Genie in a bottle

This morning I finally finished the A-Z weapons list! 

Partway through, I realized that ‘duh, I’m writing horror and not all weapons should be WEAPONS.  Some of them should be accidental or incidental and definitely paranormal.  

So some of the weapons are coming about because people get thrown back in history; or the story has inspired by things like Night at the Museum.  (Inspired? my Muse says.  HA! Like ripped it off.)  Alright, alright, so Earnest and the Elephant Goad are a NatM rip off but believe me, he’s going to deserve it.  

It was Desmond that amused me the most.  I first thought that the man would be decimated by desert vipers (snakes, yes).  And then this morning I was in the shower, drying off with one foot on the edge of the tub, the other still in the draining water when my brain yelled, “DJINN! Desmond can be killed by a wish gone wrong!”   

Sure, it’s probably been done before.  Wishes go wrong all the time.  The trick is to make it as original as possible AND as creepy, scary and intense as possible.  

You know me.   No problem.  

I hope.

Here’s the list.  Some have notes on stories ideas.  Some don’t; they’re simply things I liked when I ran across them, (like Zillian’s zumbooruck.  There’s an idea percolating but I’ll be damned if I know what it is yet).

Amy who was felled by an arrow shot from an Arbalest

Basil who was poisoned by a dart from a Blowgun  (a scientist-soldier-writer in the South American jungle, arrogant but witless, )

Clara who was cleaved by a Cinquedea

Desmond A Djinn discovered on a dig/during research – 40 Thieves story.  Other fairy tales and such were proving to be true

Earnest gutted by an Elephant Goad he works in a museum and it came to life (one section, a la Night at the Museum but darker)

Fanny flagellated by a Flail  (at a Renaissance fair or one of those revival dinners, display armour comes to life when she touches it) 

George who is surprised to be run through by a Glaive

Hector who is horrified to be held prisoner on a Hellburner

Ida who was beheaded by an Igorot Headhunting Axe  (Ida will be studying the the Austronesian collective of mountain dwelling peoples in the mountains of Luzon.  Forced to participate in a dance, ends up being hunted through the forest)

James  who was killed ignominiously by a Jagdpanzer  (showboating while supposing to be on look out on the front and falls off?)                       

Kate killed by a dart slung from a kestros

Leo levelled by a Lundri Chenm patag  (Not sure I like this, frankly, although I do like the weapon.  I’m fond of blades.)

Maud who died while disposing of munitions for the FBI

Neville who was tortured by nanobots.    Messed with auditory nerve to play the carousel song… a few seconds here and there at first, longer bursts more often, until finally it’s all the time.  Goes mad

Olive offed by Orange Glazed DrumChuks and an Onager  (the DrumChuks are a weapon from an MMPRPG)

Prue the pilot gunned down by POPRAD Polish self-propelled anti-aircraft missile launcher firing Grom missles

Quentin with a quarterstaff

Rhonda who became Rhadamanthus by accident  (A Greek mythos character and judge of the dead)

Susan whose demon summoning skills were not up to par

Titus totalled by a toad (poisonous ones, of course)

Una  uraemia complications

Victor whose vulcanization went wrong (Supernatural creature)  {Vulcanization:  a chemical process for converting natural rubber or related polymers into more durable materials via the addition of sulfur or other equivalent curatives or accelerators.)

Winnie who was shredded by Wind and Fire Wheels

Xerxes dies accidentally due to xenophobia inspired issues  (wakes up in another country with nothing but a note informing him of the reasons)

Yorick  messes with ytterbite

Zillian zumbooruck (a camel calvary)

I know that some of these things are on the obscure side.  And there are a few I’m not totally in love with (like Una’s uraemia complications, but I might know a way to make that work.  Maybe.) but over all, I like the list.  I’ll tweak it as I plot it.  My two page document is about to become a twenty-six page document as I give each list it’s own page. 

I am having some major fun with this.  

Speaking of fun…  Have you ever seen Lip Sync Battles on Spike?  If you haven’t, you should.  Yesterday, I watched a dozen or so clips on Youtube yesterday.  I was having fun.  I don’t have enough fun.  I was singing (off key) and lip syncing and dancing.  It was great.

So, because it’s Monday, I’m going to leave you with a couple of my favourite clips – the episode with Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  

Have a fantastic rest of your day.



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