Genie in a bottle

This morning I finally finished the A-Z weapons list! 

Partway through, I realized that ‘duh, I’m writing horror and not all weapons should be WEAPONS.  Some of them should be accidental or incidental and definitely paranormal.  

So some of the weapons are coming about because people get thrown back in history; or the story has inspired by things like Night at the Museum.  (Inspired? my Muse says.  HA! Like ripped it off.)  Alright, alright, so Earnest and the Elephant Goad are a NatM rip off but believe me, he’s going to deserve it.  

It was Desmond that amused me the most.  I first thought that the man would be decimated by desert vipers (snakes, yes).  And then this morning I was in the shower, drying off with one foot on the edge of the tub, the other still in the draining water when my brain yelled, “DJINN! Desmond can be killed by a wish gone wrong!”   

Sure, it’s probably been done before.  Wishes go wrong all the time.  The trick is to make it as original as possible AND as creepy, scary and intense as possible.  

You know me.   No problem.  

I hope.

Here’s the list.  Some have notes on stories ideas.  Some don’t; they’re simply things I liked when I ran across them, (like Zillian’s zumbooruck.  There’s an idea percolating but I’ll be damned if I know what it is yet).

Amy who was felled by an arrow shot from an Arbalest

Basil who was poisoned by a dart from a Blowgun  (a scientist-soldier-writer in the South American jungle, arrogant but witless, )

Clara who was cleaved by a Cinquedea

Desmond A Djinn discovered on a dig/during research – 40 Thieves story.  Other fairy tales and such were proving to be true

Earnest gutted by an Elephant Goad he works in a museum and it came to life (one section, a la Night at the Museum but darker)

Fanny flagellated by a Flail  (at a Renaissance fair or one of those revival dinners, display armour comes to life when she touches it) 

George who is surprised to be run through by a Glaive

Hector who is horrified to be held prisoner on a Hellburner

Ida who was beheaded by an Igorot Headhunting Axe  (Ida will be studying the the Austronesian collective of mountain dwelling peoples in the mountains of Luzon.  Forced to participate in a dance, ends up being hunted through the forest)

James  who was killed ignominiously by a Jagdpanzer  (showboating while supposing to be on look out on the front and falls off?)                       

Kate killed by a dart slung from a kestros

Leo levelled by a Lundri Chenm patag  (Not sure I like this, frankly, although I do like the weapon.  I’m fond of blades.)

Maud who died while disposing of munitions for the FBI

Neville who was tortured by nanobots.    Messed with auditory nerve to play the carousel song… a few seconds here and there at first, longer bursts more often, until finally it’s all the time.  Goes mad

Olive offed by Orange Glazed DrumChuks and an Onager  (the DrumChuks are a weapon from an MMPRPG)

Prue the pilot gunned down by POPRAD Polish self-propelled anti-aircraft missile launcher firing Grom missles

Quentin with a quarterstaff

Rhonda who became Rhadamanthus by accident  (A Greek mythos character and judge of the dead)

Susan whose demon summoning skills were not up to par

Titus totalled by a toad (poisonous ones, of course)

Una  uraemia complications

Victor whose vulcanization went wrong (Supernatural creature)  {Vulcanization:  a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators.)

Winnie who was shredded by Wind and Fire Wheels

Xerxes dies accidentally due to xenophobia inspired issues  (wakes up in another country with nothing but a note informing him of the reasons)

Yorick  messes with ytterbite

Zillian zumbooruck (a camel calvary)

I know that some of these things are on the obscure side.  And there are a few I’m not totally in love with (like Una’s uraemia complications, but I might know a way to make that work.  Maybe.) but over all, I like the list.  I’ll tweak it as I plot it.  My two page document is about to become a twenty-six page document as I give each list it’s own page. 

I am having some major fun with this.  

Speaking of fun…  Have you ever seen Lip Sync Battles on Spike?  If you haven’t, you should.  Yesterday, I watched a dozen or so clips on Youtube yesterday.  I was having fun.  I don’t have enough fun.  I was singing (off key) and lip syncing and dancing.  It was great.

So, because it’s Monday, I’m going to leave you with a couple of my favourite clips – the episode with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  

Have a fantastic rest of your day.



Sand and snow and water

So pretty, oh so pretty

It is storming today and looks nothing like the above photo (taken last month).  It looks more like this:

Snow Storm

Crappy. Blowy. Colder than a witch’s elbow.

I’m not entirely sure about that particular expression but with a windchill of -31*C (-23.8*F) I’ll use it.  It’s one of my Dad’s go-to expressions. *laughs*

I, who refuses to go out if it’s eight below, got dressed up and went outside to take pictures.   I put on jeans, a long sleeve tee, two pairs of socks, ski pants (snow pants?), my boots, a vest, a heavy sweater, scarf, gloves, snowmobile minutes, a hat and my coat.   I think I gained five pounds just in fabric and insulation.  

I trudged around looking for photo ops and ended up taking eighteen photos.  Not all of them made it to the folder but I wanted share what I like best with you.  Pull on a sweater and take a look!  

(I’m wearing a heavy sweater over my clothes and a large down sleeping bag as a blanket. 😀 )

First up, I gotta say, snow is hard to get focused on when you’re using a lower end camera (The Olympus D-700)  Snow is white, it reflects light [painfully] and makes it difficult for the camera to focus.  (She says like she knows.)  I may not know the mechanics (yet) but I do know that all of the pictures came out with a kind of soft focus.

