An Awww Moment

The cover for HW2

The cover for HW2



Are you melting today?  We’re melting today.  It’s GK’s first day of Grade 11.  And she has homework.  Very frustrating homework.  One question is:  You’ve discovered a new element: A=302, Z=119.  How many protons, neurons and electrons are there?

She bent a plastic pencil in half.   I read her textbook and I can’t tell her either.  Hopefully, her classmates will be able to.

Meanwhile, I recently finished the third edit on HW2.  I passed it on to a friend of mine who loves my writing but is brutally honest.  Always has been.  She has edited for me before.  I asked her to look for stupid errors that I’ve missed.  I haven’t looked at the results yet because I wanted to share the content of her return email.

I’m sorry this took me longer than I expected it to. But I am so happy to have been asked. I highlighted the changes I made in case you want to change things back and left notes at the end of each chapter. There is one exception, a joke I had to mention, couldn’t stop myself. Overall the story is wonderful, sexy and heartwarming. I cried when he proposed and when he was scared of her I cried with her, earning me some funny looks around here. simply put, I loved the book.

Isn’t that wonderful?   I love it when I can affect people like that.   THIS is why I write.  Why I wish more people could see my books.  Why I don’t understand people like the book stores who say “this isn’t our thing.”  What?  Evocative writing isn’t for you?  Why do you manage a store in the largest chain in Canada?

*coughs*  End rant.  Sorry.

I think what kitty wrote here is fantastic.  

Wait, I have to find the joke.

Found it!  Kitty is from Arizona, (USA), which, for those who don’t know, is a desert state.  When I was there, a Canadian from a humid province, I had to make the following joke myself, at least once.  (Probably more than once, knowing me. *laughs*)

The line from the story – where Anna, Liam and Chelle had just stepped into the first circle of Hell – is:  The heat took their breath away and, gasping, Anna managed to make an old North American joke, “At least it’s a dry heat.”  She wheezed out a laugh.

Kitty’s joke: “In my head I saw it continued …just like Arizona.” 

*grins*  There is a reason we’re friends.  

I’m off to make dinner now.  I had to share her praise with you.  I love it.

Have a grand evening (or day for you Aussies).




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