

His eyes have a wealth of history in them.  They often hold humour and affection for the people around him.  They are full of life and surrounded by the evidence that he has lived.  (And, by the way, he is seventeen years older than me.  It doesn’t make a whit of difference, generally.)

The next time you look in the mirror, see what you can see in your peepers.  What colour are they?  How many shades of that colour are in them?  Do they tell your story?

I hope mine tell people that I’m a survivor, full of humour and affection, and that they hint at the wealth of stories in my head.

I want to hear what you see!

Have a great weekend.


PS  The eyes will follow you wherever you go!  Just ask Tee. 😉


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