So, I turned to the backyard when I stepped outside.  The first thing I saw was, well, snow.   It was on everything, everywhere.  Kind of the point to a snow storm, eh? 😉    We have a row of bicycles locked up to the trailer-cum-workshop and they were intriguing.  The shapes, the light, and the shadows all pulled me.  


I want to ride my bicycle! (And the musical reference is)  …Not. I’d freeze to it.  


The snow is giving me the gears. (*cackle*) See how off the focus is?  It appears out of focus, kind of makes my eyes argue with me about what’s being seen.

On the other hand, I like the contrast of light and dark,  the white and black.  I like how even the jagged edges are soft yet still menacing. The whole thing just makes me happy, even while I’m infuriated by the lack of sharpness in the focus.


See? Lack of focus.

And yet, it looks like  the sky on a cloudy day.  It’s snow on a fence.


Like this.

The snow is so sticky that it just…. foomp…sticks to whatever like fake snow.  The side of the car, the fence, the front door and the living room windows.   It’s kind of awesome (even if it did pull power lines down).

I got heavily involved in light and shadow today (how could you not?) and I’m in love with a couple of the shots.


This is at the top of the private stairs. The horizon and the lake are one.


This one is almost Yin Yang in its awesomeness. Hints of light in the dark and dark in the light.

And then there’s this…


…my absolute favourite.

I love the texture in this one.  The spiky needles, the curves on the pine cone and the roughness of the branches in the background.  It is, as Val says, Christmas card worthy.  

And that’s it, folks.  We are still in the throes of our wee storm and I’m on tenterhooks about the power going out.  I’m off to make soup and get scraps of chicken for the cat that roams the neighbourhood.  

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take good care of your loved ones.


Friday Fiction NaNo Edition 3

EDIT:  I have since found out that the gif below is a book called The Gashlycrumb Tinies: A Very Gorey Alphabet by Edward Gorey who, as it turns out, was quite the character.  Fascinating…  Anyhoo, I am going to email the trust company holding his copyright and ask if it’s a problem for me to use it as inspiration.  

Now we know. 😉 Have a great Saturday!


Good morning!


“Nano?? She wants to talk about NaNo?  November is months away!”

True! But Camp #1 is less than two months away and we all know me – Super Prepper Extraordinaire.

No, really, the reason I’m writing today is because I’ve been totally inspired.   

Remember that Wolfman said, “Babes, if I’m doing all the NaNos, so are you!”?  (Or something like it that means that I’m doing all the NaNos.)  Well, we decided that in April we would write Horror, a genre that neither of us have written in. Wolfman will be doing a slasher story, blood and gore and a plot stuck in there somewhere.  

I decided that I was going to do something supernatural (duh) and funny.  Comedic horror isn’t done often but it is done.  Take a look at Netflix, for example.  It’s out there and I think I can do it justice.  

I have decided to do a series of short stories based on this tumblr gif:


A friend of mine posted it to my personal Facebook page along with the message: Next years nano challange…you have a 10 months to work on it. These 26 deaths. It might be a bit macabre, no?

K’s a bit bossy. Can you tell?  😉  

He’s right though.  It’s a good idea and it’s a bit macabre.  There are reasons he is one of my favourite people.

As I was copying down each of the one-liners here – and I won’t use them in the story, I don’t want to step on copyright issues – I was inspired by a few of them.  

C is for Clara, who wasted away. (Someone is stealing her essence; recently diseased husband, who doesn’t wish to be dead)

P is for Prue, trampled flat in a brawl. (a small child abandoned by her father as he runs into the fight)

O is for Olive, run through by an awl. (killed by a machinist named Marc)

S is for Susan, who perished of fits. (a daredevil epileptic)

Titus, who flew into bits. (a soldier invaded by a demon who blows him up from the inside out after he stumbles on an ancient burial site)

V is for Victor, who is squashed under a train. (A Christine-esque [Stephen King] story)

W is for Winnie, who is encased in ice. (imprisoned in ice a milennia ago by wizards seeking to protect their lands, found, and thawed, by modern day glaciologists)

Y is for Yorick, whose head was knocked in. (A Hamlet prequel?)


Fun, eh?

So, I’m going to continue to brainstorm the alphabet.  Once I have ideas for them all I will plot them out so they have a beginning, middle and an end.  Come April 1st, I will be ready to roll out a short story a day.  

It’ll be fun!  Maybe I’ll post them here as they’re completed too.


A short cave made of ice and sand, carved by the weather.

I have a whack of pictures for you folks.  I’ve been having trouble wrapping my head around the blogs but I think I just discovered the key to it and the pictures will come flying your way.  

This particular one is something I found on the beach one day when we were wandering around after one of the storms to hit the coast.  The little cave itself is only two inches (2.5cm) tall.  I like the perspective in this photo and the contrast between sharp and blurred. It’s also kind of monotone with its shades of brown, something else I like.  

The biggest reason I took the photo though, the reason I take most of them, is because it struck my fancy, totally amused me.  

Now, I have a bunch of housework to do (yay) so I will say good-bye for now.