Good evening, my lovelies!

The Cover Reveal party was this past Friday and Saturday and we had a lot of fun.  I’m sorry that you all weren’t there but I have to say, that’s a lot my fault: I didn’t tell you about it enough.  

The book comes out in FIFTY-NINE DAYS though and believe me, you’ll be hearing about that! 

We didn’t have as many people at the party as we would have liked, which was too bad, still, it was a blast.  These fellow authors of mine, they’re great fun.  I’m going to show you a little bit about them today, where to find them at least, and there is a bit of a blog tour coming up, I believe, were you’ll get to meet more of them.  

Would you like me to interview them?   That might be fun, eh?  What to ask… hmm… Wouldn’t want to be all boring about it.  Well, y’all know me, I’d come up with something. 


My first attempt at a cover was pretty.  You know I like to do my own covers, and I don’t do too badly, though I don’t follow the rules, apparently.  Take a look:

Bowman cover

Pretty, right?  But it doesn’t follow PNR cover rules.  There are no people, no scenery, nothing sexy about it.  (Although, really, I think Mike the black leopard is sexy as hell ;))

Josette Reuel (you can find her here!) suggested a few changes and I okayed some of them – but I like Mike too much to get rid of him.  So we adjusted the font and added someone – Sarah.  It’s gorgeous.  Take a look.



Isn’t it beautiful? I love it. 

Here is what you’ll find in my story:

Sarah Sokolov is a lonely Leopard, abandoned by her family when it was discovered that she was a white Cat. Photography became her only solace, the outcast grandmother who took her in her only family and friend. Her Mate lives like a shadow in her mind until she sees a documentary about a small town in British Columbia, Canada and grey scale becomes colour.
Mike is a whisky distiller in the Canadian Rockies, annoyed with his grandmother’s ongoing attempts at matchmaking. Life with one woman is not for him, especially since most of them can’t handle the fact that he is a solid black Leopard; so, when the past he didn’t know he had catches up to him and the violet-eyed albino Cat helping him steals his heart, he’s tempted to let the bad guys win.

I want to remind you where you can pre-order the book.  

First, though, I have to say something about what you’re getting.  It’s a big anthology, somewhere around 150, 000 words.  Each story is 15k to 20k. It’s larger than most of the  99 cent anthologies on Amazon.  It’s going to be worth every penny of that $2.99USD.  

So go, pre-order, get yourself a copy of A Guide to Claiming a Scaredy Cat and in 59 days, you’ll have one fantastic read.  Plus you will be contributing to a great cause: 25% of the proceeds goes to the Wounded Warrior Project.  So, you get great stories, you find nine new authors, you get reminded how great I am ;), and you help a program that helps soldiers re-enter civilian life.  I don’t see how you could possibly spend $3 in a better way.

anthology cover

The anthology cover is stunning, no?

Here are all the international links for you, too:

Amazon Global link:


I am off to deal with yet another migraine.  Have a wonderful evening!




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