The First Day


A blessing for the new year. (web find)


This is the time of the year when everyone starts reflecting on all the things they need to change in order to live well. I am guilty of it but I am trying to change it for I think that we should be looking at our lives regularly through the year and changing our negative behaviours to the positive.  

I also think, though, that everyone needs a starting point and ‘Happy new year!’ tends to be that point.  Why not February 1st or July 1st or October?   

So this January I’m not making resolutions or promises, I’m making changes.  

I will tell you about them but first, I want to look at the positives of 2015.  

I had ample opportunity to be proud of my children.  My son is working hard at achieving his goals, he stands strong by his girlfriend and he is there for his family.  My daughter is making strides in handling her own anger issues and she works hard to maintain her position on the honour roll at school.  

I began therapy and have made progress in changing how I react to things.  The current bruises on my hand would seem to belie that but it is true nevertheless.  The bruises are a result of not taking care of myself well enough throughout December.

I put Lizendale up for sale on Kindle and Amazon.  (HW2 is a week or so away from publication too, by the way.  And when it’s up, both HW1 and Lizendale will be given away for free in the Kindle store.)

My relationship with Wolfman has improved a great deal.

My relationship with The Boyfriend is still going strong.

I went into remission for a few weeks.  Man oh man, was that ever great!

The flare I went into following the remission wasn’t as bad as previous ones.  That means I’m getting stronger.

I had a lot of love, a lot of laughs and a lot of Light in my life. 

Sounds like a great year, doesn’t it?  It was.

It wasn’t without difficulty though.  There are changes I need to make in my thinking, my perspective and the way I treat my body.

Less junk food.  More veggies.  Start at the beginning with my elliptical and any other exercises I want to add.  That means 3 minutes on the elliptical.  Three leg lifts, three repetitions of each move with the resistance band.  

I need to be more open to seeing how other people really see me; my daughter tells me that people appreciate me more than I know. She says I refuse to see it, or close to that.  

I need to be open to the gifts the Universe will send my way and I need to use them wisely.  

I need to be in touch with my spirituality more often, more deeply.  It is a big part of who I am and it’s time I put the work into it that it deserves.

I need to forgive myself my errors and have more patience, mostly with myself but with others as well.

Now, how do we get past the mistakes of last year? It’s as (seemingly) simple as forgiving ourselves for them and letting go.

So easy to type, so potentially difficult to do.

For me, I require symbolism.  A way to… let those mistakes go up in smoke.  For this New Year Day I will be doing the following ritual:

I will clean my house from top to bottom, washing away the dirt and negativity of 2015.  Then I will burn a little piece of paper on which I have written a few things (which I will tell you in a bit).  A tarot reading and a shower.  The shower will be about washing away all the negativity that clings to me.  

Written on the piece of paper I have cut into a 4×4″ square are the following things:

Side 1: I forgive myself the transgressions of 2015.

I let go of the mistakes I made, the things I didn’t get done.

I celebrate the accomplishments, the joys and all that is positive and let go of the negative.  Good bye, 2015.

Side 2:  I open myself to the possibilities, to the gifts that will come my way.

I open my eyes, mind and heart to the Universe and all the Gods choose to bestow upon me.  

I am worthy to receive them.


To me, it is the physical demonstration that I need.  Between the Fibro and the MCS I lose a lot in my brain.  Writing it down, making it something permanent in my memory will help me remember.

That’s what I am doing today, folks, what about you?  What is your favourite way to start the year?  What is the most meaningful?

I wish you every joy, every blessing and all the Light and love you can handle, and then some, in 2016.  I wish you the open mind and heart to receive these gifts.  

Happy New Year.