April Camp Day 5

Wow!  Two posts in the same day!

I was determined to get caught up while I could reasonably see.  (As to that:  I have been having more migraines than usual.  They almost all seem triggered by light – and those that aren’t are triggered by changes in the weather.  It sucks. I have painful eyes, in and around them and sometimes it’s easier just to stare at, or listen to, the TV than it is to brain.  So I write when I can.)

Now, we have Earnest’s story.  To be honest, I don’t like it.  It’ has it’s horror elements but the ending feels forced and awkward to me.  The characters stopped talking loud enough for me to hear around the time Earnest found the ruby. There’s a lot unexplained here.

I am fending off a cat here so I’m just going to let you decide for yourself what you like.


WARNING:  There is sexual molestation in this story.  Continue at your own risk.


Eroticism Can Bring Death


Earnest Eaton was trapped in a corner as they advanced on him. His death is imminent and he knows it. “Please, God, please! Don’t let it end like this.” He heard a laugh and his life flashed before his eyes.

Well, the final part.

“You have got to be kidding me! I can barely walk!” Earnest shouted at his social worker.

Susannah leaned back in her chair. She had been working with Earnest for five years now and was used to his exaggerations and shouting. He was a small, arrogant man laid low by an injury caused at work. “Now, Earnest,” she said calmly. “You are not considered disabled by the government and,” she held up a hand to forestall his rant, “the law is the law. You must find a job.” She shuffled papers. “I found one for you. You will work at night, which I know you prefer. You will be working alone, which I know you also prefer. You will be able to sit down most of the night, you only have to report to your supervisor once a day, in the morning at the end of your shift.”

Now, she leaned forward. “I have to tell you that I can’t give you any more chances. I have done everything I can for you up until now. If you don’t take this job, I will be forced to cut you off or I will lose my job.” She folded her hands on her desk and stared him down when he opened his mouth once again.   “Your medications and medical requirements will continue to be covered, as well as a portion of your expenses.”   She slid an envelope across the desk.   “Mr. Haynes will be waiting for you tonight at eight.” Susannah glanced at the clock. “You have enough time to go home, get some sleep and make sure you have a meal to take with you.” She continued to give him a hard stare until he merely nodded and reached for the envelope.

“Thank you, Ms. Susannah.” Earnest, a little cowed, grabbed the envelope and his cane and scuttled from the office.   It wasn’t until he was sitting on the bus that he opened the envelope. “The Young-Allen Natural History Museum? What the fuck, Susannah?” He muttered to himself, raging, but by the time he got home and read the rest of the job description, he agreed with her assessment. It was kind of perfect for him. There would be no one around. He could bring his tablet and game all night. He’d set alarms for when he had to walk around.

Earnest showed up at 7:55 and tried to open the door. It was locked and he scowled at the heavily tinted doors.

A moment later, he heard the locks turn and hastily rearranged his face into something he hopes is more pleasant. The door opened and a head with thick hair and a full beard popped out. Blue twinkling eyes looked at Earnest as the lips curved in a smile. “Mr. Eaton?”

“Mr. Smith?” Earnest already hated the man. He was six feet tall and towered over Earnest by more than a few inches.

“Yes! Come in, come in.” Smith opened the door wide and allowed Earnest to pass through before locking it again. “It is nice to meet you. I’ve been looking for a guard for a while. Susannah is a friend of mine and she said you need a job. She assured me that you were reliable.” She’d also told him that Earnest was a negative man but that was because he hadn’t yet accepted his disability. She felt if Earnest could feel useful maybe he’d be a quality employee. Smith was always willing to help the beautiful and wonderful Susannah.

He ushered Earnest through the front of the museum, toward the back security office.   He altered his pace to accommodate Earnest’s ability and told him about the museum and the job.

“I am throwing you right into it, I’m afraid,” Smith told Earnest as he checked his watch. “I’ve given you the keys and security codes.” He ticked things off on his fingers. “Shown you how to use the CCTV and left you a map of the museum. I think you’re good to go. As you know, it’s a twelve hour shift and you don’t really get any breaks.   It is a really easy job though, so you shouldn’t need a break. Feel free to use the washroom whenever you need to but keep your food confined to this office. I have to run. I will lock up behind me. Have a great first shift!”

Earnest blinked a little, overwhelmed by the amount of talking the other man had done.   He lowered himself into the chair and picked up the notes. He had decided, at some point during the day to make the best of it. He couldn’t afford to have no income, especially if his medications weren’t covered. He popped an oxycontin and studied the map. Deciding he might as well see what he’s watching over, Earnest headed out.  

The dinosaurs captured his attention and sparked the imagination he thought long dead.   The plants and rocks bored him.   But then he came to a display that contained a quarter of an ancient village. He read the sign by the red velvet rope.

Discovered in Egypt, in what used to be Sumer, this village was uncovered when an unexpected earthquake cracked open the earth and created a crevasse. That crevasse led to a cave that almost appeared to be a perfect bubble. Cavers found this village, preserved as if in the middle of a day.

It is estimated that this village is from around 4,000 B.C. Efforts to take samples have failed. Whatever, or whoever, froze these people like this took steps to ensure that they could not be harmed. They only thing that could be done was to cut the village up in square chunks so that they could be put into museums around the world. Even then, there were only certain places that we could cut. Each piece turned out to be quite light, considering, and we were able to easily maneuver them to flat bed trucks. Your museum is now part of history as this village, which we have named Uruk 2, is shipped around the world so that everyone can learn how civilization began.

No one knows why, or how, these people were frozen but we are thankful to be benefiting from them.

The sign went on to list the tools and bits and pieces but he ignored them.

Earnest studied the people. They were quite lovely and his fingers itched to touch. The only thing separating him from them was a slim velvet rope. He looked around compulsively then moved to a post and unhooked the rope. Earnest giggled to himself as he broke the rules. He stepped onto the platform and shivered. His skin crawled and he almost backed off.

Determined, he wandered around, touching the tools and animals. He wandered through the little house, running his fingers over things. Then he went outside and studied the people. There were two small children, girls. He thought they were twins. He tweaked their noses and tugged their hair. He stood before the man and stared at him.

The man was Earnest’s height of 5’6”. He was slim, muscular, with tanned skin; everything Earnest was not. Earnest was pale, pot-belled and was missing hair from most of the top of his head. The other man was holding a spear called an elephant goad in one hand and had an animal corpse at his feet; Earnest had a cane. The spear had a sharp point tip, and a curved blade attached to it.   Earnest’s cane had a curved handle and an attachment that flipped down to make the tip of his cane pointy in the winter.

Earnest scowled and punched the guy in the chest then shook his sore hand. “A man’s man weren’t you? Providing for your little family. Hunting and bringing down the terrible, scary beasts. I bet you wrestled with their corpses, skinning them and whatever else.   Asshole.” He slapped the man and moved on to what appeared to be his wife.  

“Mmmm… you were gorgeous. I would love to have fucked you.” He reached down and grabbed his own crotch, gave it a shake. “I bet you’re tight and hot.” Blood rushed south and he reached out to stroke her cheek. He touched her hair then down her arm to her hand. He looked around again then reached out and touched her breast. He slipped his hand under the fabric crossed over her chest to pinch her nipple and cupped her breast in his hand.

Emboldened, he used both hands to cup her waist and caress her hips and ass. He crouched to stroke her legs, moving his hands up under the skirt of the toga style dress she was wearing. He reached all the way up to touch her intimately.  

“Mmmm,” he purred as he pushed himself back to his feet. He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard dick out. “Ohhh,” he groaned, “that’s so much better.” He rubbed it all over her, everywhere he could reach. He slid it back and forth against her hand, holding her shoulder to support himself.   He moved to her back and pressed himself tightly against her. He rubbed his cock up and down her ass while his hands roamed all over her chest, back and waist.

A climax shook him. He wasn’t concerned about leaving anything behind since he’d been having ejaculate free orgasms since the accident that wrecked his back. “Thank you so much.” He growled the words at her. In his anger of the last few years, his fantasies had been confined to ones involving varying levels of brutality against women. A woman had been driving the forklift that caused the accident.   This was the first time he got to act on.

“I’m going to love this job.” He picked up his cane and gave her one last grope. He felt a pendant hanging near her belly button and pulled it out.   “What have we here?” He looked up at her face in surprise. “This is an enormous, what, ruby? Where did you get that I wonder?”

After a moment’s thought, he yanked it off her neck. “No one knows it’s there, so no one will miss it.” He walked away, chuckling, as he moved as quickly as possible back to the office.

Behind him, there was a whisper of movement. The steady thump of his cane and his study of the grape-sized gem made him deaf to it. He was suddenly thrown to the floor and a wheezing yelp escaped him as a body landed on him.

“So,” said a lightly accented male voice, “you think you can molest my wife and get away with it?   I think not, my fat little crook. Thank you for freeing us from that curse. Perhaps you require some payback for what you have done. Hili!” he called. “Take the children inside the hut.”

The sounds of two protesting little girls echoed through the nearly cavernous room and then two delicate, bare feet appeared in front of Earnest’s nose. “I think we should play with him, Kizurra.   Let him up.”

The man rolled off Earnest and came swiftly to his feet. “Run, tiny hippopotamus. Save yourself, if you can.”

Earnest pushed to his feet and backed away as the one called Kizurra moved toward the woman he called Hili. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. If I’d known, I…” Earnest broke off as the point of the elephant goad lowered to jab him almost gently in the gut.

“So you prefer your women to be plastic? I am sure we can find something fake to penetrate you.” Kizurra chuckled as Earnest paled. “Run. I am going to do something I have waited far too long to do.” He grabbed his wife by the back of the neck and kissed her passionately.

Earnest turned and hobbled away, running as best he could. Every time he hid, Kizurra and Hili found him. They would hit him, tease him, tear at his genitals and his clothing, and then they would tell him to run. Finally, they cornered him in a display about evolution. He was naked, bleeding and crying. “No! Please, no! I’m sorry!”

“Please, God, please! Don’t let it end like this.” He heard a laugh as Hili pounced on him and wrenched his arms behind him.   She used the thin leather belt around her waist to behind his arms. Together, she and her husband hauled him to his feet and forced him belly down onto a sign about the differences between Cro-magnon and Homosapien. Earnest screamed when the shaft of Kizurra’s elephant goad found its way up into Earnest.

Hili whispered in Earnest’s ear, “May the Gods forgive you, and remember you. For I shall never think of you again.” Then Kizurra pulled the goad back a little and rammed it almost eighteen inches up into Earnest’s gut, perforating his bowels.  

“Kill him!” Hili demanded.

Kizurra pulled the goad out and Earnest slid to the floor, bleeding heavily and crying. Kizurra reversed his grip, taking care not to get entrails on his hands, swung and buried the curved blade in the back of Earnest’s neck, putting him out of his misery. The couple went back to their hut to gather their girls, leaving Earnest, the goad and the night’s events behind.


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